Cassette Tape Lamp with IKEA Hemma base

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Cassette Tape Lamp with IKEA Hemma base
(photos: Hpat) Cassette Tape Lamp with IKEA Hemma base | US$na |

there are lots of cool stuff that money can buy but there are also some that are out of reach of money even if you have a burgeoning account. the Cassette Tape Lamp with IKEA Hemma Base is just one of those things in life that you can’t buy with cash but as Instructables’ member, one Patrick Hickey has detailed, you could make one if you put your hands to work. though, such a lamp may not serve any actual lighting purpose but I suppose it should offer some ambience lighting for any retro-inspired décor. conjured up with a mixed of old school cassette tapes and a stock IKEA Hemma base, this awesome looking light can be a reality in your humble abode by mugging around with some screws and hard plastic glues. of course, you would have first hunt down the ‘raw materials’ first to begin the construction. ready to get your hands dirty? then head on down to Hpat aka Patrick Hickey’s instructables’ page to find out how to turn out a Cassette Tape Lamp with IKEA Hemma base. in the meantime, check out a few more images of this awesome creation after the break.

  • hpat

    Thanks for the post. This is the first cassette lamp I created last year. You can download a PDF tutorial from instructables as linked above or you can buy one from me on