Garmin VIRB Action Cameras

action cameras are a dime a dozen, which begs the question: do we need another? perhaps we do, if we have one that has all the qualities of a good action camera and also does more than just capturing footages. such is what the GPS maker Garmin is proposing with the Garmin VIRB Action Cameras. two models are being offered here; the VIRB and the VIRB Elite. common features on both models include Full HD videoing (at 30 fps), 16MP stills with photo burst and time lapse options, rechargeable 2,000 mAh lithium-ion battery for up to three hours of HD recording per charge, a low power 1.4″ Chroma display for previewing footages, digital image stabilization and lens distortion correction, micro HDMI output, and of course, a beautiful, rugged construction is built tough to take on bumps, drops and IPX-7 waterproofing that allows it to take a dive up to one meter for up to 30 minutes. an optional dive case is available for taking it down to 50 meters. though it is worthy to note that neither model comes with internal storage – storage is only via microSD card, which you have to supply your own. Continue reading Garmin VIRB Action Cameras

Wacom Cintiq Companion Tablets

with the Wacom Cintiq Companion and Companion Hybrid tablets, design creatives now has the perfect excuse to work out of a coffee shop or cafe. why not? since you no longer need to be tethered to a desktop PC or a laptop, so you are perfectly fine to be drawing inspirations from anywhere outside of a constricted cubicle. the Wacom Cintiq Companion is a full-featured Windows 8 tablet which is capable of running full versions of creative software such as Adobe Photoshop and Corel Painter. the Cintiq Companion Hybrid, on the other hand, is a traditional desktop Cintiq when connected to a Mac or PC, but as a standalone device, it is Android-powered tablet, albeit being a pretty large one. aesthetically, the duo looks pretty much like the current Cintiq 13HD, but that’s just about where the similarity ends. Continue reading Wacom Cintiq Companion Tablets

Bern Allston Bicycle Helmet

are there anyone other than us who thinks the current bicycle helmets looks a little too odd? well, if you are on the same page as us and think you have been putting up with that oddities for all your cycling life, then the Bern Allston Bicycle Helmet might just be what you are looking for. for starter, this bicycle helmet ain’t your typical pointy stuff that you have been donning on your head all this while, which is a good thing for non-conehead lovers. other features include sixteen airflow vents to keep your head cooler for a long period of time, Bern’s signature low profile fit, a lightweight and high-impact construction, a patented removable liner system, and an integrated visor. Continue reading Bern Allston Bicycle Helmet

myLED – LED Notifications For iPhone

audio notifications on smartphone work just fine, that’s until you have to silent them or you happen to be in a noisy environment where you can’t hear a ding of it. while most Android handsets have LED light as an indication that you missed something or you have incoming messages, iPhone doesn’t (don’t ask why; it has something to do with Jobs), and hence the missed calls and delayed message reply or whatever. the solution? myLED, a tiny LED notifications for iPhone, designed to light up whenever you get an iOS notification so that you’ll be informed of the activity on your device without having to turn the screen on. myLED plugs into the phone’s audio jack and works in conjunction with a free app. the app allows you to set what you want to be notified of and define the flashing light patterns to go with each of the app’s notification. Continue reading myLED – LED Notifications For iPhone

3DR Iris Quadcopter UAV

the line between radio controlled aircraft and UAV (or drone) is being further blurred by new entrants such as the 3DR Iris Quadcopter UAV. actually, we are not sure if we should refer the Iris as a UAV or a radio control quadcopter, but one thing we are sure is that these things are a lot easier fly than it was a decade ago. thanks to technological advancement, miniature flying machines like this Iris can be flown without much experience. the drone can be controlled by an Android tablet or phone (iOS coming soon) or with a nine-channel radio control transmitter (see what i mean by “blurring the line”?) and features a single touch takeoff and landing when controlled though the mobile app. planning of “mission” is as easy: all it takes is tapping on the map and drawing out the path that you want the Iris to take. Continue reading 3DR Iris Quadcopter UAV

