Fashion Entertainments FES Watch by TAKT Project

You Can Change the Design of this E-ink Watch Wherever You Wish

If the main reason of buying more wrist watches than you really need is because of your desire for design variety, then we think the e-ink powered FES Watch might just be right up your timepiece-obsessed alley. While e-ink application in watches isn’t new, this particular item designed by Japanese design studio TAKT Project takes application of this power-sipping e-paper to a whole new level by applying it to the watch strap as well. Both the watch face and the strap are independent of each other, which means you can change the design of the face and the strap individually, thus resulting in a palette of 24 designs to choose from. And being an e-ink device, this thing is a quite power-sipper too: each charge will offer you around two months of time telling. Part of the battery longevity is attributed by the incorporation of a motion sensor which turns on the watch face only when you turn your wrist to look at the watch. Continue reading

The Jolla Tablet

Independent Phone Maker Jolla Wants to Make a People Powered Tablet

Finland independent handset maker and innovator Jolla is back with its second product, a tablet simply called Jolla Tablet. The tablet is a logical progression of this growing independent outfit and pride itself as being the world’s first people powered tablet. Just tell the firm what you want and it will be put on the table to be voted. Features that get voted will be prioritized for development by Jolla Sailors (that’s what they call their development team, btw). Powered by the outfit’s second generation OS, Sailfish OS 2.0, Jolla Tablet is, like the firm’s phone, completely free from corporate tyranny and manipulation, and promised to value your privacy. Continue reading

KIA 'X-Men' Sorento

‘X-Men’ Inspired KIA Sorento Will Help Save Australian Open 2015 from the Evil Robotic Antagonists

If you think the post title sounds like a plot pulled from pages of an X-Men movie, well, you’re almost right. The one-off KIA Sorento you see here was produced in collaboration with Twentieth Century Fox Home Entertainment to promote X-Men: Days of Future Past on Blu-ray, DVD and Digital HD and also to mark KIA’s sponsorship of the Australian Open 2015. No prize for guessing which X-Men was behind the inspiration of this KIA ‘X-Men’ Sorento, oh wait, actually there is! In fact KIA Motors is inviting fans of the X-Men franchise and KIA Motors, or basically anyone who love winning stuff, to guess which X-Men character has inspired the car’s distinctive design. Correct entries will stand a chance to win a copy of X-Men: Days of Future Past on DVD. Continue reading

2015 Mercedes-Maybach S600 Luxury Sedan

Daimler Foray into the Ultra Luxurious Car Market with the New Mercedes-Maybach S-Class

Some brands are just not retention worthy. If history is any indication, among those brands is Maybach. With a history dating as far back as 1909 (which would make it over a century old if it had continued), the marque had seen turbulent time and though revived in 2002, it fell victim to poor sale which lead to Daimler pulling the plug in 2011 and ceasing its existence by 2013. Fast forward to November 2014, in a somewhere odd strategic move, auto giant Daimler, who probably felt the need to dabble in the ultra luxury automobile segment, announced that it will revive the defunct brand as Mercedes-Maybach and so they did.The new born under this new marquee, the 2015 Mercedes-Maybach S600 Luxury Sedan, was recently unveiled at the 2014 Los Angeles Auto Show, which to be honest, there is nothing exceedingly revolutionary in terms of design. Continue reading

2015 Chrysler 300S

Here’s the 2015 Chrysler 300. It Looks the Same, But Not Quite the Same

So, here it is, the much anticipated sedan the Pentastar brand has to offer: the Chrysler 300. And if you adore the look of the second-gen 300, then you will probably won’t be disappointed with this one. Though the two generations look pretty alike, they does feel a little different, thanks to the 30 percent larger mesh front grille and generally speaking, sleeker and more sculptured front end that has less things happening, which is spells awesome in our books. The new iteration also gets redesigned front and LED rear lights, new finishes and new wheel designs, but those are pretty much where the difference ends as far as exterior is concerned. Continue reading

MINI Citysurfer Concept Skatescooter

Mini Citysurfer Concept is not a Car, it is an Electric Skatescooter That Fits Into The Trunk of Your Mini

