8-Bit Case for iPhone 5

one of the non-phone related but fun thing of an iPhone is the myriad of cases that are available for that individualized feel. there so many designs ranging from the plain to the super expensive to the wacky available today and we are sure there’s something for everyone. speaking of which, if 8-bit is your kind of thing, then may we introduce you to this awesome 8-Bit Case for iPhone 5? full of 8-bit aesthetic from edge to edge, this protective TPU case fits your iPhone snugly, protecting it from harms way while still offering access to all ports and buttons. sure. you can find iPhone cases with 8-bit print on them, but nothing beats a case as pronounced (literally) as this case which have a 8-bit Apple logo to boot. don’t this case somehow reminds you of the first Mac computer (the one that wow the world with ‘hello’)? it did for us. the 8-Bit Case for iPhone 5 is available for US$26.95 a pop. more look after the break. Continue reading 8-Bit Case for iPhone 5

The Jolla Smartphone

this is an exciting news and a frustrating one at the same time. exciting because the Finnish startup Jolla (pronounced as ‘yo la’) has announced its first smartphone which will be running on an in-house concocted operating system dubbed as Sailfish OS (new brand, new smartphone and a spanking fresh OS. what’s not to like?). frustrating because the company’s call for masses to join “the movement” is accompanied by vague information. heck, we can’t even figure out what the phone will be called, but according to Engadget, it will be simply called the “Jolla.” as far as aesthetic goes, we have to admit, this handset had us at ‘hello’, but as far as specs are concerned, we have little info to digest (more like an appetizer at this stage). anyhow, the Jolla smartphone will be a 4G LTE handset featuring a 4.5″ ‘Estrade’ display of HD quality, dual-core processor, a 16GB onboard storage, microSD expansion slot, a 8.0MP Autofocus camera, removable battery, and its ‘gesture based’ Sailfish OS will be Android app compliant (note the lack of hard buttons on the front). Continue reading The Jolla Smartphone

Venus of Cupertino iPad Docking Station

if your love for arts is as strong as your love for technology, then we thought the Venus of Cupertino iPad Docking Station might be of an interest to you. instead of the usual docking station, the Venus of Cupertino offers you a lady of curvaceous form (read: plus size) that will dutifully hold on to any second, third, or fourth generation iPad. the dock itself appears to be just another art sculpture, until an iPad docks to it, transforming it into a whole new sculpture that marries art and technology. created by one Scott Eaton, the Venus is hand-cast in museum-quality resin and has a standard 30-pin USB cable integrated onto the Venus’s abdomen for syncing and charging. Continue reading Venus of Cupertino iPad Docking Station

Mass Effect M-77 Paladin Pistol Replica

we are not sure how massive is the Mass Effect 3 game (who’s counting anyway?), but with around 3.08 million units sold, it must have quite a following and thus warrant a replica of the in-game weapon to be made and sold. the Mass Effect M-77 Paladin Pistol Replica joins the M-3 Predator Pistol Replica and the Geth Pulse Rifle Replica in the growing arsenal of collectibles to be offered by its game developer BioWare. limited to just 200 examples, this awesome replica is now up for grab for 400 bucks; $200 now and the remaining $200 to be paid when your order is ready to ship, which would be sometime in the third quarter of 2013. BioWare is calling this full-scale replica as the “most authentic representation” available in the market and the item is sculpted, hand-finished and hand-painted by the folks over at TriForce. check out a mini gallery below for a few more look. Continue reading Mass Effect M-77 Paladin Pistol Replica

The Self-Balancing Electric Unicycle

apart from flying cars, traveling on a single-wheel contraption is probably the next most dream about transportation, albeit being way less ambitious. while flying cars may take quite a while to fruition, electric single-wheeler is not a dream anymore – if you have that kind of money to throw. and the money we are talking about is something like $2,700. The Self-Balancing Electric Unicycle aka EcoBoomer iGO is one such unicycle you can buy today. powered by a 500-watt electric motor that’s capable of ferrying a person weighing 250 pounds (115 kilograms) or less, it affords the rider up to two hours (or a range of 19 miles) of 13 mph (21 km/h) thrill and takes up to three hours to fully recharge its built-in lithium-ion battery. 13 mph may sounds like child’s play, but with just one wheel, we wouldn’t want to go any faster. Continue reading The Self-Balancing Electric Unicycle

The Buccaneer Cloud 3D Printer

with each new 3D printer that pops up in the market, it claims as the ‘most affordable’ and as we observed, each one is better looking than the other. as consumers, we welcome both. The Buccaneer Cloud 3D Printer is yet another ‘up and coming’ 3D printer that’s planning on bagging the title of the world’s most affordable home 3D printer. so just how ‘affordable’ is this ‘most affordable’ 3D printer? if its maker, Pirate 3D has its way, it should cost just $347. no doubt an unbeatable price at this present moment and makes us wonder: will everyone be using this to print their own firearms? well, amendment, ‘moral’ and social issues aside, that price is certain to get the 3D printing phenomenal sweeping through the market. it is so inexpensive that you could acquire this device together with a 3D scanner such as the Photon and still cost less than a grand. Continue reading The Buccaneer Cloud 3D Printer

