Arkabox Retro Gaming Console

If You Love Retro Games, You’re Going to Love This Retro Gaming Console

By today’s standard, retro games’ graphics are horrendous. Though so, they are still loved by many, including yours truly here. in fact, the pixelated graphics have now strangely become a thing of beauty. Anyways, if you are all up for some retro arcade gaming, we bet you’re going to dig the Arkabox retro gaming console. From the product name, you probably already figured out what it is, but what you probably don’t know is, assuming you haven’t looked at the images, the game console is actually built into a retro-style arcade stick box. The box is intentionally sloped for resting your wrist, while its anodized aluminum surface is populated by an 8-way joystick and 9 control buttons for an authentic arcade gaming experience. Continue reading

Box Brew Kit

Box Brew Kit Lets You Craft Your Own Beer in Rustic Style

The evolution of beer drinking goes like this: it begins with run-of-the-mill boozes, consumed while you cheered at the games or at your backyard with bacons, hotdogs and such. Then you find that you deserve better than those mass produced booze and so, you find yourself digging craft beer at your local watering hole, eventually filling your refrigerator with glowers after glowers. Finally, you demand more that your local brewers can serve up. You have the desire for the unique which prompted you to take things into your own hands and hence, the home brewing kit. Sounds familiar? Well, if so, the Box Brew Kit might just be for you and it comes with a wee bonus too: it looks pretty damn cool. We have seen enough of brewing kits to be able to discern that this small batch home brew kit is one heck of stylish home brewing kit. It is the one kit that any self-respecting, style-conscious craft beer lover will be proud to display in their homes. Continue reading

Hendo Hoverboard

Lo and Behold! Hoverboard is Real and You Can Actually Buy One Today

when Marty McFly rode a Mattel hoverboard 25 years ago. sci-fi fans all around were awestruck and some wondered if flying cars, self-drying jacket, and hoverboards awaits them in the future, or more specifically in 2015. unfortunately, while that “future” is drawing close, the tech is not anywhere close to what moviemaker Robert Zemeckis had envisioned. there are some progressed, but not quite close to what the sci-fi flick Back to the Future II had depicted. however, there is one piece of tech that just might be a really in 2015 and that would be the much-loved Hoverboard. not by Mattel though, but rest assure this thing called Hendo Hoverboard actually works. the folks at Engadget actually gave it a go. so, thank goodness it is not another hoax. Continue reading

Airblaster x Poler Merino Ninja Suit

Here’s the Ninja Suit for Adventurers Who Needs to Brave the Cold

now. Ninja fanatics don’t get too excited yet. this Ninja Suit here will not make you stealthy (in fact, it’s probably the opposite) and neither does it have secret pockets for your Shurikens or smog bomb. it will however keep you warm in those freezing cold weather when you are out in the wilderness (likely up in some alps or similar). Ninja Suits are not new, but this Merino Ninja Suit is. its an limited edition collaboration by the snowboard-loving Airblaster and outdoor gear maker Poler, both hails from Portland, Oregon. it is described as the platinum standard in base layer and fittingly constructed in natures finest, most functional and odor resistant fiber: Merino Wool, and hence the namesake. the 4-way stretch wicking Merino Wool fabric comprises of 96 percent Merino Wool and 4 percent Lycra, giving it qualities like moisture wicking and stretchability, both essential in creating the warm you need in those super cold environments. Continue reading

The Floyd Shelf

The Floyd Shelf Turns Any Flat Plank Into a Stylish Shelf with Character

there are shelves and then there is the uber stylish shelf known as The Floyd Shelf that lets you turn any flat planks or whatever flat pieces of up to 1 ⅝ inch (4 cm) into useful storage/display space, which is a super cool idea, because you can repurpose used planks that would otherwise destined for landfills or incinerations. Floyd Shelf consists of a set of left and right shelf brackets, and are made of steel produced right in the U.S.A. each bracket features a vertical lip on the inside that doubles as a bookend. available in white, black, or red power coat finish, the Floyd Shelf comes completes with the hardware necessary to mount the brackets to the wall. Continue reading

