Roy 11oz Denim “Big Bro” Jeans

now here is the deal: usually we don’t feature jeans here, but this pair of Roy 11oz Denim “Big Bro” Jeans from Roy Slaper looks so rocking cool that we felt it would be criminal not to feature it. this pair of denim is crafted from a newly developed 11oz per square yard (in raw state, that is) lightweight fabric that has a very vintage feel and shade to it. with its 100 percent pure indigo dyed warp yarns and unbleached natural cotton for the weft yarns, this pair of denim kind of reminiscent of the old school Deeptone denim Cone found in the early 40s. we will be honest with you, this pair ain’t cheap by any means, so it would only be right for us to let you in on what you will be getting if you drop $360 for it. yes. 360 green backs in all. made no mistake there, folks. Continue reading Roy 11oz Denim “Big Bro” Jeans

TwoHands II iPad Stand by Felix

need a hand to prop up your iPad? if minimalistic design is your cuppa, then look no further than the TwoHands II iPad Stand by Felix. looking like a cross between a pair of tong and a pair of hands, this aluminum and polished plastic construction stand works by the way of spring force to clasp your iPad securely and offers a variety of viewing angles, adjustable on-the-fly to your comfort level. it works across all generations of iPad, eReaders, as well as most tablets of size no bigger than 10.5″ wide and 3/8″ thick. all without case, naturally. the only point of contact of this uber minimalistic stand features a silicone anti-slip base to prevent slippage, while the soft-touch grip on the ‘hands’ ensure the tablet will stay where they are being held. Continue reading TwoHands II iPad Stand by Felix

KneeFlyer Binding System for Kneeboarding

when you see Kneeboard, the first impression would be water sports, but not with this kneeboard called KneeFlyer. it is the Kneeboard that you may know, but designed for everything else out of the water, which includes longboard, skateboard, mountainboard, and of course, snowboard. it gives you a whole new way to ride and in a more comfortable position. this binding system comprises of three components: a plastic tray where a removable contoured knee pad is nested in, and a set of retention straps for holding down the rider. what makes the KneeFlyer stands out is the patented foam, featuring a contoured knee and shin cavity, plus a seat extension (or protrusion of sort) where you will be sitting on, thus relieving your ankles from the stress of your weight. Continue reading KneeFlyer Binding System for Kneeboarding

Panasonic Lumix DMC-GM1 DSLM Camera

we’d be lying if we say that this camera, the Panasonic Lumix DMC-GM1 DSLM Camera, wasn’t featured here because the design caught our eyes. so the fact is, it did. it is a known fact that we have a soft spot for stylish products and to us, the GM1 indeed bears the mark of stylishness. on the specs sheet, it is fitted by a large 16MP Digital Live MOS Sensor and boasts Light Speed and Low-light autofocus for quick accurate shoot, even in extreme low-light conditions. a silent shutter feature is in place for times where discretion is required, such as during concerts or exhibitions where photography is prohibited, so you won’t be caught in the act (watch out for the CCTVs, though..). well, for this part… you didn’t hear from us. right? Continue reading Panasonic Lumix DMC-GM1 DSLM Camera

TapTap Wristband

communication between loves one in today’s context is non-issue at all. as it is, we have more than enough mode of communication such as phone calls, emails, text messages, and for those who need to see and hear each other, there is always video calls. simple. despite that, there’s still a missing link and that’s the tactile feel of your love one calling out to you. that is the void that the TapTap Wristband aims to fill. so what exactly is TapTap? well, it is essentially a wristband designed to let two loves stay in touch wherever the two might be. each one of the two person will wear one of the TapTap and whenever one thinks of the other, he or she simply taps the wristband and it will instantaneously transmits that tap to the paired wristband, which will response with a vibration, no matter where the other person is located. Continue reading TapTap Wristband

