LG QuickWindow Smartphone Case for LG G2

LG won’t be unveiling its next flagship phone until next month, but it has already announced the official case for the LG Optimus G2. dubbed the LG QuickWindow Smartphone Case, the case sports a generous rectangular window on its front much like the one found on Samsung S View Cover, only much bigger. btw, LG has gone all the way out to trademark the product name QuickWindow, just so you know that they are pretty damn serious about the case and its upcoming flagship. anyway, back to the “window” thingy; the “window” (no relation’s to the Redmond company’s operating system) allows users to take a glance at various information such as time, weather, alarm, music player, incoming call, as well as text messages, without having to flip open the cover and with a light swipe, the QuickWindow UX will appear within the confine of the “window”. Continue reading LG QuickWindow Smartphone Case for LG G2

Blue Microphones Nessie USB Microphone

the biggest hurdle with any audio recording is probably post production. not everyone has the software and the skills necessary for a perfect job, which is why there is the Nessie USB Microphone by Blue Microphones. it gives you studio-enhanced sound for desktop recording of vocals, instruments, voiceovers and more, without you having to worry about the nightmare of any amateur audio recordists – post-production. all you have to do is to plug it into the USB and start recording, and Nessie will do the rest for you. the mic applies professional studio processing and includes a built-in pop filter and shockmount for capturing beautifully finished sound without you having to deal with post-production. it offers three flexible processing modes: one for optimizing richer vocals, one for detailed instruments, and an option for raw audio if manual post-production is your forte. Continue reading Blue Microphones Nessie USB Microphone

NuForce Icon DAC and Headphone Amplifier

Android users who are looking to up their ante in the audio department can finally rejoice. the latest incarnation of the NuForce Icon amplifier, the NuForce Icon DAC and Headphone Amplifier, now delivers the latest in mobile device connectivity by supporting USB audio for Android devices – though it is worthy to note that only devices on Android 4.1.1 and above, and with OTG will be supported. as the model name implies, this new Icon is both a Digital-to-Analog Converter (DAC) and a headphone amplifier, and it can also be used as a pre-amp. features include analog RCA and digital coaxial output, a 6.3mm headphone output jack, RCA and 3.5mm analog inputs, USB input, DAC sampling rates up to 96kHz, 32 bits resolution and direct-stream digital (DSD) decoding, and for headphones-based audiophiles, you’d be glad to know that it is capable of driving 600-ohm headphones, which means the audio cans amplification department is totally covered – even if you have the highest end audio cans. Continue reading NuForce Icon DAC and Headphone Amplifier

Porsche Steve McQueen Racing Jacket

though Steve McQueen was known for his acting, he was equally celebrated for his achievements in the motor racing arena and this commemorative outwear, the Porsche Steve McQueen Racing Jacket is the perfect reflection of the King of Cool’s status. paying homage to the late McQueen, the jacket bears an unmistakable 70s styling and features an inner lining that displays an iconic artwork of McQueen standing besides a Porsche 908, a ride which he drove in and nearly won the 12 Hours of Sebring. made of 100% polyester, the outside in a lighter shade of blue, features Porsche embroidery on the back and a Steve McQueen badge in contrasting orange-red at the front and the jacket also sports a couple of very distinct 70s design styling: white stripes spanning the sleeves and a snap-closure waists adjustment. basically, it just look totally awesome and cool like the man himself. Continue reading Porsche Steve McQueen Racing Jacket

Bombas Socks – An Engineered Socks

socks. an item that we hardly give a damn about, but the guys behind the Bombas Socks are so serious about this seemingly minute everyday wear that we think they deserves to be called socks engineers. beyond its colorful and attractive styling lies a series of “sock engineering” that you will never look at another pair of socks the same again. the guys are calling the Bombas Socks the game-changing socks and looking at the specs and features (yes. it has both), there’s no reason to doubt that statement. crafted from long staple peruvian pima cotton which let you feel cool in the heat of the summer and warm in the cold of the winter, this particular material is said to wick moisture better over traditional cotton which translates to a comfy wear throughout the day, anytime of the year. Continue reading Bombas Socks – An Engineered Socks

