Divoom ONBEAT-X1 Bluetooth Gaming Speaker - Black

Divoom ONBEAT-X1 Bluetooth Gaming Speaker


gaming on smartphone is equate to listening to a flat, non-equalized sound which is fine by most of us. after all, mobile gaming is another way to kill time. however, if you are looking for more out of your smartphone gaming experience, then the Divoom ONBEAT-X1 Bluetooth Gaming Speaker might be worthy of your consideration. yes. it is yet another Bluetooth speaker, but the ONBEAT-X1 has little more to offer than mere audio streaming via its Bluetooth 3.0 connectivity. the ONBEAT-X1 (not to be confused with JBL’s) offers what the firm called ‘Vibration Bass’ that enables you to feel the shakes and vibrations of your game – much like the force feedback found on today’s game controller. apart from that, obviously you will also get bigger sound from its 4W 45mm micro drivers which together with the ‘force feedback’ feature, should give you a more immersive mobile gaming experience. unlike most Bluetooth speakers, the ONBEAT-X1 sports three suction cups that allows you to stick the Bluetooth speakers to the back of your smartphone, thereby bringing the sound even closer to you and also, creating a neat, portable gaming package. an onboard lithium-ion battery, rechargeable via micro USB port, offers up to 8 hours of playtime per charge and a 3.5mm is available, catering to other non-Bluetooth devices. you can pre-order your Divoom ONBEAT-X1 Bluetooth Gaming Speaker now for $39.90 with shipment expected to be in late March.

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