Lehmann Aviation LA300 UAV

you heard about the prowess of the camera onboard the Nokia 1020, but we bet you didn’t know you could harness that 41MP awesomeness for aerial photography as well. amazingly, you can with the new Lehmann Aviation LA300 UAV. the LA300 is officially, the world’s first drone to utilize a smartphone’s high resolution camera for capturing high definition professional images for orthophoto and DEM applications and since it is a smartphone, it also means you can choose to take advantage of the handset’s cell network to stream live video footage for live surveillance. aesthetically, the LA300 looks identical to its sibling, the LA100, launched late last year, but instead of piggy-backing a GoPro camera, this new craft has a purpose built underbelly that allows you to attached a Nokia 1020 smartphone for aerial imaging and it is designed for long range missions with the same autonomous capability that requires no piloting skills at all. Continue reading Lehmann Aviation LA300 UAV

Oppo R819 Smartphone

the new Oppo R819 smartphone may not have the “coveted” Google Play Edition trailing behind its model name, but this Chinese handset does have provision to run stock Android (4.2.1) out-of-the-box if you so choose. so, Android purists who can’t take their eyes off this sleek device have something to rejoice about. actually, there’s more; apart from the original ROM, you also have a choice of running Oppo Color ROM that, according to Oppo, is a “completely fresh take on Android” with unique features and “is developed with Oppo’s fans.” as to what’s in this Color ROM (presumably, Oppo’s very own custom ROM) is still not clear. in short, what you will be getting is one device with a choice of three flavors of Android OS, which is the first for a factory Android device. on the hardware aspects, this sleek slim frame device with stylish metallic accents has a 4.7-inch HD IPS display with OGS technology and is powered by a quad-core 1.2GHz MediaTek processor, along with 1GB of RAM and Imagination PowerVR SGX544 GPU. Continue reading Oppo R819 Smartphone

Subaru BRZ tS Coupe

though branded under Subaru performance arm, Subaru Technica International (STI), the newly announced Subaru BRZ tS Coupe is hardly the STI you might have expected. simply put, it is like the Beemer 3 Series M Sport to the M3, which means expectation of any boost in the power department is virtually zero, instead look forward to the aerodynamic and handling improvements that STI is also known for, as well as a different level of equipment. honestly, 200 ponies from a performance brand such as STI really leaves much to be desired and therefore, if you are planning to snag one of these, then it would probably means more visits to your local mod shops. i guess Subaru is more keen in proposing the ideology of correlation between man and machine over power, in which the tS version is said to evoke “oneness with vehicle”, along with “agile handling pleasure.” the latter would be more like “pressure” if you find yourself lagging behind a drag. Continue reading Subaru BRZ tS Coupe

boX Lifestyle Accessories

if you are in the market for lifestyle accessories with a fresh take, then you might want to check out boX Lifestyle Accessories. founded by Pierre Albert Winter, New York City-based boX is an artistic lifestyle accessories maker who aims to win over the world with their vegan and environmental friendly products. basically, what they are offering is what you will find in the market, but in designs based on the brand’s ethos of minimalistic and discreet – creating products such as iPad bag, keystud (as opposed to keyring or keychain), credit card/cash band, wine bottle sleeve, pill vial and more, that is both beautiful to admire and functional. as mentioned, you could easily similar products that do the same thing, but if minimalism and style are what you live by, then boX is one of the go-to accessory line. Continue reading boX Lifestyle Accessories

NOSO Slim Wallet

a wallet is a wallet – whether it is a regular fat one or an awesome minimalist one, it is still a wallet. we have seen many of them passing through mikeshouts over the last two years, but hardly anything that can call themselves eco-conscious. the NOSO Slim Wallet is here to change that. yes, it is the minimalist wallet you have imagined or seen, but setting itself apart from the growing number of minimal wallets is its material: it is made from upcycled bicycle tire inner tubes. the benefits of the inner tube material are immediately obvious; first, you help to reduce those discarded rubbers from heading to the landfills; and two, rubber by nature is stretchy, which thus allows it to swallow up to 20 credits plus come cash – more than most minimal list wallets offered in market today. Continue reading NOSO Slim Wallet

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