Alienware Graphics Amplifier

Alienware Graphics Amplifier Adds Desktop Graphics Power to Alienware 13 Gaming Laptop

Today’s gaming laptops are pretty capable, but that’s in the mobile sense, which means they are as good as they gets and hardly comparable to desktops. So chances are, hardcore gamers will have both a portable such as a gaming laptop for the road and a full blown gaming rig setup at home. However, that might change with the introduction of the Alienware Graphics Amplifier, well, that’s only if you’re planning to purchase the Alienware 13 gaming laptop, cos’ this “graphic booster”, which only works with a proprietary connector on the Alienware 13. Dell calls it having the best of both worlds by giving you the freedom of mobility and also offers you desktop graphics quality, thus solving your graphics woes (when you’re at home, that is). Continue reading

Toca "Steel Phoenix" Hyundai Genesis Sedan

Toca-tuned 600HP Hyundai Genesis Sedan Heads to SEMA Show

We hate to tease you with so many cars that you can’t buy, but just look at this Toca Hyundai Genesis Sedan, do you think we bear not to let you guys see it? Nope. We are kind people and we share because we care, and hence this article. Anyway, on with the story. The Toca-tuned Genesis here, dubbed Steel Phoenix, will join JP Edition 2015 Sonata Turbo, Bisimoto Engineering 2015 Sonata, Ark Performance AR550 Genesis Sedan and Blood Type Racing Genesis Coupe, at this year’s SEMA show. While the BTR Genesis Coupe remains the one with the most insane power output, the Toca’s Genesis sedan ain’t too shabby too. Designed and tuned to go head-to-head with the German super sedans, the Steel Phoenix boasts a “Tau” 5.0-liter V8 unit, reworked to unleash over 600 horsepower, thanks to a pair of custom-fabricated Garrett twin-turbo setup that adds a good 180 ponies to the already mean powertrain. Continue reading

Aerion Supersonic AS2 Business Jet

Here’s Another Supersonic Jet That Wants to Take You from London to New York in 4 Hours

A typical passenger jet travels at a subsonic speed of between 475 and 500 knots (around 546 and 575 mph), which should take you from London to New York in 6-7 hours. By hours, that’s pretty quick, but with respect to daytime, that’s half of your waking hours gone to waste. However, if Aerion Supersonic has its way, the future of air travel may leaves you with a little more time on your hands. Aerion Supersonic, in a joint partnership with Airbus, is developing the AS2 that could zip through the atmosphere at a top speed of Mach 1.6, which translates to about 1,218 mph or 1,960 km/h and maintains a cruising speed at Mach 1.1-1.2. Though not as fast as the supreme but retired Concorde Supersonic Jet and about half of what modern military fighter jets can achieved, the AS2 will still cut your trip to London to New York to 4 hours and 20 minutes. Continue reading

Adidas Originals by Jeremy Scott JS Wings 3.0

Latest Adidas and Jeremy Scott Collaboration Looks Like a Pair of Kicks Fit for Batman

It has become somewhat stale to reference anything that is remotely dark to The Dark Knight yet again, but we are going to do it anyways. A look at the Adidas Originals by Jeremy Scott JS Wings 3.0 and immediately have us associating it with the gloomy, Christopher Nolan’s iteration of the cape crusader. Like I said, I hate to reference it to Batman (again), but in all seriousness, we thought the new 3D crafted wings sure looks like something pulled from the pages of a comic book, or at least looks like The Dark Knight would slip on or should wear. Looking at the product images, it looks like the hint of the three stripes branding is not obvious, if any at all. All we see is this massive, 3D wing engulfing the entire upper front, extending to the side of the shoes. Continue reading

Bruvelo Smart Pour-over Coffee Brewer

Bruvelo Pour-over Coffee Maker Uses Your Smartphone to Brew the Perfect Blend of Crafted Coffee

One factor in coffee making has kept the art of manual pour-over coffee alive and that’s the precise control of bean-to-water ratio. Needless to say, the old way is a long tedious process and it would take years of practice to get the consistency, but now, a new, connected coffee maker called Bruvelo promises do the same with consistency of a seasoned barista without you doing much more than just touching of a few virtual buttons on your smartphone. It is an all-in-one coffee making station. It filters the water, weighs and grinds the beans, introduce the right amount of water and ground coffee, pre-rinse the coffee filter, and maintains a brew temperature of 199 Fahrenheit (92 Celsius). The only things left to do are acquiring your favorite coffee beans and set your preference through a companion app on your smartphone. Continue reading