2014 BMW M5 Sports Sedan

it is time of the year again. after the launch of the new BMW 5 Series Sedan, Series Touring and the Gran Turismo, the German automaker is giving its high-performance sedan a facelift as well, albeit one that’s pretty subtle. still powered by the same 4.4-liter V8 engine with M TwinPower Turbo with a peak output of 412 kW (560 hp) and paired to a seven-speed M dual-clutch gearbox (M DCT), the most noticeable exterior changes would be its “kidney grille” which now spots a model designation and a double-spoke design that matches its M Light wheels. other features include an all-new LED taillight design, a newly designed M leather steering wheel (also drawing its design cue from its double-spoke alloys), standard Xenon headlamps with option of Adaptive LED Headlights, an increased of storage volume, most notably, under the armrest in the center console area, and host of other safety features such as the new Driving Assistant system that combines Lane Departure Warning with Collision Warning. Continue reading 2014 BMW M5 Sports Sedan

1stFone – First Mobile Phone For Your Kids

thinking of letting your young one have his or her first mobile phone? i am sure the lack of ‘for kids phone’ almost drive you into giving them a smartphone that would be a pinch for your wallet and you won’t have control over what they will be using the phone for. in comes the 1stFone from UK-based OwnFone that fills that void perfectly. at the first glance, the 1stFone may looks like a concept or in the best case, a child’s toy, but it is not. it is an exceedingly simple phone: it comes preprogrammed with up to twelve numbers of your choice, plus an emergency number and in this case, it’s ‘999’ which is the emergency number in the UK (same goes for countries like Singapore). the preassigned numbers are clearly labeled with names, for example ‘Home’ for dialing home and ‘Mummy’ and/or ‘Daddy’ for your child to call you. there’s no dial pad to deal with, which makes sense as kids of that age probably can’t remember your number yet. Continue reading 1stFone – First Mobile Phone For Your Kids

2015 Porsche 918 Spyder Hybrid Supercar Goes Official

some experts have put it through the paces. we have heard about its pre-order program and we have also seen it in the awesome Martin Racing livery, but still, official specs are none available – until now. meet the 2015 Porsche 918 Spyder with the official specs (of which, some we already read and hear about) presented in a lengthy black and white PR release from the Stuttgart-based automaker. a destined two-seater Spyder, it is fitted with a 4.6-liter V8 mid-engine with 608 hp (453 kW) and 390 lb-ft (528 Nm) of torque, matched to a 154 hp hybrid module and a 127 hp electric motor, yielding a total of 887 horses and a mind-bending 940 lb-ft (1,273 Nm) of achievable torque. performance wise, you are looking at a hybrid that’s in the supercar domain with a top speed of over 211 mph (340 km/h) and a century sprint of just 2.8 seconds. on pure electric mode, this part eco supercar has about 18 miles (29 km) of guilt-free driving with speed peaking at 93 mph (150 km/h).

other features include a carbon fiber reinforced plastics (CFRP) monocoque body, two-piece Targa roof, fixed roll-over protection system, a seven-speed Doppelkupplungsgetriebe (PDK) gearbox, electro-mechanical power steering, individual rear wheel steering, high-performance hybrid brake system with adaptive recuperation, huge 16″ ceramic front brake discs and 15.4″ discs for the rear, and 20″ front wheels with 265/35 ZR 20 tires and 21″ rear wheels wrapped in massive 325/30 ZR 21 rubbers. if those features weren’t enough to interest in parting with $845,000 of your asset, there’s an Weissach package to further tempt you. the Weissach package includes special racing colors, a slew of carbon bits (including windscreen made out of visible carbon), partial Alcantara clad and carbon accented interior, a six-point seatbelt for both driver and passenger, a poorer sound insulation, lightweight magnesium wheels and it is 77 lbs less fat than the ‘regular’ 918 Spyder.

the 2015 Porsche 918 Spyder Hybrid Supercar will be allocated as a 2015 model which means it will go on sale sometime next year. our guess would be late 2014, but we might be wrong.

The iPad Commode Caddy by CTA Digital

do you feel the need to read magazines while you are dropping the kids off at the pool? instead of pile of magazines, why not read from a handy device such as your iPad? but if so, where do you put your iPad? The iPad Commode Caddy by CTA Digitalaka pedestal stand with roll holder for iPad seems to hold the answer to your dilemma. your iPad clips snuggly to the stand’s three-point holder that allows both portrait and landscape viewing, thereby letting you to browse your favorite digital reading materials pretty much hands-free while you are going about your ‘business’ and on top of that, there’s the complementing roll holder for your toilet roll. why there’s a toilet roll holder you asked? cos’ there is no app to replace the real deal wipe down. Continue reading The iPad Commode Caddy by CTA Digital

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