SmartBrick Bluetooth LEGO Controller

SmartBrick Adds Bluetooth To Your LEGO Technic, Boasts 300 Feet Range

LEGO Technic kits are awesome. in fact, it is so good that those kits hardly need any change, or is it? if you dabble with LEGO Technic kits long enough, you will soon realize that its communication component, namely the infrared, is a tad dated as compared to say, Bluetooth technology. IR has limited range and demands line-of-sight, which seriously limits the fun. before LEGO acts on it, there is a new Kickstarter project that aims to give your LEGO Techno creations a piece of the Bluetooth action. the SmartBrick is basically a Bluetooth LE receiver that replaces the IR unit of your Technic kit, if it has one, that lets you control your creation using your iPhone. Continue reading

tinyTesla Kit

You Can Be An Electrifying Maestro With This Miniature Tesla Kit

if you are into all things electric, we bet you will be thrilled to be experimenting on faraday’s cage. what? too basic? how about building yourself a Tesla coil then? you know? the almost magical electrical invention that is essentially a resonant transformer that builds up extremely high voltages using AC electricity at high frequency, which can then be coaxed into making music and creating awesome spectacle? yup, that’s the one and it would be the similar to those you have seen it in documentaries and movies like the The Sorcerer’s Apprentice. if the notion of experimenting with electricity tickles your senses, then the tinyTesla Kit is just the ‘toy’ for you. available through Kickstarter for $149 and up, the tinyTesla Kit is a product of oneTesla, an organization committed to make engineering education challenging and fun. Continue reading

Fiat 500L-Vans Design Concept

Fiat Collaborates With Vans To Create This Handsome 500L You Wished You Could Buy

we are not slave to Fiat’s brand, but we do know a handsome car when we see one and the Fiat 500L-Vans Design Concept is one such example. introduced at the recent Vans US Open of Surfing in Huntington Beach, California, the Fiat 500L-Vans Design Concept is, as its namesake suggests, based on 500L minivan and sports a design reeking with Vans original hi-top shoe which details including vintage palm-patterned canvas, Vans logo stickers on the instrument panel and Vans Waffle Sole on the pedals, as well as in the storage bins. on the outside, the iconic Vans Checkerboard pattern decorates the roof of this two-tone paint job youthful ride, while the step pad, cladding and grilled texture are accented with, you guess it, Vans’ Waffle Sole design. Continue reading

2015 Indian Roadmaster Touring Motorcycle

The Indian Roadmaster Lives Again, Heads To Sturgis Motorcycle Rally For Demo

what better way to carry an iconic marque than to introduce a new iteration of its iconic ride? we are talking about the Indian Roadmaster, a ride which was originally produced between 1947 and 1953, and has proven to be defining touting bike of its time. the 2015 Indian Roadmaster wants to rekindle that tradition, starting with the essential that make a touring bike a touring bike – the storage. it offers almost 38 gallons of weatherproof storage and comes standard with hard-sides saddlebags, as well as a roomy quick-release, carpeted rear trunk – both boasting remote locking for added convenience. powered by a 49-degree, air-cooled V-twin Thunder Stroke 111 engine, paired to a six-speed overdrive transmission, the 2015 Indian Roadmaster boasts 119.2 lb-ft (138.9 Nm) of torque to pull you, your pillion and all that’s need on a roadtrip with ease. Continue reading

What We Have Missed: Day 210, Week 31 In The Year Of 2014

What We Have Missed: Day 210, Week 31 In The Year Of 2014

Soto Pocket Torch Soto Pocket Torch Turns Regular Lighter Into A Wind-resistant Burner
if you use a lighter, you will know to use cheap disposal ones and you will also know the frustration when lighting in windy condition. the solution? the Soto Pocket Torch. it will turn almost any regular lighter into a mini blowtorch, outputting a flame of up to 2,300 degrees Fahrenheit. $19.95. BUY. [via]

Libratone HTC Bundle Deal Libratone Collaborates With HTC To Offer Bundle Deal
after ‘divorcing’ Beats, HTC is now ‘in bed’ with hip audiophile maker Libratone, though hardware implementation is not it. from now through August 2, 2014, buyers of HTC One M8 from will get a $100 promo code for purchase of any Loop or Zipp speakers on LEARN MORE.

Zoku Quick Pop Maker Zoku Quick Pop Maker Brings Instant Gratification To Making Pops
who doesn’t love pops? those ice cold sticks you crave most during hot summer seasons but takes forever to make? with the Zoku Quick Pop Maker, the wait is over. with it, you can make three to nine pops in a matter of minutes. sounds like magic? yea. it probably is. $49.95. BUY. [via]

TORQUE G01 from au by KDDI au by KDDI Is A Saltwater-resistant Rugged Smartphone
built to MIL-STD-810G standard and rated IPX5, IPX8 and IPX6, the TORQUE G01 made by Kyocera from au by KDDI is dust proof, resistant to shock, and touts saltwater resistant too. it has a 4.5-inch glove-friendly touch display and packs 2GB RAM, 16GB storage, microSD card slot and more. LEARN MORE.

