EARONIC iPhone 4 Case – get noticed with an earful

EARONIC iPhone 4 Case 544x350px
(credit: CollabCubed) EARONIC iPhone 4 Case | US$20.00 | www.collabcubedshop.com

with so many iPhone 4 case designs going around in the market, users are spoilt for choice but if you are in the market for something that will get you noticed (for whatever reasons that might be), then the EARONIC might be one of the candidate. not content with just colors and patterns, EARONIC has life-size photorealistic ears printed on it, making it look like part of you when you hold your iPhone to your ear and they do look pretty realistic even they are just 2D prints. you have a choice of five ‘ear’ to choose from: Finley, Dylan, Luna, Razor and Nick. i supposed those are names of the real life person who ear-modeled for the photo? whatever it is, at $20 a pop, it is definitely an inexpensive way to get noticed. Continue reading

Elasty – concept case that also holds cards, earphones…

Elasty 544x568px
(credit: Yoori Koo) Elasty Mobile Phone Cover | US$na(concept)

instead of just having a plain case to protect your iPhone, this concept iPhone 4 case attempts to give an otherwise single function phone cover an added functionality: to stash your bills, earphones or whatever that fits between its slits. dubbed simply as Elasty, this concept case is designed by Yoori Koo and has won the Korean Belkin Design Awards. to be made of silicone rubber, this case has five slits at the back of the case that acts like a rubber band that can be used to tuck your cash, pen, stylus or earphones. Continue reading

a desk lamp crafted out from tripod and camera

Camera Desk Lamp 544x363px
(credit: kootoyoo) Steampunk Wrist Monocular | US$tba | www.kootoyoo.com

usually what i see that excites me, it appears here on this blog, and this camera desk lamp is just one of the many that tickles my senses. created by Melbourne-based coffee-loving mum, Kristy, this camera lamp is the perfect lamp for any photography enthusiast. it is a lamp that reminds you where your heart is – photography. this awesome lamp comprises of the camera – which is the lamp and a tripod, and since it sits on a tripod, it can be adjusted to sit on the desk as a desk lamp or on the floor as a floor lamp. absolutely brilliant. though, Kristy did not give details on how the lamp was fitted into the camera nor any detail of camera was given. Continue reading

all hands on deck! Steampunk Wrist Monocular is here!

Steampunk Wrist Monocular 544x638px
(credit: ThinkGeek) Steampunk Wrist Monocular | US$44.99 | www.thinkgeek.com

if love Sky Captain and the world of Tomorrow, then this Steampunk Wrist Monocular should entice you. perfect companion when on board a steampunk-inspired airship or perhaps, a steampunk boat and it is not just for show – it is in fact, a fully functional brass (read: steampunk-esque) flip-action monocular with a modest 2X magnification. granted that is has a less than ideal optical magnification that probably allows you to just vaguely catch a glimpse of the steampunk princess next door but it will, however, complement your love for all things steampunk, and that’s priceless for any steampunk fanatics. Continue reading

Nike MAG ceramic & pin: alternatives to the real thing

Nike MAG ceramic replica and pin 544x338px
(credit: via Highsnobiety) Nike MAG Ceramic Replica (US$88) and Pin (US$10) | www.nike.com

the truth about the Nike MAG hi-cut sneakers is the odd of getting it is slim and the vicious bidding process is driving its price sky high but for those fans out there, Nike has a couple of alternatives to the real-deal Marty McFly’s sneakers for you. though, they are not sneakers that you can wear but a representation of the Nike MAG that you long to have. they comes in the form of a Nike MAG ceramic replica ($88) and a Nike MAG pin ($10). the good news is, you will be doing a good cause cos’ net proceeds from these lesser items will go to the Michael J. Fox Foundation. four-figure sum or double digit figure, its your call. Continue reading

video: a perspective from a R/C F16 jet’s tiny cockpit

a perspective from a R-C F16 jet tiny cockpit 544x408px
(credit: VRFlyer)

always dreamt about flying but didn’t qualify to do so? here’s one video that shows you how flying for average people like us is highly plausible, albeit being a little down size. this video was submitted by one YouTube member VRFlyer who happens to be the man who pioneered the first person video (FPV) for R/C vehicles. this particular example here has Kent (you know, Barbie and Kent?) seated in the hot seat of the highly detailed cockpit of a scaled F16 Falcon fighter jet – heck, it even has a fully functioning altimeter letting the pilot knows how far off the ground the plane is. though i have to mention that Kent’s head has been snapped and replaced with a swivel-able camera. the ground pilot then wears a video goggle with a head mounted gyroscope for a first person view when piloting this scaled aircraft. the head mounted gyroscope allows the camera in the cockpit to turn or swivel as per the ground pilot’s head turning action which is what makes it so damn cool. Continue reading

