Shirt Shuttle – crease-free solution for travelers

Shirt Shutter
(photos: Shirt Shuttle) Shirt Shuttle | £30.00 |

any guy who travels will recount the horrid stories of creased shirts that greeted them at their destination. even crease-free shirts are not spared from the wrath of a tightly packed travel bag and that’s where the Shirt Shuttle comes in. this contraption consists of two parts: a folding board and a outer case. the folding board is designed with curved edges to ensure that the key areas of your shirt will not be creased. the folded shirt with the folding board is then placed inside the lightweight outer case that keeps your precious shirt from the elements and prevent it from being crushed when placed inside your bag. a couple of features, including a padded system that keeps your shirt in place and a bump on the case, ensure that your collar remains in pristine condition. the shirt shuttle can be yours for £30 each (about US$48). click through for a few more look, as well as a short product clip.

Shirt Shuttle Demonstration from Commuter Technologies on Vimeo.

Shirt Shuttle via The Awesomer