Sceptre E325WD HDR 32-inch LED HDTV Sceptre Introduces 32-inch LED HDTVs With Built-in DVD Player
there is no harm having a player at home but since it is nearly relegated to the sideline, why should it take up space? this is where Sceptre E325 Series 32-inch LED HDTV can help: it has a DVD player built right into it, saving you the hassle of having a standalone player and cutting the cumbersome cords too. $tba. BUY.

Steiff x Godzilla Plush Toy

This Limited Edition Godzilla Plush Toy Will Cost You 500 Bucks

this year marks the 60th year since the birth of one of the world’s most recognizable big screen monster Godzilla or more favorably known by the Japanese as Gojira (ゴジラ) (not be confused with the French heavy metal band), which means fans can expect quite a few monster commemorative merchandizes to surface. we have seen one cast in gold which is straight up prohibitive for many Gojira fans with its million and half price tag. but if you have, say a mortal-sensible 500 bucks to spare, there is a softer version which you can buy to add to your Gojira shrine. Continue reading

Star Trek Borg Cube Fridge

Assimilation Is Completed, Borg Is Now A Mini Fridge On Planet Earth

perhaps the fact that Borg cube can actually travel through space does not makes any sense to us mortal (or just people of the present), but as a fridge, it sure sounds like workable. after all, space is a cold place which makes turning Borg into a mini refrigerator a logical thing to do, such as this Star Trek Borg Cube Fridge. instead of drones or cybernetic humanoids, it stashes up to nine cans of soda or cold ones and is conveniently powered by 110V AC outlet, or 12V DC for use in a car when you hit the road. this Borg may not travel the galaxy, but it sure can travel anywhere with you. adding to the realism, it glows green too – inside and out. Continue reading

2015 Polaris Slingshot

Polaris New Three-wheel Slingshot Is Actually A Belt-driven Motorcycle

this year Polaris marks its 60th year in the business and the Minnesota-based company is celebrating with a super cool three-wheel roadster, the Polaris Slingshot. on the surface, the Slingshot may look like TORQ’s roadster and Campagna T-Rex, but at its heart it is really a motorcycle and it is designed like so as with Polaris’ fleet of three-wheelers. powering this topless beauty is a 2.4L DOHC ECOTEC unit, mated to a 5-speed stick shifter. it has 173 horsepower which is put to good use by a fat, rear wheel via a carbon fiber reinforced belt drive system. granted 170+ ponies is not an astounding figure in the automotive (motorcycle, included) world, but then again, it has all but 1,700 lbs (771 kilograms) to haul, which should be more than ample to get most speed junkies’ adrenalin pumping. though it worthy to note that Polaris have yet to make any official claims on the performance and therefore, there is no telling if it will live up to its namesake and launch like a slingshot. Continue reading

Nyko PowerPak For PS4

Nyko PowerPak Offers Additional 1,000 mAh Battery For Your PS4 DualShock 4 Controller

DualShock 4 is no doubt a leap forward in game controller design and functionality for Playstation. this little wonder packs a light bar, a capacitive touch pad, built-in speaker, and of course, the obligatory haptic feedback serves up via vibration, but its resident 1,000 mAh rechargeable battery can hardly deal with demanding (read: marathon) gamers’ thirst for gaming. as far as hard core gamers are concerned, 12 hours ain’t going to cut it. though a charging cable comes bundled with the console which allows gamers to juice up the controller and using it simultaneously, not everyone fancy being tethered. for those who doesn’t want to be tied down by a charging cord (or at least, not as often) and still hope for extended play time, gaming accessories maker Nyko has the perfect solution for you: the Nyko PowerPak For PS4. Continue reading

Sense Sleep Monitor by Hello

Sense By Hello Wants To End All Your Sleeping Problems

what you see here is not a mementos of Beijing’s bird’s nest stadium used in 2008 Summer Olympics, though looks pretty much like one, only rounded and sexier. it is the newest new kid on the sleep monitor block, simply called Sense that, like all sleep monitors in the market, aims to end all your sleeping problems. the thing about Sense is, it doesn’t promise magic with a single device; it actually comprises of three things: the beautifully sculpted sensor that does its job without marring your bedroom’s decor, a small but sensitive clip-on sleep tracking sensor that detects every toss and turn you make during sleep, and a mobile app that score your sleep, log any disturbances and presents them so you will be in the know of why you get or not get a good night sleep. Continue reading

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