Smart Phone Note – a iPhone 4 case with a physical notebook

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Smart Phone Note 544x333px
(credit: Design Tag) Smart Phone Note | 30,000.00 Won |

even with the advanced technology like the smartphone, i still have the tendency to jot down notes using the traditional pen and paper combo, and henceforth, i thought this particular Smart Phone Note could be rather useful for people like me. well, it might turn out to be quite a hassle to be carrying such a bulk. roughly the size of a large paperback, the Smart Phone Note has two part inside: the upper half has foam mould designed to hold the iPhone in either landscape or portrait orientations, while the lower half is a note pad that’s replaceable when its used up. on the inside of the front cover, there are slots for stowing away your business cards, bank cards or whatever cards you have. last but not least, the cover has a cut out (or window, if you like) that enables user to view their iPhone screen when the cover is closed. i thought the Smart Phone Note is a pretty awesome idea, if not for the bulk. the Smart Phone Note cost 30,000 Won a pop (about US$28) but looks to be a Korea-only product. may be, but I am not entirely sure, though.
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Smart Phone Note 544x308px

Smart Phone Note 544x311px

Design Tag via Oh Gizmo!