Sealy Dog Beds

the last thing we expect from the world’s leading bedding brands, Sealy, are beds for you canine friends, but then again, we shouldn’t be all too surprise as most pet lovers will only want the best for their precious four-legged friends, which is exactly what Sealy is capable of offering. developed in collaboration with dog treadmills maker dogPACER, the Sealy Dog Beds, as it is called, is the brand’s first dog bed offering and being a Sealy, it does not skimp on features. billed as “a revolution in the dog industry”, it uses Sealy’s signature Quad Layer Technology which comprises of cooling energy gel for absorbing stress on joints and cools the dogs, a NASA-inspired PetRest Memory Foam that conforms to the pet’s body shape for improved circulation, a Green Tea Orthopedic Foam to maintain natural weight distribution, and a HD Charcoal Base for support and absorbs the odors. Continue reading Sealy Dog Beds

Lomography Experimental Lens Kit

artistic lo-fi style images don’t quite seem to mix with modern digital photography. even with the myriad of photo manipulation apps and software-based creative filters, they somehow still feels, well, too digital and that’s not to mention that some effects like multiple exposures, cannot be fully replicated by a digital camera without some heavy photoshopping, but… that was then. with the Lomography Experimental Lens Kit, which consists of three micro 4/3 digital camera-compatible lenses, it lets you dive in and experience the art of lomo-photography with the instant gratification that modern people craves for. Continue reading Lomography Experimental Lens Kit

Garmin Approach S4 GPS Golf Watch

pulling out your phone to check on calls, emails or any form of notifications that your smartphone might serves up is outright anti-ethic as far as golf is concerned. but if really have to do that, then this little guy here, the Garmin Approach S4 GPS Golf Watch, might be of an assistance. though essentially a GPS watch, it does double duty as a smartwatch, so you can discreetly view calls, emails, texts and more without infuriating your fellow players, who probably already pissed with your under par performance (just probably). after all, who’s going to stare at someone who is constantly looking at his/her watch right? or, will they? actually, we are not sure. you will just have to take your chances, but just make sure you don’t spoil it all by introducing them to the watch before heading to the fairway. discreet is the key, folks, discreet. Continue reading Garmin Approach S4 GPS Golf Watch

ABKCO x Fender Beggars Banquet Guitar

regardless of whether you are a huge The Rolling Stones fan, or simply an avid guitar enthusiast (well, more like collector), chances are you are going to love the ABKCO x Fender Rolling Stones Beggars Banquet Guitar. this limited edition Telecaster guitar is a collaborative effort by ABKCO Music & Records and Fender to mark ABKCO’s recent release of the “Clearly Classic” edition of three classic Rolling Stones albums on clear vinyl, of which includes the album with the controversial cover of its time, Beggars Banquet (1968). the cover depicts a graffiti-defaced bathroom, which, get this, was “deemed too controversial for domestic consumption in the U.S.“(!?) and so, it is no surprise that this is the cover of choice for adorning this celebratory, full-featured Fender Telecaster. while the front is decorated with the Beggars Banquet cover, the back of the guitar features the gatefold feast artwork, along with a laser-etched neck plate. Continue reading ABKCO x Fender Beggars Banquet Guitar

Vizio Co-Star LT Stream Player

the smart TV revolution has been going on for over two years now and as such, we find it a rarity that some of us are still holding to non-smart HDTV. must be for good reasons, eh? smart or not, you shouldn’t be living in a disconnected time and missing out all the fun stuff that the tube can bring to you these days, which is why one should seriously give a device like the Vizio Co-Star LT Stream Player (ISV-B11) a thought. as you might already guess, the Co-Star LT give your home entertainment a step without having to upgrade the TV set. at the heart of the Co-Star LT is the Vizio Internet Apps Plus that allows you to browse apps while watching live TV. full-screen app browsing is supported, and so are HTM5 app, and Full HD and 3D contents, while built-in WiFi provides a hassle-free access to the world wide web. Continue reading Vizio Co-Star LT Stream Player

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