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Lancer Assault Rifle from Gears of War – LEGO-style

LEGO Lancer Assault Rifle 800x533px
(photos: PlumBrothers)

rubber band gun is nothing new and rubber band gun fashioned out from LEGO is not new either but a rubber band-shooting Lancer Assault Rifle from Gears of War fashioned out from LEGO is totally mind-blowing. according to its creator, this bad ass gun is a life-size assault rife built in accordance to the in game weapon and it is totally functional – yes, it shoots rubber bands. it even has reload-able LEGO magazines for the rubber band ammo and a real moving motorized chainsaw for some sawing action. simply breathtaking. of course, the sawing part is totally non-lethal and on the other hand, we also know how frail LEGO models can be, so don’t expect to wield this chainsaw after your neighbor who happens to own a 12 gauge shotgun. Continue reading

this Ford Explorer is made from 380000 LEGO bricks

LEGO Ford Explorer 900x515px
(photos: Ford) LEGO Ford Explorer | US$na | www.ford.com

you know what they say about records are meant to be broken. well, that statement is absolutely positive. just when we thought Lene’s Great Wall of LEGO astounding 270,000 individual bricks is mind-boggling, then comes along a life-size replica of the Ford Explorer that was created from an even ming-blowing 380,000 individual LEGO bricks. yes, you heard it right, it is a full-size LEGO Ford Explorer. it took 22 designers and 2,500 hours to complete this 2,654-lbs (1,204-kg) monstrous LEGO model that’s reinforced by a 768-lbs (348-kg) interior aluminum base. Continue reading

missed the Nike MAG on eBay? make one with LEGO!

LEGO Nike MAG shoes 544x366px
(credit: Orion Pax via Flickr)

whether you missed out the auction or simply can’t afford the insane (but for a good cause, of course) amount for a pair of the Back to the Future Nike MAG replica, then you probably want to consider making one yourself, out of LEGO. that was exactly what one dude, Alex aka Orion Pax did and it looks pretty cool too, well, at least in LEGO point of view. the downside is, you probably can’t wear it without breaking it apart and plus, it is guaranteed to be the most uncomfortable footwear ever. then again, if you are one of the 1,500 lucky (and filthy rich) folk to score this limited edition replica footwear, then i bet you won’t want to wear it too. it deserves to be displayed behind a bulletproof display showcase. another look at this LEGO Nike MAG after the break. Continue reading

this is how a 43,280-brick LEGO Star Destroyer looks like

LEGO Ventator-class Star Destroyer 900x600px
(credit: Iomedes)

if you thought the LEGO Super Star Destroyer (#10221) was huge, then you have yet to see this non-kit, fan built LEGO Ventator-class Star Destroyer created by one Iomedes (aka Sylvain Ballivet). the mind-boggling 43,280 pieces of LEGO bricks used versus the 3,152 pieces of the #10221 kit, should let you in on just how huge is this scale LEGO model. inspired by one LEGO model designer, Erik Varszegi who had built one back in 2005 to promote the Star Wars Episode III movie, this LEGO juggernaut measures an incredible 2.44-meters (8-feet) long, and weights 82-kilograms (180-pounds) – a statistic which practically dwarf the LEGO Super Star Destroyer. all said, i hereby take my hat off to Iomedes for the patience and LEGO skills he possessed. only one word could describe this LEGO Ventator-class Star Destroyer: awe-inspiring. hmm, or was that two words? never mind. blast pass the jump for a video ‘tour’ and more images of this awesome creation. Continue reading

check out this incredibly detailed LEGO Porsche 911

LEGO Porsche 911 Turbo Cabriolet PDK 544x508px
(image credit: Sheepo’s Garage)

let me assure you that though the above LEGO creation is in red, it is not your standard LEGO Ferrari but a custom Porsche 911 with incredible amount of details. created by one Spanish Fernando (aka Sheepo), this LEGO Porsche 911 Turbo Cabriolet PDK is built from nearly 3,500 parts that has twenty-three LEGO electric elements in it, including eight motors, three remote controllers, three Infrared receivers, three pairs of lights and almost seven meters worth of wirings. to be honest, i was skeptical about how detailed it could be, until i saw the video – which you can witness for yourself after the break. Continue reading

awesome 10,000 pieces custom LEGO Star Wars Sandcrawler

custom Lego Jawa Sandcrawler 544x278px
(credit: Marshall Banana)

frankly, the Sandcrawler isn’t the most stunning vehicle in the whole Star Wars series. however, that doesn’t stop Marshal Banana from putting together a highly detailed 10,000 pieces Jawa Sandcrawler featured here. i am a LEGO Star Wars collector but i have been stopping myself from getting the official LEGO Sandcrawler because i thought it was too ‘toy like’ and as you can imagine, i am drooling all over Marshal’s creation. man, this is what i want. seriously. Continue reading

LEGO Technic Super-8 Movie Projector [video]

Lego Technic Super-8 Movie Projector by Friedemann Wachsmuth 544x308px
(image credit: screenshot from Lego Technic Super-8 Movie Projector video)

created by one Friedemann Wachsmuth is this Super-8 movie projector created out of LEGO Technics parts with the exception of the lens, the reel spindles and the lamp, for obvious reasons. Friedemann’s full featured Super-8 projector uses two engines and features automatic feeding, 24 frame per second (fps), fast rewind and fits up to 120 meters of reel. light source is from a LED flashlight. another project that awe us totally and one that will get the nods from any LEGO fans. hit the jump and check out the two-minute video to see the Lego Technic Super-8 Movie Projector in action. Continue reading

LEGO wants you to have a MBA in LEGO Building

LEGO MBA 544x368px
(image credit: LEGO) LEGO Master Builder Academy Kits | US$29.90 | mba.lego.com

try very hard but still can’t get a MBA? why not go the easy, leisurely way with LEGO’s MBA, also known as the Master Builder Academy. while this MBA won’t guarantee you with a 7-figure remuneration package job but it will give the foundation you need to build your very own custom LEGO models. touted as “a multi-year, multi-level experience”, the LEGO MBA guides members in learning the unique skills of LEGO building through a structured journey of lessons and interactive inspirations and rewards. Continue reading

it took 270,000 bricks to create this great wall of LEGO

Metaphorical Horizons 544x388px
(credit: Lene Rønsholt Wille)

when i did the 3,000+ pieces LEGO Star Wars Imperial Star Destroyer, i’d thought it was a massive piece but that was probably nothing compared to Lene Rønsholt Wille immense circular wall structure entitled “Metaphorical Horizons“. it took Denmark-based Lene Rønsholt Wille six weeks to complete this 270,000 white LEGO bricks structure at the Central Hall of World Trade Centre in Amsterdam. Continue reading

Cary Norton created this 4×5 camera out of LEGO bricks

Cary Norton Legotron Mark I 544x488px
(credit: Cary Norton)

Cary Norton created this 4×5 camera entirely with LEGO bricks, except for, of course, the lens and the ground glass. if those two items were available from LEGO, i bet he would use them too. the project started way back 2009 and after a long hiatus, it is finally completed now. Cary’s LEGO 4×5 camera measures about 7 x 6.5 x 7 inches and has a 127mm F4.7 lens which he grab off the eBay. Cary called this current 4×5 the Legotron Mark I and envision to be creating a Mark II in future.

check out more images of Cary’s Legotron after the break.

images horizontal 544x38px

Cary Norton Legotron Mark I 650x650px Cary Norton Legotron Mark I 650x650px Cary Norton Legotron Mark I 650x650px Cary Norton Legotron Mark I 650x650px

Cary Norton via DVICE