sculptured illumination: Hulger Plumen 001

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Hulger Plumen 001 - designer light bulb 544px
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there are artists who uses light and the darkness to express their art. and then there are those who make light bulbs into art. well, in the art world, nothing is impossible. so here comes the world first designer bulb. you heard it right. it is a bulb. if you are like me who make every attempt to cover up those ugly energy saving bulbs, even if they weren’t installed, then this is the (expensive) solution. you have to tell yourself, you are buying an art – which is true – and lighting up is just a bonus it offers. frankly, i am tempted. by the way, this is a energy saving bulb, so it is capable of shaving up to 80% off your energy bills. with these good looking designer bulbs, who needs lamp shade?

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