The Mini might be small, but that doesn’t mean it can reach everywhere you wish to go and thus, persistence existence of the last mile. Taking a stroll or in the case of an urban jungle, a hike, to your intended destination might not be a big deal, but to end up drenched in perspiration is and hence, the MINI Citysurfer Concept Skatescooter. Straight off, you know it is a concept, but nevertheless, pretty exciting. The Citysurfer is the British automaker’s take of a scooter aimed to help you tackle the irksome last mile. It is a compact (well, kind of), foldable electric-propelled skatescooter that strikes a balance between size and practicality. It is not exactly light like some we have seen; it still weighs in at a good 40 lbs (18 kilograms) and is designed to be folded down to fit the trunk of a Mini 3-door, or even when commuting on public transportation like buses and trains. Continue reading

The Godfather' English Tudor Mansion

‘The Godfather’ Sprawling English Tudor Mansion is up for Grab, Again

You probably have read about this some years ago and yes, it is up for grab once again. So if you missed it before or didn’t have enough funds back then, here’s another golden opportunity to own it. This English Tudor mansion located at 110 Longfellow Ave., built in 1930 on Todt Hill on Staten Island, made its name when it was used extensively as the exterior (yes, just the exterior) of the fictional Corleone crime family’s home in Francis Ford Coppola’s 1972 classic, The Godfather. The house, specifically the exterior of the house, made it on one of the most memorable scenes of the movie where the outdoor wedding celebration of Don Corleone’s (played by Marlon Brando) daughter, Connie (played by Talia Shire) played out. Continue reading

Nokia N1 Android Tablet

Nokia Outs Minimalistic and Beautiful N1 Lollipop-powered Android Tablet

So you think the sale of Nokia’s Devices and Services Unit to Microsoft signals the end of Nokia consumer hardware legacy? Well, not so soon. The Finnish company is quick hop back into the hardware arena, but this time with a dainty little Android tablet called N1 that has an uncanny resemblance to the iPhone 6/6 Plus, a design consisting of smooth round edges. If not for the aspect ratio and a significantly larger form factor, it would almost look like Apple’s latest mobile devices, but probably only more simplistic. Anyways, we’re all good with the minimalistic approach as far as aesthetic is concerned. Sporting an unibody anodized aluminum body in soft finish, the N1 is fitted with a handy 7.9-inch display boasting 2,048 by 1,536 pixels. Continue reading

Oche Pong Wall-mountable Beer Pong

Oche Pong Lets You Take the Game of Beer Pong Anywhere. Yes. Anywhere.

Partying in your dorm? Bet you would love to include beer pong in the mix, but honestly, do you have the real estate in that tiny space of yours? I’d say hardly and this is where Oche Pong Wall-mountable Beer Pong is able to help. So how the heck can you even play beer pong vertically? Well, to understand how the Oche Pong works, just think of it as the lovechild of Mr. Beer Pong and Ms. Dart. Get it? The contraption features a custom design polycarbonate board that looks somewhat like a plaque you will find in an English (or sometimes Irish) pub, fitted with ten numbers of “cupholders” and flanked by two slots (one on each side) to hold the balls. It is wall-mountable, but it also comes supplied with a pair of feet so you can have a game of Oche Pong just about anywhere, be it at the back of your truck, poolside, beach, or wherever you fancy. Continue reading

Taurus Curve Conceal Carry Pistol

Taurus Curve Conceal Carry Pistol Has a Body-conforming Curved Frame

When it comes to small arms, or firearms in general, manufacturers are rather conservative. Most would stick to the proven formula and afraid to stray to far from the norm, but not Brazil arms maker Taurus and certainly not with their latest conceal carry pistol called Taurus Curve. We don’t cover firearms often, but we can’t ignore the someone who dares to break the status quo and this case, is Taurus and its Curve Conceal Carry Pistol. One look you know this pistol is not your regular pistol, but what you may not know other than the namesake, that it is literally curved. Instead of conforming to the norm of gun-first dimension, Curve go by the mantra of human-first, by conforming the weapon to the contours of the human body. Sounds complicated? Well, not quite. From the above image, you won’t see the curve, but it is in fact built with a curved polymer frame housing that is designed to tuck up to your body when carried on the right side. Sadly, for now, it is just right side, which means this is geared towards right-handed shooters. Continue reading

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