Back to the Future Flux Capacitor Wristwatch

Back to the Future Flux Capacitor Wristwatch: No Time Traveling, But Still 100% Awesome

We’re sorry to disappoint, but time travel is an impossibility, at least for now, and even if it was possible, I guess we will never know. Still, that doesn’t make time traveling any less attractive and that’s precisely what fueled the popularity of sci-fi flicks like Back to the Future. Forget about how you could hurt the space-time continuum, you know you will want to zip forward to check out the next Mega Millions winning numbers, but as said, you can’t, so for now, all you can do is pretend that you can actually travel through time with the Back to the Future Flux Capacitor Wristwatch. However, be warned, telling time with this Delorean time machine’s core component is a bit of a science, as you can see, it only has an animated flux capacitor for watch face and a row of digit display for dates in a font that looks all so familiar. Continue reading

Powerlace Auto-lacing Shoes

Great Scott! Back to the Future II-style Auto-lacing Shoes is a Reality!

What you’re looking at is Powerlace, the real-life, working version of Marty McFly‘s Nike boots that automagically lace itself the moment the Michael J Fox’s character slips on the shoes. The Powerlace here does not have futuristic light up swoosh branding or soles nor does it look as snazzy, but it is as real as it can gets – all without the need for motor, gears or whatsoever. It is completely power-free, thanks to an ingenious design that uses the wearer’s weight to actuate the mechanism through some nylon-coated stainless steel wires. A discreet lever located at the back of the heel locks the laces in place; unlock it again, and the shoes will slide off easily by the mere action of tipping your foot. Ok, maybe some of the sci-fi nuts will be disappointed by its highly non-high tech approach, but what the hell? It works, doesn’t it? Which should save you countless bending over, well, if that’s your area of concern when it comes to slipping on sneakers. Continue reading

TreeTop Crazy Rider

Travel: You Have Heard of TreeTop Walk, Now Meet the 1KM TreeTop Zip Line Roller Coaster

Zip line, or Flying Fox as it is called is some countries, can only be described as an express, one-way ticket down. But it is a thrill ride of sort and as such ‘express’ is last thing any thrill-seeker wants. Then again, if you were to zip down, say a kilometer or so, straight, your heart will probably pops and even if it doesn’t, it would be a straight up, or in this case, straight-down boring ride. But don’t close your doors to zip line thrill yet, because there is such a thing called TreeTop Crazy Rider that would change the way we look at zip lines. Touted as the world’s longest roller coaster zip line, TreeTop Crazy Rider combines the hanging sensation of a zip line with the twists and turns offered by a roller coaster, letting you zip through the natural environment of the Ourimbah State Forest in New South Wales, Australia, at heights as high as 18 meters or 60 feet. Continue reading

Alienware Alpha Steam Machine Game Console

Alpha, Alienware’s Steam Machine Pushes Into the Market, Starts at $549

If you’ve been looking forward to Alienware’s iteration of Steam Machine since January this year, well, then this piece of news is going to rock your world. Alienware Alpha, as it is officially called, is now available in-store as we speak from Walmart and Fry’s, as well as online from Alienware web store. It is also available through several online partners, including Best Buy, GameStop, NewEgg, TigerDirect and of course, Amazon, priced at $549 and up. This PC/Steam Machine hybrid will let you play over 600 Steam controller-supported games right in your living room without looking awkward, i.e. it is a pretty little box, something expected from Alienware. Continue reading

Point Home Security Device

Meet Point, the Home Security System That Does Without Invasive Cameras

If there’s anything Insecam (the cams have since been removed, btw) have taught us, is that our privacy could be on the line when using security cameras, in particular, IP cameras. That said, if you’re paranoia about having digital eyes inside your home, then we think Point Home Security Device may be a perfect alternative. It is a simple, minimalistic device that looks after your home when you’re away without introducing invasive measures like cameras. It connects to the Internet via WiFi and is packed with non-invasive sensors to detect any anomalies in your home like smoke, temperature, humidity level, window breaking, or if someone has entered your home. Continue reading

