iTattoo Snap Case: clever use of Apple logo or not?


iTattoo Snap Case for iPhone 4 720x420px
(image: Cement Produce Design) iTattoo Snap Case for iPhone 4 | ¥2,940.00 |

the Apple logo at the iPhone surely doesn’t shine like those on the MacBook but that shouldn’t stop you from showing it off. sure, having a plain Apple logo there can be quite monotonous but not if you snap on an iTattoo Snap Case. created by Japan-based Cement Produce Design, the iTattoo is basically a minimalist, clear iPhone snap case with illustration that integrates the Apple logo as part of its illustration. if you ask me, i’d say its a pretty neat idea but then, there are couple of designs that seems way too minimalist, such as ‘Don’t feed the bird’ which has a single hummingbird picking off the Apple logo. though, i would love the idea of Snow White taking a bite off the Apple but i realized that licensing would prove to be quite controversial. after all, Disney won’t want to be seen biting off Apple. doesn’t it?
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there are a total of six designs to choose (see gallery for the individual design) from, each costing ¥2,940 (about US$38). pricey? yes, if you look at it as a piece of plastic. no, if you appreciate the work of the creative people behind it. as you can tell by now, it is yet another only Japanese product (or so it seems), so you know the drill if you want one. if you don’t, not all hope are lost as you can actually grab this off from Charles&Marie for €35 a pop, which translate to around $47. it’s your call. while you are debating alone about whether it is worth the dollars, why not hit past the jump for a gallery of these cases?

Cement Produce Design [JP] via Oh Gizmo!