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Stealth Kitchen by Resource Furniture

Stealth Kitchen by Resource Furniture

you know what is plaguing today’s kitchen? clutter. that’s what. these necessary evils (and sometimes luxury), including fridge, storage cabinets, dishwasher, microwave oven, cooktop et cetera, all constitutes to the clutter. however you try tidying it, it will still be clutter. that is the problem which the Stealth Kitchen by Resource Furniture aims to eliminate. the patented ‘Stealth’ technology will not help your kitchen evade radar sweeps, but it will turn your kitchen into a clean, minimalist one – when not in use, of course. however, the mess you made in the process of whipping up a meal for a party is something that has no known mortal cure. Continue reading

Wooden Nintendo NES Controller Coffee Table

Wooden Nintendo NES Controller Coffee Table

coffee table other than in a form of a regular coffee table is always cool. in fact, what the form it takes, says a lot about you – the owner. take for example, a cassette tape coffee table points to your musical inclination, while a floppy disk table brings out the computer geek in you. but, if the nostalgic gamer in you (console gaming in particular) begs to be heard or seen, then the Wooden Nintendo NES Controller Coffee Table by Etsy seller, Bohemian Workbench should put a smile on your face – particularly, if you are one who’s heavy on style. Continue reading

650 Gallon Fish Tank Aquarium Bed

650 Gallon Fish Tank Aquarium Bed
650 Gallon Fish Tank Aquarium Bed | US$11,500.00 | acrylicaquariums.com

despite the fact that the term ‘sleeping with the fishes’ is not exactly a good expression, there are still some folks who are so fond of aqua life that they’d wish for that to happen, though probably not the way Italian mafia would have interpreted it. anyway, this 650 Gallon Fish Tank Aquarium Bed created by aquarium specialist, Acrylic Tank Manufacturing might just be what these aqua lovers need. however, they won’t be literally sleeping with the fishes but more like under them or to be more specific – under a massive headboard with a 650 gallons fish tank integrated into it. Continue reading

Vintage Coffee Bean Bag Chairs – they are not bean bags!

Vintage Coffee Bean Bag Chairs 900x600px
(photos: Ford) Vintage Coffee Bean Bag Chairs | US$622.00 | www.blanaid.com

if you are so passionate about coffee, then you probably want everything around you to revolve around your favorite beverage. so how about a reclaimed vintage armchair wrapped in worn vintage coffee bean bags (we call them ‘sacks’) with original cargo print information like ‘product of indonesia’ et cetera. cool? then you should really check out the Vintage Coffee Bean Bag Chairs from Etsy seller Blanaid. the bad news is, currently she only ships to Ireland but according to Blanaid, international shipping will be available soon but then again, it won’t be anywhere cheap trying ship such as huge item and that’s on top of its $622 asking price. well, it never hurt to check it out, does it? hit past the jump for a another look. Continue reading

Crashed Ferrari Table – crashed Ferrari inside a coffee table

Charly Molinelli Crashed Ferrari Table 800x533
(image: Charly Molinelli) Crashed Ferrari Table | US$na | www.molinellidesign.com

we have seen our fair share of weird furniture that makes us go pretty dope but this particular art furniture here is just not one of those. in fact, it will probably make any car enthusiast weep with sadness. created by designer Charly Molinelli for an undisclosed client, this particular coffee table here has a real crashed Ferrari, compacted and crammed inside it, and the rather cruel result is totally visible through its gleaming glass table top. as a car enthusiast myself, I can tell you this is some art that I would not quite appreciate but I have to commend on the overall table design. though, it could probably do a little more than a stuffed crashed Ferrari in it. don’t you think so? according to Molinelli, it cost about 10,000 euros to create this coffee table. seriously? a thrashed up prancing horse squeezed inside a coffee table still cost that much to make? i am all but amazed. hit past the jump for a small of gallery of this sad art for any car fanatics. Continue reading

Pallet Chairs – they are stylish and totally reclaimed

Open Back Pallet Chair 900x600px
(photos: Clarke Titus) Pallet Chairs | from US$99.00 | www.etsy.com

a lot of us aren’t aware that something as mundane as pallets could do more after they have served their primarily duty but thanks to Clarke Titus, these old shipping pallets that had probably shouldered something much heavier than you and me, are getting a new lease of life in the form of rustic looking chairs. yeap, they still carry some weight but now, they look a little different from their birth and carry something a whole lot lighter,well, hopefully. suitable for both indoor and outdoor use, these chairs currently exist in three models: Pallet Chair, Open Back Pallet Chair, and Pallet Captain’s Chair. all these chair are faithfully cobbled together by Clarke Titus from reclaimed old shipping pallets and available for your taking. Continue reading

Isukebo: a perfect mashup of a skateboard and a chair

Isukebo Kyattofutto 450x508px
(credit: Isukebo) Isukebo Kyattofutto | ¥52,800.00 | www.rollingfoot.com

Isukebo is the result of fusing skateboard into a chair design. no kidding and it looks pretty awesome too. ok, it is awesome. created by Japan-based custom skateboard maker, RollingFoot, the Isukebo has seat and back made out of skateboard deck material and has skateboard wheels. hmmm, interesting. i wonder if i can change the some racing ball bearing or something? it is essentially a chair, however if you like, you can roll it around with your feet just like you would with your ordinary office chair, but it has a bonus: it can turn by shifting your body weight to either side, just like what you will do on a skateboard – except that you will be seating down instead of standing. Continue reading

Kyle Buckner Designs’ The iTable is a coffee table sound dock

The iTable 544x508px
(credit: Kyle Buckner Designs) The iTable | from US$tba | www.kylebucknerdesigns.com

whenever there’s an ‘i’ preceding a product name, you know its meant for some iOS devices. that said, you will know that Kyle Buckner’s the iTable featured here is a table for iOS devices – just think of it as an oversized sound dock for your iPhone or iPod that is also a coffee table. completely handcrafted by the man himself, this industrial design furniture turns from a coffee table to a sound dock and vice versa with just a swipe across its front table top. check out a demo video after the break. (point of interest: 0:20). Continue reading

Transit – used traffic signs turned into gorgeous furniture

Transit Chairs by Boris Bally 544x420px
(credit: Boris Bally) Transit Chairs and Tables | from US$850.00 | www.borisbally.com

we have seen furniture made out of aircraft and motor vehicle parts but furniture crafted out of traffic signs is probably the first. if you are a person who treasure individuality, you will undoubtedly find these furniture irresistible. created by American artist Boris Bally, this ‘Transit’ furniture collection includes high-backed dinning chairs, coffee tables and armchairs. Continue reading

Shopping Cart Lounger: lounger made out of a shopping cart

Mike Bouchet Shopping Cart Lounger 544x488px
(credit: Mike Bouchet / Nathanlie Karg)

if you love shopping at supermarkets and also has the love for chilling on a lounger, American-born Frankfurt-based artist Mike Bouchet has a perfect solution for you: the Shopping Cart Lounger. Mike takes an everyday shopping cart and transformed it into a lounger. as you can see from the image, it still retains the look of the shopping cart that you love, complete with the cart’s wheels still intact. Continue reading