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This Stunning Steampunk Millennium Falcon Is The Worthy Winner Of Steam Wars Returns

remember the Steampunk LEGO Star Wars AT-AT by Markus1984 we featured a couple of weeks ago? well, sadly. it didn’t take the trophy at the competition, but the good news is, Markus1984’s entry for the final round at the FBTB MOC Madness, a Steampunk Millennium Falcon, took the first place. congratulations Markus1984. you have impressed the world with your creative LEGO building skill. most amazingly, it took him just 6 days and around 50 hours to construct it and if you reference that to the level of details he had put into it, even on the inside, i am sure you be in awe. us? we are completely captivated and wish only that this could be a real LEGO set which our pathetic returns, if any at all, from this blog can afford to acquire one someday. Continue reading This Stunning Steampunk Millennium Falcon Is The Worthy Winner Of Steam Wars Returns

Steampunk Star Wars AT-AT Is Probably Not Going To Be Practical, But A Sight To Behold Nonetheless

AT-AT is a monster machine in the Star Wars universe, but it is freaking cumbersome and slow, and faces threat from relatively tiny, cable-towing Snowspeeders. however, that doesn’t make it any less cool and it won’t stop LEGO builder Markus1984 from recreating it in LEGO, in steampunk guise, which completely blow our mind. just look at the towering twin chimney ‘spewing’ out LEGO ‘smoke’. ok. maybe the steam engine that goes under the hood will make it worst and give it near zero chance in surviving on Hoth, but chances are the Snowspeeders are also coal-powered, so that kind of levels the playing field, doesn’t it? nah. that’s not happening. it is just a LEGO masterpiece which Markus1984 used to enter the Steam Wars competition. Continue reading Steampunk Star Wars AT-AT Is Probably Not Going To Be Practical, But A Sight To Behold Nonetheless

What We Have Missed: Day 225, Week 33 Year 2014

Self-Folding Robots Self-assembling Origami Robots Are What Nightmares Are Made Of
scientists have successfully developed a flat-pack robot made of papers and plastic, mounted with batteries and motors, that folds itself together and move. using “shape memory polymers” that contract like muscles when heated, it took a while for the robot to take shape and walk, but eery, nonetheless. LEARN MORE. [via]

LEGO Cyborg Hand Cyborg Arm Made Of LEGO Can Actually Be Worn And Controlled
this is the first robotic arm made of LEGO Technic parts that can be worn and controlled by the wearer. the based is LEGO Mindstorms EV3, it has four buttons to manipulate four motors, one for the control of each finger. pretty stunning, if you ask me and one that surely won’t induce nightmares. LEARN MORE. [via]
Wristbow WristBow Mk II Semi-automatic WristBow Mk II Is What Altaïr Needs
this is the second iteration of the wrist-worn crossbow, Mk II. what sets the second version apart from the first is it has an ammo clip that loads up to eight darts. it has to be manually loaded after each shot. it will be cool if it has auto-load mechanism in place, else Altaïr won’t even consider it. LEARN MORE. [via]
IXION Windowless Private Jet Another Concept Jet Wants To Do Without Windows
probably not for the acrophobic or the claustrophobic, the IXION is a concept private jet that wants to go windowless. like, completely no windows, except for the pilots, of course. cameras on the outside projects outside view on the interior sides and ceiling, offering the illusion of a transparent fuselage. LEARN MORE.

POD K1 Knee Protector POD K1 Is A Knee Protector That Grows With Your Kids
the POD K1 is a medical grade knee brace that offers support to your kid’s knees and minimizing injuries in the event of an impact while riding. a unique design allows it to grow with your young ones – all you need is to add a piece as they grow older. designed for kids between 10 and 15 years of age. $311.39. BUY. [via]
Human Skin Furniture By Gigi Barker Human Skin Chair Feels And Smells Like Real Human Flesh. Yikes!
British designer, Gigi Barker has managed to replicate the feel of human flesh and incorporated them into her collection of chairs and footstools. additionally, the skin-like fabric is infused with smells like the aftershave for a more authentic feel. yikes. erhmm. we need one model after a lady, please. £2,380. BUY. [via]