Lammily Marks

Lammily Marks Lets You Add Cellulite, Scars and Even Stretch Marks to Normal Body ‘Barbie’

Do you remember the beautiful, real-life proportions ‘barbie’ called Lammily? I am sure you do. A doll that departs from the norm of the fantasy encapsulated toy world, or more specifically a doll modeled after a real-life 19 y.o. girl-next-door, will most certainly stand out from among the eerily perfectly shaped toy person and will forever etch deeply in our memory. It will be a while before Lammily ships, but its designer, Nickolay Lamm, already have a handful of practical ‘accessories’ ready to ‘spruce’ up her up, albeit in a more sensible way. Unlike dear Barbie who live life enjoying dreamhouse camper, glam pool, and dazzling collection of wardrobe, Lammily will be treated to more down-to-earth apparels and now, it will have stickers too. Continue reading

Vuzix M100 Smart Glasses

Vuzix’s Prosumer Version M100 Smart Glasses Now Available Exclusively on Amazon for $1,000

Until now, Google Glass‘s $1,500 sticker is pretty much out of reach for an average person. If you’re in the market for an alternative this holiday season, the prosumer version of the Vuzix M100 Smart Glasses might be worthy of an investigation. Though, at $999.99 it is still consider a significant investment – that’s if you can even call it an investment. Anywho, for that price, you will get yourself a custom eyewear made by Rochester Optical and a detachable smart unit where all the magic happens. The eyewear itself sports a set of non-prescribed safety glasses, but it can be upgraded to the user’s prescription if desired at over 13,000 optical partner stores of Rochester Optical. That’s the glasses. As for the smart functionality unit, you will find an OMPA4460 at 1.2GHz, backed by 1GB RAM and a WQVGA (i.e. 400 x 240 resolution) display hanging upfront providing 15-deg field of view equivalent to a 4″ mobile display viewed at 14 inches. Continue reading

Dremel Idea Builder 3D Printer

After More Than 80 Years in the Business of Cutting and Drilling, Dremel is Ready to Build Stuff

After more than 80 years in the business of cutting and drilling, Dremel, the preferred brand for hobbyists and home improvement enthusiasts, is ready to help you build stuff with this handsome looking 3D printer called Dremel Idea Builder. Boasting the same easy-to-use principle as the rest of the company’s line of products, the Dremel Idea Builder is the world’s first UL certified 3D printer “with best-in-class features and world-class service.” Thanks to the strategic partnership with Autodesk, Dremel is able to provide you with free print-ready 3D models and simple design tools to get you started with if you haven’t muck around with one before. Continue reading

Fashion Entertainments FES Watch by TAKT Project

You Can Change the Design of this E-ink Watch Wherever You Wish

If the main reason of buying more wrist watches than you really need is because of your desire for design variety, then we think the e-ink powered FES Watch might just be right up your timepiece-obsessed alley. While e-ink application in watches isn’t new, this particular item designed by Japanese design studio TAKT Project takes application of this power-sipping e-paper to a whole new level by applying it to the watch strap as well. Both the watch face and the strap are independent of each other, which means you can change the design of the face and the strap individually, thus resulting in a palette of 24 designs to choose from. And being an e-ink device, this thing is a quite power-sipper too: each charge will offer you around two months of time telling. Part of the battery longevity is attributed by the incorporation of a motion sensor which turns on the watch face only when you turn your wrist to look at the watch. Continue reading

The Jolla Tablet

Independent Phone Maker Jolla Wants to Make a People Powered Tablet

Finland independent handset maker and innovator Jolla is back with its second product, a tablet simply called Jolla Tablet. The tablet is a logical progression of this growing independent outfit and pride itself as being the world’s first people powered tablet. Just tell the firm what you want and it will be put on the table to be voted. Features that get voted will be prioritized for development by Jolla Sailors (that’s what they call their development team, btw). Powered by the outfit’s second generation OS, Sailfish OS 2.0, Jolla Tablet is, like the firm’s phone, completely free from corporate tyranny and manipulation, and promised to value your privacy. Continue reading

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