TDK Portable Speaker – clamshell form factor speaker

TDK Portable Speaker 544x388px
(credit: TDK) TDK SP-XA3602WH Portable Speaker | ¥4,979.00 | www.tdk-media.jp

if you belong to those group that cannot live a moment without blasting the music library on your iPhone or iPod, then portable speaker is the way to go and since its on-the-go, you would need something that can be stowed away easily like this TDK Portable Speaker (SP-XA3602WH). we hardly use the term ‘form factor’ but i guess you can refer it to as clamshell form factor for its ability to fold into a compact, pocketable gadget when not in use – 224 x 86 x 46-mm, to be precise. when it opens up, it reveals a pair of 3-watts driver hidden behind a classy, shiny grille on one panel and on the other, are the control hard buttons, volume dial, power on/off button and of course, the throne for your iDevice with the familiar 30-pin connector. though, a 3.5-mm line-in audio jack is readily available just in case iDevice is not your media player of choice. the speaker runs off four AAA batteries or if AC wall outlet is available, it can use that too. the TDK SP-XA3602WH Portable Speaker retails for ¥4,979 (about US$64) a pop. nothing spectacular but at least it lets you have your fix for blasting your favorite tunes wherever and whenever. Continue reading

Made.com presents Peter O’Toole Collection

Peter O'Toole Collection 544x308px
(credit: Made.com) Peter O’Toole Collection | £59.00 | www.made.com

stop lamenting about the plain white wall in your humble abode and put up a few of these illustrations from British illustrator Peter O’Toole Collection that depicts iconic imagery, familiar faces (aka famous people) and nostalgia from the good old sixties through to today. i don’t know about you. these illustrations capture my heart with its vividly mixed of pop culture and icons of our times (ahem, maybe not the 60s one though), which tickles the (sometimes) fond memories deep in my ROM. the Peter O’Toole Collection is available now from Made.com for a modest sum of £59. lovely. Continue reading

Smart x WeSC Brabus Fortwo Cabriolet and headphones

Smart x WeSC BRABUS Fortwo Cabriolet 900x600px
(credit: Smart) Smart x WeSC Brabus Fortwo Cabriolet | US$tba | www.brabus.com

besides MINI, Smart gotta be car with most special models. latest to join its rank of special edition Smart is this collaboration between Smart and Swedish-based street culture fashion label WeSC (aka WeAretheSuperlativeConspiracy). in this partnership, a BRABUS variant of the Smart Fortwo is dressed up in a combination of part-matte, part-high gloss gold shades paint job created by BRABUS. other features include jet black wheels, leather seats with crossways quilting, instrument cluster with WeSC branding and WeSC branded leather BRABUS sports steering wheel with paddle shifter. Continue reading

limited edition 1:43 Scale Formula One Race Cars

1:43 Scale Formula One Race Cars - Limited Edition 544x328px
(credit: Formula 1) 1:43 Scale Formula One Race Cars – Limited Edition | from £42.99 | www.formula1.com

the name says it all. Formula One presents a chance for fans to have a piece of these awesome racing machines, albeit in a much smaller scale (1:43, to be exact). four models were carefully chosen for this limited edition collection which includes Red Bull Racing RB7 Sebastian Vettel 2011 Showcar, Sauber F1 Team C29 Kamui Kobaysahi Japan, Sauber F1 Team Pedro De La Rosa Showcar 2010 and Sauber F1 Team C29 Kamui Kobaysahi 40th Anniversary. each car is lovingly recreated by die-cast specialist Minichamps, presented in a matching display case. Continue reading

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