CalypsoKey - Home Keyless Entry with iPhone

CalypsoKey – Home Keyless Entry with iPhone

we know, most people can’t believe the fact that the sixth-gen iPhone still hasn’t have NFC. we also know Apple fanboys have 101 arguments that could shake off the need for NFC. sure. you could live without using NFC to buy things and miss discounts but using it to tap open your home door? it is criminal for any style geeks to give a pass to such a cool idea, to say the least. and hence, the CalypsoCase with CalypsoKey. the star here is of course, the CalypsoKey – an add-on for your already stylishly cool CalypsoCase Loop and CalypsoCase Ring – that features a dual-band RFID antenna with 1K memory, allowing you do consolidates your RFID-enabled identification cards without actually having to bring all the physical cards but the coolest application is perhaps its ability to work in conjunction with a purpose-built lock that allows you to unlock your door by just tapping it. now, who said home keyless entry with iPhone is not possible? we know, it may feels like returning to the office or accessing the mass rapid transit station’s entry when getting in and out of your home but still, it is so damn cool. not sure when this sweet device will be made available but it said it will carry a price tag starting from $120. check a very short product clip after the clip and see the awesome coolness in action.

via Uncrate