What We Have Missed: Day 219, Week 32 In The Year Of 2014

Custom LEGO Town of Springfield The Simpsons’ Town of Springfield Recreated In LEGO With Incredible Details
forget about the official LEGO The Simpsons set, Matt De Lanoy’s recreation of the fictional Town of Springfield from The Simpsons will blow your mind. it includes iconic structures like the Kwik-E-Mart, Moe’s Tavern, and even the Springfield Nuclear Power Plant – complete with see through walls. LEARN MORE. [via]

Timex Ironman One GPS+ Smartwatch Timex Ironman One GPS+ Is A Smartwatch That doesn’t Need A Smartphone
Timex refers to the Ironman One GPS+ as a smartwatch, well, it is kind of a smartwatch, but it does not need a smartphone to get working. it has a 1.5″ sunlight viewable display, 3-day battery life, 4GB storage, built-in sensors to track your activity, and built-in GPS and 3G connectivity. $399.95. BUY.

Brass Compass and Clip Brass Compass and Clip Lets You Keep The Direction Very Close To You
sometime the simplest tool is the not only the most effective, but also the coolest. case in point: the Brass Compass and Clip. machined from solid brass, it has a handy brass clip for attaching it to anywhere you fancy. checking on direction does not necessary need to be too high-tech, isn’t it? made in U.S.A. $36. BUY.

Rolex Deepsea Sea-dweller D-Blue Dial Watch Rolex Deepsea Sea-dweller D-Blue Dial Watch Is Waterproof to 12,800 Feet
released to commemorate James Cameron’s first solo dive to the Mariana Trench and the US release of a film on the expedition, the D-Blue dial has a unique blue-to-black gradient dial and boast a helium escape valve for decompression and bright blue Chromalight luminescence for legibility in the darkest dark. LEARN MORE.

Acer B286HK UHD LED Monitor Acer Introduces 28-inch Ultra HD LED Display
Acer’s new B286HK has a lot to shout about. it offers 4K2K UHD resolution in a 28-inch format, boasting 6-axis color adjustment. it sits on an ergonomic stand that allows it to be tilted, swiveled, and pivoted. connectivity includes DVI, HDMI with MHL charging, DisplayPort, Mini DP and USB 3.0 hub. $599.99. LEARN MORE.

Philips 28-inch 4K LED Monitor …And Philips Also Have Its Own $600 28-inch 4K Monitor Too
another good news if you are in the market for a UHD monitor. Philips also has a 4K monitor priced (also) at $599.99 to vie for your money. and it also allows both landscape and portrait viewing modes, plus height adjustment. connectivity includes VGA, MHL, DVI, HDMI, and of course, DisplayPort. BUY.

You Won’t Believe This Wall⋅E Is Actually Made Out Of LEGO Bricks

it took LEGO enthusiast Angus MacLane three years to complete this custom LEGO Wall⋅E. what makes Angus’ bricked Wall⋅E unique is, he actually started out while the animated movie was being created in late summer 2005. damn. it looks so realistic that you won’t even think that it was made out of LEGO bricks. thanks to Angus’ involvement in the movie, he has first hand knowledge of this lovely lead character of the Disney-Pixar box office hit animation. you could say this is an “insider job,” which the result speaks for themselves and being backed by 10,000 supporters over at LEGO Ideas only further corroborates the awesomeness of Angus’ creation. so yeah. this is LEGO Wall⋅E and it now will have a shot of becoming a LEGO Ideas official set. Continue reading You Won’t Believe This Wall⋅E Is Actually Made Out Of LEGO Bricks

SmartBrick Adds Bluetooth To Your LEGO Technic, Boasts 300 Feet Range

LEGO Technic kits are awesome. in fact, it is so good that those kits hardly need any change, or is it? if you dabble with LEGO Technic kits long enough, you will soon realize that its communication component, namely the infrared, is a tad dated as compared to say, Bluetooth technology. IR has limited range and demands line-of-sight, which seriously limits the fun. before LEGO acts on it, there is a new Kickstarter project that aims to give your LEGO Techno creations a piece of the Bluetooth action. the SmartBrick is basically a Bluetooth LE receiver that replaces the IR unit of your Technic kit, if it has one, that lets you control your creation using your iPhone. Continue reading SmartBrick Adds Bluetooth To Your LEGO Technic, Boasts 300 Feet Range

