Demitris' Bloody Mary Seasoning

Demitris’ Bloody Mary Seasoning

the origin of popular cocktail, Bloody Mary, is rather vague but nonetheless, complex. it involves a concoction of spices with the favorite Eastern Europe alcoholic beverage Vodka, along with tomato juice. looking past the liquor, it is easy for one to mistaken Bloody Mary as some traditional food. just exactly how good is each concoction, which inevitably varies from mixologist to mixologist, is really up to individual taste bud. however, a bartender in a popular jazz club by the name of Demitri Pallis thinks he might just hit the Blood Mary sweet spot and has thus, developed easy-to-use mixes that blend fourteen natural ingredients, offering cocktail aficionados a consistence tasting Bloody Mary. the Demitris’ Bloody Mary Seasoning, as it is called, is offered in several flavors, including Classic, Extra Horseradish, Chillies & Peppers, and Chipotle-Habanero. each flavor is available in several sizes ranging from pouch-based 2oz mix through to 64oz jug, or you could choose to stock up cases of them, which saves you some money per pouch/bottle. it’s really up to you. as for their prices, they are anything between $2.13 for the 2oz pouch to $39.98 for the 64oz jug and case price starts from $46.74 for case of 6 x 8oz bottles.