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400,000-Piece LEGO Hogwarts by Alice Finch

money can buy you a lot of objects of your desire, but one thing that it probably can’t buy is this awe-inspiring, 400,000-piece LEGO Hogwarts custom by LEGO enthusiast and mother of two, Alice Finch. the project started way back in 2011 and it took Alice a good one year and loads of money to complete. it showed up at last year’s Brickcon 2012 where Alice’s creation snagged both the ‘People’s Choice’ and ‘Best in Show’ awards. but it was only a couple of days ago that this majestic Hogwarts School of Witchcraft & Wizardry did its official online unveiling. man, this is definitely going to go viral very quickly. Continue reading 400,000-Piece LEGO Hogwarts by Alice Finch

LEGO Ghostbusters Headquarters by Orion Pax

we said it before and we are going to say it again: not everything we featured here is to tempt you to part with your money. there are times when we kicked and stumbled upon stuff that makes us go ‘wow’ and that’s when money-can’t-buy-stuff gets featured here. the LEGO Ghostbusters Headquarters by Orion Pax is one such prime example. it is definitely a ‘wow’. no doubt about it. conceived by one Alex Jones aka Orion Pax, who spent countless hours watching the movies and the animated series, just to get the details of this red brick building over at North Moore Street in NYC perfectly right. Continue reading LEGO Ghostbusters Headquarters by Orion Pax

Original Mac crafted from LEGO Bricks

the Apple that Steve Jobs built has no doubt made history and with that, we also witness the birth of the great, great grandaddy of all-in-one computer – the original Macintosh. having said that, what better way to immortalize this icon then by crafting a ‘replica’ (albeit a scaled and non-working example) with an equally big name like LEGO? but no. LEGO is not offering an official Apple Macintosh LEGO set (and we all know the Playmobil Apple Store was a good joke some years ago) but this particular cute example was a creation of an individual by the name of Chris McVeigh which brings us to the bad news Continue reading Original Mac crafted from LEGO Bricks

Rolls-Royce LEGO Trent 1000 Engine

Rolls-Royce LEGO Trent 1000 Engine
Rolls-Royce LEGO Trent 1000 Engine | US$na | www.rolls-royce.com

what you see here is the biggest Rolls-Royce Trent 1000 Engine created from LEGO bricks. yes. you heard that right. it is the handy work of aircraft engine maker Rolls-Royce and was presented earlier this week at the Farnborough International Airshow. this impressive LEGO work of art measures 2 meters (6.56 feet) long, weighs 307 kg (677 lbs) and is made up of a mind-boggling 152,455 LEGO bricks. Continue reading Rolls-Royce LEGO Trent 1000 Engine

LEGO Land Rover Defender 110

LEGO Land Rover Defender
(photos: Sheepo) LEGO Land Rover Defender 110 | US$tba | www.lego.cuusoo.com

lets face it: men can’t get enough of LEGO and cars, no matter what age they are in. therefore, by combining both of these loves is like the ultimate in men’s heavenly playground. well, may be the car in question is not your typical exotic or supercar but a classic like the Land Rover Defender, still it is something to behold, especially if it is huge (1:8.5 scale), built with almost 2,800 parts, including seven motors, three infrared receivers and features a selectable 2WD or 4WD system, high and low range system, live axles, working five-speed sequential gearbox complete with reverse gear, fully automatic clutch, two-speed transfer case, and working doors, hoods, and tailgate. Continue reading LEGO Land Rover Defender 110

Custom LEGO The Avengers’ Props

Custom LEGO The Avengers' Props
(photos: Ken Robichaud) Custom LEGO The Avengers’ Props | US$na

like we said, not everything we feature here is to tempt you into spending your hard-earned dough and you certainly won’t be able to buy these awesome fan-made Custom LEGO The Avengers’ Props. skilled LEGO builder Ken Robichaud created these brick-based full-scaled props inspired by the movie, The Avengers, which include Thor’s hammer, Captain America’s shield, Hawkeye’s bow and a set of specialty arrow heads, and Black Widow’s equipment. and for those who are wondering… no, there’s no Hulk’s fist, which we thought would be an awesome addition (though technically speaking, that’s no weapon) and we are missing a repulsor too. Continue reading Custom LEGO The Avengers’ Props

