Motorheadphones - Headphones by Motorhead

Motorheadphones – Headphones by Motorhead

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ever wonder why loud, thrashing rock bands never take a dip in making some rocking hardware like audio cans? we did but never had an answer to that lingering question. then again, do we really need to know the whys? rock band headphones will be here when they are here, and that ‘here’ so happens to be now. enters Motorhead, one of the oldest and pioneering headbangers, who have just done that and their line of headphones are tastefully called Motorheadphones (you can spell it ‘Motörheadphönes’ if you want to – which is way cooler but not exactly dictionary-friendly, we supposed). comprising of three over-ear and six in-ear models, these Motorheadphones are geared to bring midrange sounds back to headphones which other celebrity-made (and/or endorsed) cans such as Beats doesn’t offer and on top of that, it will not break your bank or at the very least, requires a shorter time to save up for. costing between $49.99 and $59.99 for the in-ears, and $99.99 to $129.99 for the over-ear models, these headphones certainly won’t lose out in the style department either but in a different, headbanging way. so, your street cred will still be safe. available in the Stateside from this April. check out a few sample looks after the break.

Motorheadphones via Rolling Stone