Lamborghini Aventador J Roadster

Lamborghini Aventador J Roadster
(photos: Lamborghini) Lamborghini Aventador J Roadster | US$tba |

when buying a car, typically you will looked for features and options available but that process only applies if you are buying a ‘normal’ car, which is certainly not the case for the Lamborghini Aventador J Roadster. the J is devoid of worldly creature comfort equipment such as audio, navigation, and air-conditioning systems that would impede on its go-fast performance. Lambo has gone to the extend of not giving the J a roof and two small wind deflectors takes the place where the windshield supposed to be. a new carbon fiber fabric known as “Carbonskin” is used on the seats and interior trim, while carbon fiber is used throughout the car, including the bumpers, front air scoop, winglets and the oversized rear diffuser. Continue reading

Final Audio Design MURAMASA VIII Headphones

Final Audio Design MURAMASA VIII Headphones
(photos: Final Audio Design) Final Audio Design MURAMASA VIII Headphones | about US$8,000.00 |

wearing a pair of headphones adorned with crystals or splashed with funky colors might speaks about your individuality but they somehow lacks the character, so to speak. how about snagging a pair oversized cans that’s crafted from stainless steel? yup, you heard that right. from the folks who brought to you those ridiculously pricey in-ear headphones, come yet another pair of audiophile around-ear headphones that is set to blow your individual ego and likely, your bank account too. meet the MURAMASA VIII headphones, a pair of larger-than-usual sound cans that is machined out from stainless steel and sports audiophile-grade internals like two-way driver that includes a 40mm driver and an independent 8mm tweeter to handle the high frequency notes. Continue reading

Infiniti EMERG-E Concept Sports Car

Infiniti EMERG-E Concept
(photos: Infiniti) Infiniti EMERG-E Concept | US$tba |

we will be honest with you: we are skeptics when it comes to electric rides. however, with renowned auto makers keep turning out electric examples that are not only exceedingly gorgeous but also promised the power to match, even fervent believers of gasoline engine like us starts to waver. one such electric concept is the Infiniti EMERG-E Concept, set to be unveiled at the 2012 Geneva Motor Show this week. it is not just an electric car, it is an extended range EV. fitted with twin electric motor in a mid-engine configuration that offers 402 horsepower (300 kW) on the tap, the EMERG-E Concept is capable of rocketing from standstill to 60 mph in just four seconds. Continue reading

Instaprint prints your Instagram photos wirelessly

(photos: Instaprint) Instaprint | US$399.00 |

the people of the 21st century loves to share their moments digitally but what’s the point of sharing when you can’t print it instantly like the good old Polaroid camera? Instagram may have rekindled your love for those arty Polaroid prints, letting you share your photos digitally as you capture them but for a complete nostalgic feel, we gotta to get our hands on the actual prints and that’s where the Instaprint comes in. this little unassuming box hooks up to your WiFi network and will print out any images tagged with a specific location or hashtag that matches and the best part is, it prints them the old school way – without ink. just think of it as the 21st century photo booth for your home or party. with Instaprint, you will be printing those hilarious party photos right there, right then – at your ongoing party. Continue reading

Britannia Furniture Collection

Britannia Collection
(photos: Britannia Furniture Collection | from £35.00 |

we know how good the Union Jack looks on the roof of the Mini Cooper. in fact, we didn’t know the Union Jack could look this good apart of being a national color and that was when we got hooked. you know what? we bet you didn’t know that they look equally awesome on furniture as well, even more so when it has the ‘washed out’ look as seen in the Britannia Furniture Collection. the collection includes a series of cushions in a choice of Union Jack design in different hues, oversized beanbags, storage bench, storage box, Ottoman and last but not least, armchairs. needless to say, the highlight of these furnitures is the lovely Union Jack design. Continue reading

The Megaton – Massive Bomb Lamp

The Megaton - Massive Bomb Lamp
(photos: Stockpile Designs) The Megaton – Massive Bomb Lamp | US$780.00 |

between cool and functional lamps, which one would you choose? how about both? like this The Megaton, a lamp made with a real tail fins of a 100-lbs bomb that hailed from the Korean War. where it came from doesn’t really bothers us, cos’ as long they are repurposed military items, we are so going to dig them. stripped of its original paint work and the inevitable corrosions, this section of the bomb now exists as a beautiful lamp body with its gleaming steel along with the marks of rough machining. a polished nickel socket, cloth-wrapped cord, and a premium natural linen shade completes the unique look. we love the fact that it is not readily recognizable as a bomb and it just look awesomely cool. Continue reading

Laser AppTag for iPhone, iPod Touch and Android

Laser AppTag
(photos: Jon Atherton) Laser AppTag | US$35.00 |

we love first person shooter games, however, we don’t get to sweat it out or feel the heat of the battle. so, it is time to take our first person shooter gaming to the next level with Laser AppTag. it is a laser blaster that works with your iPhones, iPod Touches and even Android Phones, turning them into a real world laser blaster. obviously, Star Wars laser capability is not in the order but rather, this blaster uses totally harmless laser emitter and receiver to communicate between players and its highlight is the lack of physical connection to your phone. yes, it does not dock or occupies your headphone jack to communicate with your handset and neither will it ride on your phone’s battery. no Bluetooth or WiFi magic, its just high frequency sound that is barely audible to human. Continue reading

Frames – Stop Motion Videography for iPhone

Frames App by Studio Neat
(photos: Studio Neat) Studio Neat’s Frames app | US$2.99 |

in a world where fluid animation takes the center-stage, there is still a place for stop motion videography (think Fantastic Mr Fox or Wallace & Gromit). we don’t know how to begin to explain this strange phenomenal and the truth is, somewhere deep inside our hearts, we wanted to try our hands in making our very own stop motion video but less the tedious frame stitching process, plus we just want the convenience of doing it right on our iPhones. this is where Frames iPhone app can make our wish come true. developed by the dudes who brought to you The Glif and Cosmonaut stylus, Frames empowers your iPhone with the stop motion and time-lapse videoing capability in HD 720p with simple to use, intuitive interface. Continue reading



we love sound dock but if its going to ruin our lovely interior decor, then it is uncool to us. however, if the sound dock that we speak off happens to be an integrated part of your furniture, such as a shelf like this strangely named HOHRIZONTAL 51 SOUNDBOARD, then we are talking style. the name itself does not readily let you in that it is actually a minimalist wall shelf integrated with a dock for your iPod or iPhone and packed with built-in sound system. features include a shelving space with a load capacity of up to 25 kg (55 pounds), charging function for your iDevices, remote control, 2 x 50w of amplified power with overload protection, line-in and USB audio, and composite video out for hooking with your computer or TV. Continue reading

OMEGA James Bond 007 50th Anniversary Collector’s Piece

OMEGA James Bond 007 50th Anniversary Collector's Piece
(photos: OMEGA) OMEGA James Bond 007 50th Anniversary Collector’s Piece | US$tba |

just like the Aston Martin sports car, OMEGA watches worn by the silverscreen frictional British spy James Bond has evoked our wildest fantasy about the gadgets used in espionage business. well, maybe the watch does strikes us as much as Aston but still, we sure can’t forget its cut-through-metal laser capability. so, it is only fitting for OMEGA to issue a special James Bond edition of its Seamaster Diver 300m watch to mark the fifty years of this long running spy action flick. obviously, laser capability is still not part of its feature but instead expect real world features like unidirectional ceramic bezel rings with diving scales in matt chromium nitride with the number “50” in prominent red, reminding you that this is not your regular Seamaster Diver 300m. Continue reading

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