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sparkling Beats by Dr. Dre MixR Headphones

Dr. Dre MixR Headphones with 2,750 Swarovski Crystals
(photos: Crystal Rocked) Beats by Dr. Dre MixR Headphones | £549.00 | www.crystalrocked.com

strolling down the street with a pair of quality cans like the Beats’ over our head, we’d enjoy the great sound that it has reproduced but that’s just part of our self indulgent that nobody hears or knows about. in short, you can’t show it off. so what do you do? make your cans sparkles, that’s what you do and a pair of this special Beats by Dr. Dre MixR encrusted with 2,750 Swarovski Jet Hematite and Crystals is just the headphones of choice. beneath the crystallized treatment, you can expect the same specifications that come with the original MixR cans, such as 180 degrees swiveling ear cups and ultra-crisp sonic reproduction. Continue reading

Dr. Dre DETOX Pro Limited Edition Headphones

Dr. Dre DETOX Pro Limited Edition Headphones
(image: Crystal Rocked) Dr Dre DETOX Pro Limited Edition Headphones | £890.00 | www.crystalrocked.com

being a club DJ ain’t no glamorous job but that doesn’t mean you should not shine in your own accord with something as alluring and glittery as this Dr Dre DETOX Pro Limited Edition by Crystal Rocked. this blinged up over-the-ear music cans is specially created to mark the release of Dr Dre’s album DETOX and features a stunning 3,000 individual Swarovski Jet Hematite encrusted over its lightweight, aluminum construction. other features include large, plush ear cushions for passive noise isolation, dual input/output cable ports for daisy-chaining headphones, and convenient flip-up ear cups design. each of this fine example will come with a Monster Cable headphone cable, a 1/8 to 1/4″ adapter, a Touring case, and a Monster Clean Cloth with advanced Aegis Microbe Shield technology to upkeep the aesthetic of your luxurious cans. Continue reading

Crystal Rocked iPad 2 24ct Gold Bumper and Chrome Bumper

Crystal Rocked iPad 2 Bumper Gold and Chrome Plated 700x400px
(image: Crystal Rocked) Crystal Rocked iPad 2 24ct Gold Bumper and Chrome Bumper | £530.00 | www.crystalrocked.com

we have seen many blinged up iPhone offered by numerous firms, so it’s high time that iPad 2 gets its fair share of such luxury treatment. Crystal Rocked, the master of all things bling-bling has announced the availability of a couple of blinged up Bumper for iPad 2 in the form of 24-carat gold plated and chrome plated. each bumper is dipped in the gold or chrome plating process four times, ensuring a good gold or chrome plating and thickness. a handle form part of the bumper that allows for easy toting of your iPad 2 around. the bumper is crafted from aircraft-grade aluminum that features cutouts for access to all buttons and controls on your iPad 2. Continue reading

Crystal Rocked’s BlackBerry 9900 in platinum and crystal

BlackBerry 9900 in Platinum and Crystal Bezel 544x322px
(credit: Crystal Rocked) BlackBerry 9900 in Platinum and Crystal Bezel | £1,200.00 | www.crystalrocked.com

Crystal Rocked cannot stop turning out blinged out gadgets and their latest addition might just put a smile on BlackBerry users with huge pockets. finally, eh? the lucky BlackBerry model that has been given the luxe-up treatment is 9900. it has been through a dive in platinum and the bezel swarm with no less than 5,000 individual high grade Swarovski Chatons. so now business folks who rely on their trusty berries to go about their million dollars deal can now do it in the ultimate bling-bling style and if you want one, then you better act fast cos’ only 12 units are available but be prepared to be £1,200 (about US$1,893) poorer. the BlackBerry 9900 in Platinum and Crystal Bezel is only available via email order. Continue reading

24-carat Gold Plated Dr. Dre Beats Studio Headphones

24-ct Gold Plated Dr Dre Beats Studio Headphones 544x600px
(credit: Crystal Rocked) 24-ct Gold Plated Dr. Dre Beats Studio Headphones | £1,489.00 | www.crystalrocked.com

if coloring up your gadget with myriad of hues is not your cup of Earl Grey, may we suggest this £1,489 (about US$2,457) 24-carat Gold plated Dr. Dre Beats Studio Headphones? along with the standard audio awesomeness of the Studio cans, is the obvious dazzling gold plating, presented in a custom made walnut box, engraved with the headphone’s serial number and the manufacture number (from 1, through to 50) and finally, a mandatory Certificate of Authenticity to assure that you are getting the real deal 24-carat gold. only 50 units of this fine example are made, of which 10 units are reserved exclusively for sales through Micro Anvika Harrods. you already know the price but if you are still undaunted by it, then head on to Crystal Rocked web store and grab yours. more images and a product video clip after the break. Continue reading

BlackBerry Bold encrusted Xillion cut Swarovski Crystals

BlackBerry Bold 9900 Swarovski case 544x478px
(credit: Crystal Rocked) BlackBerry Bold 9900 Swarovski case | £389.00 | www.crystalrocked.com

iPhone tops the chart for being the most ‘blinged’ phone but BlackBerry users (specifically Bold 9900) won’t be left out either. new from Crystal Rocked is the equally blinged out BlackBerry Bold 9900 Swarovski that has more a thousand ‘Xillion’ cut Swarovski crystals hand set on its 1-mm thin chrome plastic case. who says that a workhorse tool should stay as monotonous black finish? naturally, such a bling won’t come cheap. the BlackBerry Bold 9900 Swarovski case is available in five colors that include Crystal, Jet Hematite, Light Topaz, Sapphire or Rose, and each case will set you back at £389 (about US$634). for an additional £50, you could get yourself the Jet Hematite with gold pattern. hit past the jump for a few more look at this dazzling case. Continue reading

Samsung-commissioned crystallized Samsung cameras

Crystal Rocked Samsung Digital Cameras 544x338px
(credit: Crystal Rocked)

Samsung has commissioned Crystal Rocked, the maestro for bling, to create a range of crystallized cameras. two cameras, the NX11 and the ST30 are given the Swarovski crystal elements make-over. unfortunately, these one-off creations are not for sale. so you, crystal aficionados, try to hold back your tears. they were put on display at camera retailer Jessops’ Christmas in July showcase at the Swarovski store in London. as incredible as it seems, establishments in UK are trying to rope in sales for the Christmas season during this Summer sales period but then that’s beside the point, cos’ we are more interested in the blinged-out cameras. Continue reading

Crystal Rocked blinged-out Beats and Sennheiser headphones

Crystal Rocked Crystallized Headphones 544x338px
(credit: Crystal Rocked)

for more than 10 years, Crystal Rocked has been turning up crystallized products through its sister company, CrystalRoc and unlike its brand name suggest, it deals more than just genuine Swarovski crystal elements – it specialized in metal and plastic alike, making them suitable for plating into gold item. under the brand name Crystal Rocked, recently, it has unveiled a couple stunning crystalized cans to satisfy audiophiles’ need for the element of bling. these pair of cans include the Limited Edition Sennheiser HD25 mk II Black Edition headphones and the Dr. Dre Beats Studio Headphones Swarovski Jet Hematite. Continue reading