Amazon Fire TV Stick Streaming Media Player

Amazon Goes Head-to-Head with Chromecast and Roku with Fire TV Stick Streaming Media Player

In case you’re wondering about the post title… no, we didn’t make it up. The fact that the new Amazon Fire TV Stick‘s press text kicks off with a statement like “powerful hardware – dual-core processor, 2x the memory of Chromecast…” and makes reference to having 32x more storage than the Roku Streaming Stick, it is pretty clear where this stick-style streaming media player has its sight set on. But it takes a step up the game with a few other features, including Fire TV’s user interface and comes supplied with a remote control to facilitate ease of navigation. However, if black plastic remote is not your kind of thing, a free mobile app, supporting voice search, will also allow the use of your trusty smartphone to wield control over this little guy. Continue reading

Benchmarc Power Mac G5 Upcycled Furniture

Old Apple Power Mac G5 Units Turned Into Fabulous Office Furniture

Any person with the eyes for beautiful objects will agree that Power Mac G5 was quite a design marvel. Even after more than a decade on, the aluminum full-size tower chassis with the trademark perforated front panel remains a thing of beauty and as such, it will be a complete waste to trash it after its expected lifespan. And this is precisely the inspiration behind designer Klause Geiger’s Power Mac G5-based series of furniture. Instead of sending the aged G5 to the trash or recycling center, Geiger upcycles them into functional furniture, starting with benches. The bench is made up of two Power Mac G5 towers, with their innards gutted, of course, and a carved wooden board bridges the two towers, sitting perfectly in the voids between the G5s’ handles. The ends of the plank are machined to perfectly match the curved of the Power Mac G5 chassis, making it looks like the Macs were almost destined as benches for their second life. Continue reading

Samsung NE58H9970WS Slide-in Induction Chef Collection Range with Flex Duo Oven

Samsung Induction Stove Has Fake Flames to Tell You How Hot it is

If the lack of visual cues on an induction stove has been stopping you from diving into one, then perhaps, Samsung’s new Slide-in Induction Chef Collection Range with Flex Duo Oven (with a ridiculously long model number, NE58H9970WS) can help. The problem with induction stove is obvious. There are no flames to cue if it is on or how hot it is getting. With the Samsung’s latest induction range, it solves this minuscule ‘problem’, but no less nagging issue, with what the South Korean electronics giant called “Virtual Flame Technology”. What this technology does, is basically adding a set of blue LEDs embedded below the glass cooktop and around the perimeter of the burner that will cast fake flickering flames onto the side of the pots and pans. Continue reading

Samsung x Montblanc Galaxy Note 4 Accessories

How Do You Like to Scribble on Your Galaxy Note 4 with a Montblanc Pen? Well, Now You Can.

Luxury goods makers have been dishing out gadget accessories for quite a while now, but specific collab between a luxury brand and tech company remains a rare thing until last month when Montblanc and Samsung jointly unveiled a collection of accessories for Galaxy Note 4 at the Unpacked 2014 Episode 2 event. The collection, known simply as Samsung and Montblanc Collection, includes two styles of cover and a pair of ‘styluses’, or Montblanc-flavored S Pen to be exact. The latter is of course the star of the collection. Why? Imagine a classy Montblanc writing instrument that also lets you write on traditional writing materials and that sounds pretty cool to us. The only trade off is, you can’t slip that fat Montblanc pen into the S-Pen sleeve in the handset, which means you have one more item to carry with you. On that note, we shall leave it to you to decide if the need to pocket yet another object with you is a hassle or not. Continue reading

Hemingwrite Typewriter

Typewriter Lives Again, Adapted for 21st Century Writers with E-ink Display and Syncs to the Cloud

So you think word processor on a computer is the typewriter’s replacement? It was. Because writer who loves typewriter to work efficiently has to forego the cumbersome machine that had served our forefathers for decades. However, thing is set to change if the inventors of Hemingwrite Typewriter have their way. The funny thing is, this brilliant idea could not have materialized if not for the development of e-ink technology, which is what it uses in place of the eco-unfriendly papers and ink ribbons. So what exactly is the Hemingwrite Typewriter? Well, in simple terms, it is a typewriter for the 21st century. With the Hemingwrite, you get the usual mechanical keys with Cherry MX switches offering you the good’ol tactile feel, but in place of paper, roller, striker and ink ribbons, it has a 6-inch e-ink display boasting 300ppi that displays your input as you type along. Continue reading

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