SanDisk Connect Wireless Flash Drive

so you think plugging a USB flash drive is a hassle? how about a USB flash drive that doesn’t require any plugging in? sounds a little farfetched? not when you have the SanDisk Connect Wireless Flash Drive. actually we shouldn’t even be calling it a USB flash drive to begin with cos’ it doesn’t need the USB to start storing. the SanDisk Connect Wireless Flash Drive offers up to 32GB of storage and allows you to store, share, and stream files across multiple mobile devices such as the iPad, iPhone, iPod touch, Kindle Fire and Android devices. there are no cables, router, or Internet connection to mess with and best of all, it has an astounding working range of 150 feet (about 45 meters). Continue reading SanDisk Connect Wireless Flash Drive

Avo Bocce: Hand-finished Oak Bocce Set

Bocce is a sport that has its roots as far back as the Roman Empire and with that respect, a Bocce set should be treated with utmost respect which means plastic or mass produced set would not do justice to this elegant game. in this aspect, we think a young design company by the name of P.F. Wilfong & Co. might have hit the nail on the head. instead of the cheap resin set typically found today, the folks at P.F. Wilfong & Co. is determined to create a modern heirloom which could be past down from generation to generation – a classic game in a true classic design. inspired by the hand-turned wooden Bocce of the 1970s, P.F. Wilfong & Co sets out to recreate a tournament set that could be worthy of a heirloom and a lifestyle accessory that would look good even when not playing. heck. it even look good when in transit – thanks to its accompanying handy bag that’s crafted from 18oz cotton canvas, tastefully trimmed in leather and is totally made in the USA. Continue reading Avo Bocce: Hand-finished Oak Bocce Set

AQUABOT Portable Pressurized Running Water

pressurized water is something outdoor enthusiasts yearned for while average joe like us take for granted. having pressurized water source while out in wild offers lots of conveniences like ease of washing cookware, getting rid of mud of your feet et cetera. sure, you could use a regular water bottle, but that’s going to take lots of water which means unnecessary water wastage. with the AQUABOT Portable Pressurized Running Water you can now have pressurized water when you are out in the field. AQUABOT is basically an attachment designed as a direct replacement for 63 mm wide-mouth water bottles such as the Camelbak and Nalgene. all you have to do is to replace the stock cover or cap, pump up the AQUABOT and you pretty much all set. Continue reading AQUABOT Portable Pressurized Running Water

10th Doctor Sonic Screwdriver Programmable TV Remote

whether you just need an unusual remote control or a huge Whovian, we are sure the 10th Doctor Sonic Screwdriver Programmable TV Remote is set to please. as a remote, it is totally capable of controlling nearly any Earth-based electronics that uses infrared and uses fancy gestured to do so. and if that isn’t enough, it can store up to 39 remote control codes which should have just about almost everything in your house covered. as a collectible for Doctor Who fans, you’d be glad to know that this is in fact a replica 3D scanned from David Tennant’s screen-used prop and has cool features like bright illuminating tip that pulses when on standby and is loaded with 13 authentic special FX sounds from the Doc’s universe. Continue reading 10th Doctor Sonic Screwdriver Programmable TV Remote

TCL 50″ Edge LED 4K Ultra HD TV

never mind the fact that 4K broadcast is still quite a distant away and the contents are limited, but when you have a 4K-capable TV costing under a grand you probably don’t mind future-proofing your home entertainment setup, don’t you? that’s what the Chinese TV maker TCL is offering with the TCL 50″ Edge LED 4K Ultra HD TV (7E504D) which has a sticker of just $999. man. this is totally unbelievable. a 4K TV for less than a grand? till now we are still in disbelieve. set to hit the stores this September, the 7E504D features edge-lit LED technology with 120Hz Clear Motion Index (CMI) engine and is designed to accept native 4K inputs such as from a PC or future 4K players. Continue reading TCL 50″ Edge LED 4K Ultra HD TV

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