LEGO Lightsabers Hits 10K Supports, We Sure Hope The Force Is With The Duo

if there is one thing missing from LEGO’s comprehensive Star Wars collection, it would be Lightsabers, well, the Lightsaber hilts to be exact. submitted to LEGO Ideas (formerly Cuusoo) by LEGO builder scott34567, this ‘life-size’ hilts are none other than Vader’s and Luke Skywalker’s, as used in the Return of the Jedi. well, the good news is, this project has garnered 10,000 supporters and is set to have a shot at being an official LEGO set after being reviewed by LEGO Ideas. though that would take a while, since the next list of creations to be reviewed is already announced. according to the LEGO Lightsabers creator, the hilts are sturdy enough to be handled and like the ‘real-deal’ each hilt features the crystal necessary for the Force to manifest into the shaft of superheated plasma. Continue reading LEGO Lightsabers Hits 10K Supports, We Sure Hope The Force Is With The Duo

This Is How A 2-meter, 50 KG LEGO Imperial Star Destroyer Without Studs Looks Like

part of the beauty of LEGO structure or sculpture is attributed by the studs of the finished product. still, there are times when no visible studs makes the finished product all the more awesome. case in point: the Imperial Star Destroyer Chimaera by one LEGO guru Jerac. employing Studs Not On Top, or S.N.O.T for short, LEGO building technique which involves hiding away studs, Jerac makes his iteration of LEGO Imperial Star Destroyer Chimaera looks more like a model kit than a LEGO set. in any case, the stunning images of the product you see here are described by Jerac as ‘barely finished’. what? ‘barely finished’? man. this dude is a hopeless perfectionist and a master in the art of LEGO, no doubt about it. all told, this LEGO creation stretches over two meters (6 feet 6.74 inches) long, weighs in around 50 kilograms (110 lbs) and is composed of roughly 40,000 bricks. Continue reading This Is How A 2-meter, 50 KG LEGO Imperial Star Destroyer Without Studs Looks Like

This LEGO The Avengers Helicarrier Is The Result Of Over 22,000 Bricks

the thing about LEGO is, the bigger the set, the more detail and majestic it will be (the custom Starcraft II Battlecruiser is one good example, though it never was an official set). there’s no other way, but the LEGO The Avengers Helicarrier by ysomt submitted to LEGO Ideas (formerly LEGO Cuusoo) kind of takes bigger a few steps too far. ysomt has created this monstrosity consisting of 22,694 bricks (!) and would measures 85.4 by 45.3 inches (217 by 115 cm) when built. and if it ever did garner the number of votes required for it to be considered by the Danish toy maker and eventually be made official, it would be the biggest official LEGO set ever to grace planet Earth, both in number of bricks and built size, and it would be one hard to beat. Continue reading This LEGO The Avengers Helicarrier Is The Result Of Over 22,000 Bricks

LEGO Ghostbusters: Stay Puft Marshmallow Man

what’s more iconic than the red brick Ghostbusters HQ building and the Ecto-1? the Marshmallow Man, of course; it is kind of the next logical addition for a Ghostbusters-themed LEGO set – if there’s going to be a series dedicated to this cult comedy/horror flick. following up to his successfully nominated LEGO Cuusoo set, the LEGO Ghostbusters Set, Brent Waller is at it again, introducing you the LEGO Ghostbusters: Stay Puft Marshmallow Man. it stands at a magnificent 13 inches (34 cm) tall and is composed of roughly 1,800 pieces. what you have here is an unmistakable silverscreen icon immortalized in LEGO bricks, featuring articulated head and limbs, along with details like sailor hat with red ribbon, plus the traditional sailor’s collar and red neckerchief. Continue reading LEGO Ghostbusters: Stay Puft Marshmallow Man