Roland Iten RCD82 Mark II Credit Card Case

Roland Iten Takes Credit Card Holder To The Next Level of Sophistication and Luxury

If the simple act of pulling credit cards out of your wallet is considered mundane to you, then we think you may be in need of something a little fancier. Something that goes beyond leather and card slots, something like the Roland Iten RCD82 Mark II Credit Card Case. Other than the name ‘Roland Iten’, the product doesn’t quite pronounce the marvel it carries. Bling is not central here, though it does have some subtle lavish elements to it, but more on that later. Using a combination of patent-pending spring steel, tension-controlled recoil mechanism, and patented sorting lever, the Roland Iten RCD82 Mark II Credit Card Case allows you to neatly display and access to six of your most important credit cards with a single, swift one-handed action. Continue reading

Mr Hoverboard Leaf Blower-powered Hoverboard

Now, There’s A Hoverboard You Can Own Without Breaking The Bank

Hendo Hoverboard was the hoverboard made real with some pretty cool science behind it, but along with it comes a prohibitive price tag. That, plus the fact there are only eleven made available, makes it even more unattainable. That said, we are going to assume that you didn’t acquire this future of skateboarding, but we would like to be the bearer of the good news and tell you that not all hope is lost because you can actually cobble one up yourself and better still, this one that you’re going to put your blood and sweat into it will work on any surface. It is not entirely free per se, cos’ you will need a few things to get started, including four Black & Decker battery-powered leaf blowers. Being technically-incline is definitely a bonus. Continue reading

Jaguar Land Rover Transparent Pillar

Jaguar Wants To Eliminate Blindspots Forever With ‘Transparent’ Pillars

After previewing the transparent hood and the virtual windscreen in the first half of 2014, Jaguar Land Rover is back with a new piece car tech with the aim of making driving an even safer affair. While the transparent hood takes on the off-road terrain and the virtual windscreen is focus on race track, this new concept is kind of a mash up of both, but adapted for urban environment. The new development will turn the vehicle’s pillars, when viewed from within the car, ‘transparent’ and also adds a ‘Follow Me’ ghost car to aid in navigation. Refer to as the ‘360 Virtual Urban Windscreen’, the concept aims to turn the roof pillars transparent so that you, the driver, can have a 360o view of the outside. Every driver knows that this whole time, they are actually ‘making do’ of the current situation i.e. enduring partially obstructed view caused by pillars, be it A, B or C. Continue reading

Jaguar F-TYPE AWD Coupe

Jaguar F-Type To Get Six-speed Manual Transmission and All-Wheel Drive, Just Not Both Together

Before you Jag fans get all too excited. The manual transmission and all-wheel drive on the new F-Type will be mutually exclusive. Meaning it is either or, and not both. Kind of a let down, but if you have pockets deeper than the Mariana Trench, you can consider scoring both the F-Type R or the 380 HP V6 F-Type S which will be offered with the AWD drivetrain, and the 340 or 380HP 3.0-liter V6 F-Type with stick shifter option. Anyways, with the addition of the all-wheel drive and manual gearbox options, the F-Type now grows from six to fourteen derivatives, which no doubt will leave richie rich spoilt for choice. In AWD form, in particular the 542 HP F-Type R, it will make 0-60 in just 3.9 seconds and finally topping out at 186 mph. Continue reading

Aston Martin Works 60th Anniversary Limited Edition Vanquish

Aston Martin 60th Anniversary Vanquish Has Rotary Dials Fashioned Out Of Real Engine Pistons

We have seen our share of anniversary cars, but the Aston Martin Works 60th Anniversary Limited Edition Vanquish is different. It is one of the rare cars, if not the only one, that bears a physical piece of the past. While there are the usual exquisite details in the area of trim, paint color and stuff, one finer detail connects each car to the automaker’s past: bespoke rotaries around the major controls, each fashioned out of a piston pulled from an Aston Martin engine of the relevant period and laser etched with Works’ Anniversary wording. Granted that those rotaries may not be the best looking and could very well sticks out like sore thumbs for some, but they are definitely emotive element which we believe long time Aston Martin enthusiasts will appreciate. Continue reading

