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Nyne NH-6500 Home Audio System

Nyne NH-6500 Home Audio System
Nyne NH-6500 Home Audio System | US$899.95 | www.nyne.com

enjoy rocking out on your guitar as much as listening to the tunes from you iDevices? then the Nyne NH-6500 Home Audio System is the speaker of choice for you. the NH-6500 is essentially a wireless speaker, in fact, it is a home Bluetooth speaker that does what all good BT speakers do: allows you to wirelessly stream your favorite tunes from your iDevices or virtually any Bluetooth-enabled devices to it from up to 10 meters (33 feet) away. as a bonus (or not) it is also equipped with a universal dock with built-adjustable support to dock, play and charge your small Apple devices Continue reading

JBL OnBeat Micro & Venue LT Sound Docks

JBL OnBeat Micro
JBL OnBeat Micro and Venue LT | from US$99.95 | www.jbl.com

now that you have snapped up the various Apple small devices sporting the new Lightning connector, then maybe it is time to shop for some Lightning-equipped accessories such as sound docks, for example. makers aren’t as enthusiastic as they used to be ever since the decisive connector change by Apple but lucky for those who are in market for sound dock with this new connector, JBL has two offerings for you to splurge on. the first is a portable JBL OnBeat Micro and the second, is the larger OnBeat Venue LT that’s also compatible with iPad mini. Continue reading

Grace Digital gdock

Grace Digital gdock
Grace Digital gdock | US$129.99 | www.gracedigitalaudio.com

how do you judge the popularity of a handset? the answer is obvious: when accessories makers start making a dedicated sound dock for it and with Grace Digital gdock sound dock, you know Samsung GALAXY devices are at the top of the food chain, previously reserved only for Apple’s small devices. so is the table turned as far as smartphone goes? we shan’t delve into it. anyway, the gdock is designed for Samsung GALAXY S II, S III, Note and Note II. it features a pair of 3-inch full-range bass ported drivers along with a 16W class D digital amplifier. Continue reading

BEHRINGER iNuke Boom Junior

BEHRINGER iNuke Boom Junior
BEHRINGER iNuke Boom Junior | US$179.99 | www.behringer.com

who would pay five figures for a sound dock that is as huge as a refrigerator? probably none but if it sits in the sub-200 category and yet, inherits the quality of its colossal counterpart, then that’s another story. well, that’s what the BEHRINGER iNuke Boom Junior is about. the Junior’s predecessor, the iNuke Boom was first introduced back at this year’s CES and it was a sound dock that pumps out a mind-boggling 10,000 watts of audio and with an immense physical size to match. now that we all know that commoners like us isn’t looking for a fridge-sized sound dock Continue reading

Bose SoundDock 10 Bluetooth Dock

Bose SoundDock 10 Bluetooth Dock
Bose SoundDock 10 Bluetooth Dock | US$99.00 | www.bose.com

one thing that we learned lately is that we can’t trust connectors – their makers might just change the connector design as they wished, leaving those with the ‘old’ connectors high and dry. yea, you know what we are talking about, don’t you? so the solution? simple. just go on the wireless route via trusted technology such as Bluetooth technology and save yourself the hassle of keeping up with connector technology, well, at least for the next few years or so. Continue reading

Jarre AeroSystem One by Lalique

Jarre AeroSystem One by Lalique
Jarre AeroSystem One by Lalique | €12,000.00 | www.jarre.com

we have to agree that besides the price point, the AeroDream One by Jarre Technologies is anything but practical, unless you enjoy scaling a ladder to dock your iPod touch and isn’t afraid of height. anyway, unbeknownst to some, Jarre actually do have smaller models that’s within reach to most folks, well, in terms of both height and pricing. the AeroSystem One has been around for a good two years now but if you are in the market for something with a little more unique character and the original €799 price tag hasn’t knock you off your feet, then perhaps a pricer piece touch by Lalique might fancy the individualist in you. Continue reading

The House of Marley Get Up Stand Up

The House of Marley Get Up Stand Up Home Audio System
The House of Marley Get Up Stand Up | US$349.99 | www.thehouseofmarley.com

never mind the fact that the good old Apple 30-pin might be history in a matter of less than a day because as some believed, if a smaller dock connector is presented, an adapter will follow suit thus allowing the rest of the world to continue using products that are designed for the ‘old’ 30-pin connector. speaking of which, if you are confident that the adapter forecast will become a reality (assuming the rumor is true), then we are sure you don’t mind adding yet another beautiful sound dock, such as this The House of Marley Get Up Stand Up home audio system Continue reading

Philips Original Radio

Philips Original Radio with DAB+ and dock for iPod/iPhone
Philips Original Radio | US$tba | www.philips.com

regardless of how huge is your digital music collection or how superb is the iTunes DJ in creating the ‘right’ mix of music, there is nothing like tuning into the good’ol radio stations – especially if you have a radio as inviting as the Philips Original Radio. judging from the visuals, it is definitely a radio that beckons to be touched and used. drawing its design inspiration from the classic Philetta radio of the 1950s, the Philips Original Radio bears an unmistakable retro beautiful design that harkens back to day of the beginning of popular music Continue reading

Denon Cocoon

Denon Cocoon Home
Denon Cocoon | about US$640.00 | www.denon.com

despite the rumor of the new iPhone sporting a newly design docking pin, Denon has pushed ahead announcing it’s first sound dock dubbed as Cocoon. though, Denon has little to worry about as the Cocoon is equipped with Apple’s AirPlay which should make it last for years to come, well, at least until Apple decided to axe AirPlay, which is of course, an unlikely scenario. apart from the retractable docking tray to accommodate your iPod Touch or iPhone and AirPlay-capable, the Cocoon also supports regular wireless streaming from your Android Continue reading

Gear4 Renew SleepClock

Gear4 Renew SleepClock
Gear4 Renew SleepClock | US$199.99 | www.gear4.com

alarm clock is a must have for deep sleepers but it is hardly a perfect solution cos’ at times, we are woken from the deepest part of our sleep and the result? another bad hair day where you feel completely lethargic and felt like you haven’t slept at all. or so we were told. maybe that’s the reason why i feel that way on some days. apparently, if you wake up, it should be at a time where your sleep is at the ‘lightest moment’. so in this way, you will be more refreshed and alert. and guess what? you can actually do that with the help of the Gear4 Renew SleepClock, a bedside sound dock and non-contact sleep monitor. Continue reading