cool stuff: custom 15,000-piece StarCraft II Battlecruiser

Custom LEGO StarCraft II Hyperion Battlecruiser
(photos: Sven Junga)

though i have a special affinity for LEGO, i admit that i don’t have the natural ‘LEGO hands’ to custom anything at all and that leaves me with the option of just admiring the great works done by true LEGO masters – like Sven Junga who lovingly created this huge 15,000-piece Hyperion battlecruiser from the game, StarCraft II. though it may not be as enormous as the LEGO Ventator-class Star Destroyer but it is not lacking in the details department. it took Junga six months to complete this beauty and he’s not about to stop there as it looks like his Terran army is growing. treat yourself to some awesome images of this beautiful creation after the break. trust me, LEGO fans (StarCraft fans or not) won’t want to miss it. Continue reading cool stuff: custom 15,000-piece StarCraft II Battlecruiser

the world’s largest LEGO Christmas Tree [photos]

Faux-fir LEGO Christmas Tree
(image: Bright Bricks)

what the world’s favorite bricks can do is only limited by our imagination and since Christmas is drawing close, wouldn’t it be fitting to use these tiny toy bricks to create a Christmas tree? that’s exactly what Bright Bricks, the sole LEGO-certified professionals (yes, there is actually such certification) in the UK, has done. billed as the world’s largest LEGO Christmas tree, it measures a gargantuan 38-feet (11.6-meter) tall, beating the current record holder by a good 2.6-meter. the tree uses an astounding 600,000 LEGO bricks for its creation and is topped with 1,000 LEGO ornaments and lightings. of course, LEGO by itself wouldn’t hold up the weight and hence Bright Bricks had a 3-ton steel framework in place to keep things together. this awesome Faux-fir LEGO Christmas Tree is currently on display at the St. Pancras International Station till January 4th, 2012. so if you happen to be in and around that location, do pop by for a look at this magnificent creation. more images after the break. Continue reading the world’s largest LEGO Christmas Tree [photos]

Times Magazine LEGO logo by Sachiko Akinaga

LEGO Times Magazine Logo by Sachiko Akinaga
(image: Times Magazine)

we have seen many amazing LEGO creations since the start of this blog last October but still we just can’t get enough of custom LEGO work-of-art. the latest to grace our blog this time is the creation by Sachiko Akinaga for Times Magazine’s Winter Travel issue that leaves us in awe. billed as the largest LEGO creation by Akinaga to date, this detailed LEGO sculpture measures 6-feet by 6-feet (about 2-m by 2-m) depicts Times Magazine’s logo as a building created using LEGO, surrounded by expansive lawn complete with greeneries and features LEGO figures (aka minifigs) working out, and carrying out various leisure activities. hit past the jump for a few more look. Continue reading Times Magazine LEGO logo by Sachiko Akinaga

is this the best LEGO X-Wing yet? you be the judge.

Mike Psiaki's custom LEGO X-Wing Starfighter
(image: Mike Psiaki)

we have seen many beautiful custom LEGO projects and the latest to be featured here this custom X-Wing Starfighter created by one Mike Psiaki. so what’s so special about this X-Wing? well… first off, The Brothers Brick has billed it as the “Best LEGO X-Wing” yet and you know that is not something to be taken lightly if those words came out from the mouth of The Brothers Brick. the creator has worked extensive details, employing every new and existing Techniques parts to sculpted an incredible detailed Starfighter. Mike even went to the extend to make the landing gear retractable! wow. i am totally awe by it. i hate to say this but LEGO should be ashamed for putting lame sets of X-Wing for us to buy. this is the kind of details that we, fans of LEGO, wants. LEGO, are you reading this? get in touch with Mike and draft this into your next season’s production. check out a gallery of this awesome LEGO creation by Mike Psiaki after the break. trust me, you won’t want to miss this. Continue reading is this the best LEGO X-Wing yet? you be the judge.