Oliver Sweeney Johnnie Tan Leather Brogue

You Definitely Won’t Want To Do Tap Dancing With This Pair of Brogue

If Agent Smart was a booze lover, then he probably will be wearing the Oliver Sweeney Johnnie Tan Leather Brogue instead of the standard issue shoe phone. Why? Because this pair of special edition Oliver Sweeney dress kicks actually conceals two bottles of Johnnie Walker Red Label miniature in a ‘secret compartment’ in the crank of each shoe. Well, maybe not so secret but the point is, it has the spirit right under the wearer’s heels, which is pretty cool. The reworked crank features red suede lining, topped with a transparent cover that allows the Johnnie Walker Red Label miniature to be admired. Frankly, nobody’s going to notice it because you will be literally stepping on it all the time, but the transparent cover definitely provides you with the opportunity to display the shoes in a boutique fashion right in your humble abode. Continue reading

3DRudder Feet-controlled 3D Navigation and Motion Controller

3DRudder Wants You To Use Your Feet to Play Games and Navigate Software

Have you ever gotten too immersed in a game that your feet involuntarily moves? If so, we think your feet needs to be part of the action and the 3DRudder Feet-controlled 3D Navigation and Motion Controller is what you need to get started. 3DRudder is the first product from France-based outfit called 3D Rudder and as both the product and company name implies, it is a rudder-like controller, much like the rudders used by flight simulation fans, where you will use your feet as part of the control process. The major difference is, this rudder is more capable, allowing you to use your feet to navigate 3D environment through tilting, pitching, rotating and more. Continue reading

The Vessyl Smart Cup

This Smart Cup Knows Exactly What You Are Drinking and Keeps Track of Your Hydration Needs

With regard to a person’s hydration needs, we are sure you heard about the 8-cup rule. The truth is, the fluid a person needs for a day varies from day to day, depending on the given condition. But how will you know? Vessyl will tell you. The brainchild of San Francisco-based startup Mark One, the Vessyl is a beautifully designed cup that’s loaded with sensors to identify any liquid you choose to fill it with. Yes. Any liquid. It can collect data of the beverage ranging from bottled drinks, including alcohol, to homemade juices. And it goes beyond general liquid identification; it even go to length to breakdown the makeup of the liquid and present a brief on the cup. Detailed data of your drink such as how much caffeine, sugar, protein and calories are present is also available, accessible from the companion app installed on your Android or iOS devices. Continue reading

Qrio Smart Lock

Sony’s Qrio Smart Lock Boasts Tool-free Installation, Unlocks Via Facebook or Whatsapp

Yes. You heard that right. Sony is also in the business of smart lock, which at this point, is probably going to draw some skepticism after the lapse in security that resulted in the hacking fiasco last week – even the two security systems are largely different. But judging from the support it has gathered on Japanese crowdfunding site Makuake, people, or at least the Japanese, aren’t quite bothered at all. The campaign has 87 more days to go, but is already well beyond funded. As it stands, it has racked in 4,713,000 Yen (about US$40,000) in financial backing from over 300 willing folks. Developed in collaboration with World Innovation Lab (WiL), the Qrio Smart Lock, as it is called, sports the usual sleek look you expect from the Japanese electronics maker, one that could easily go head-to-head with Yves Behar’s August smart lock in the aesthetic department. Continue reading

Box of Tools by Best Made Co.

The Box of Tools is What You Need to Get Your Kids Started in Carpentry

Here’s a Box of Tools for your kids if you’re looking to nurture them into someone good with their hands. Someone who, in future, makes a good DIY-er, especially in the area of carpentry. We think it is a great idea, the tools. At least, for starter, juniors will learn that furniture is not Ikea and Ikea is not furniture. The tools are fashioned out of steel and wood, and are real working tools to get your young ones started. It goes without saying, grown ups’ (as in real adults and not those depicted in flicks like, well, Grown Ups) supervision is mandatory. Continue reading

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