Bomber Barrel Bag

Bomber Barrel Bag: The One Bag That Will Have Your Work and Play Covered

if you are one of those people who find anything more than one bag in your life is a hassle, then we suppose all you need the one bag. fortunately and unfortunately, bags are in abundance in the market, but most of them are also pretty specialized in a way. never quite versatile is what we are trying to say. however, that’s not the case with the Bomber Barrel Bag, a modem iteration of the classic barrel duffels of the 20th century that will accompany you through hiking, office, gym or just about anywhere you go. like the good’ol duffel bag design, the Bomber Barrel Bag offers two ways to carry: by the handles with padded velcro grip or sling over your shoulder. Continue reading

MSI 27-inch AG270 All-in-One Gaming Computers

MSI All-in-One Gaming PC Gets NVIDIA GeForce GTX 900M Graphic Cards

gone were the days where huge, space-eating gaming rig is a must for serious gaming. thanks to the enhancement in graphics technology, now All-in-One is as capable as any full size rigs and the latest to join the graphic race with minimal footprint is MSI’s 27-inch All-in-One gaming PC, now equipped with NVIDIA GeForce GTX 900M graphic cards. powered by fourth generation Intel Core i7 processors with up to 16GB DDR3L RAM, the rigs also boast Killer E2200 Game Networking, MSI’s Super RAID technology, dual Yamaha speakers with full-range monomer and amplifier, independent subwoofer, and anti-glare matte display with anti-flicker technology. two versions are available: one equipped with GTX 980M 8GB graphic card (referred to as the AG270 2QE) and the other, GTX 970M 6GB graphic card (known as the AG270 2QC). Continue reading

Smartwatch with Projection Buttons

Future Smartwatches May Have Buttons Projected on to Your Skin

i had a vision that we would one day own devices that though small, have a big display whenever we need it. something like a touch-enabled holographic projection that we can just call up when we need a bigger display. while this Star Wars-like projection technology is still far from reality, a group of students at the Carnegie Mellon University have been cracking their heads to explore how to make a watch bigger without actually making it bigger, and the result is what the team at the University’s Future Interfaces Group called Skin Buttons. implemented on a fairly regular size prototype smartwatch, Skin Buttons are interactive virtual buttons projected on to the wearer’s arm on either side of the watch, thereby using the user’s arm as an extension of the watch. Continue reading

Custom Ford F-150 Trucks - Vaughn Gittin Jr. Street Truck

Check Out Ford’s Contenders for the ‘Hottest Truck’ Award at SEMA Show

next month, North America’s biggest aftermarket products and services for the automotive industry, SEMA Show, will throw its doors open and as always, trade visitors and media can expected to be wowed and wooed by some delightful treats dish out by tuning houses and major automakers. among them is this pair of custom Ford F-150 trucks, which the blue oval marque will be offering to vie for a fifth consecutive ‘Hottest Truck’ award. this year, Ford collaborated with Ford Racing’s Brian Deegan and Formula DRIFT superstar Vaugh Gittin Jr., to turn two 2015 F-150 trucks into mind-blowing examples. each truck is at the different end of the spectrum. Continue reading

BMW M4 DTM Champion Edition

Feel Like a Champion? Then the BMW M4 DTM Champion Edition is for You

celebrating BMW driver Marco Wittmann’s success at this season DTM, BMW has announced a special edition BMW M4 coupe, dubbed the BMW M4 DTM Champion Edition. since Wittmann’s DTM car is based on the current M4 coupe, it is only fitting that the Champion Edition is also a M4 and thus, it shares the same specifications as the M4 coupe with power coming from a 3.0-liter BMW M TwinPower Turbo inline six producing 425 horses. though no 500 hp V8 under this homologation’s hood, but it still make the manual sprint from standstill to 60 mph in 4.1 seconds. the Champion Edition will be ultra limited. only 23 units will be built, a number that pays homage to Wittmann’s car number and will only be offered exclusively in Alpine White. Continue reading

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