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Porsche Design P’9223 Slim Drive by LaCie

Porsche Design P'9223 Slim Drive by LaCie
Porsche Design P’9223 Slim Drive by LaCie | from US$99.99 | www.lacie.com

modern technology and aesthetic don’t always see eye-to-eye. sure, you could find some gadgets that looks ‘pretty’ but they are just, well, pretty and would hardly make anyone of us exclaim “it is a beau!” however, when you have two makers from two different industries come together with a common ‘spare no details’ philosophy, then you know you have a true form and functionality winner. and we are referring to none other than the collaboration between LaCie, a long time manufacturer of aesthetically-pleasing storage devices for computers, and Porsche Design, a luxury brand synonymous with functionally, timeless and purist design. Continue reading

LaCie Rugged USB3 Thunderbolt Series

LaCie Rugged USB3 Thunderbolt Series
LaCie Rugged USB3 Thunderbolt Series | from US$199.99 | www.lacie.com

you only need one good portable hard drive but you have a few rigs with a couple of different interfaces including Thunderbolt and SuperSpeed USB 3.0, so what do you do? before September, i’d advise you to get two portable HD but lucky for you (and everyone else), there’s one drive that will take on both: the LaCie Rugged USB3 Thunderbolt Series. as the name implies, this latest ruggedized incarnation from LaCie now comes with both current high-speed connectivity: the Thunderbolt and USB 3.0, both which are bus-powered Continue reading

LaCie RuggedKey

LaCie RuggedKey
LaCie RuggedKey | from US$39.95 | www.lacie.com

bringing gadgets into the wild is something of a norm today which not only calls for protection for the main gadgets but also their peripherals such as USB flash drive. speaking of which, the LaCie RuggedKey is exactly the USB flash drive you will need the next time you hit the wilderness, scaling up Kathmandu mountains, trekking across the scorching desert of Sahara or braving the frozen tundra. designed by Neil Poulton, the RuggedKey incorporates LaCie’s iconic orange bumper, protecting the key from heat, cold, and up to 100-meter drops. Continue reading

Point Grey Flea 3 Digital Camera

Point Grey Flea 3 Digital Camera
Point Grey Flea 3 Digital Camera | US$945.00 | www.ptgreystore.com

4K resolution will be the next focus in town after full HD and it will be as common as 1080p is today in a not so distance future. one evidence that lead us to this believe so is its physical size. Point Grey has introduced the world’s smallest 4k resolution camera that is just slightly over an inch cube (think of it as a size similar to that of an ice cube and that is how small it is). thanks to the Sony IMX1221 Exmor R sensor, the Point Grey Flea 3, as it is called, is able to capture incredible 4,096 x 2,160 resolution images and delivers them via USB 3.0 to compatible devices. Continue reading

Verbatim Store ‘n’ Go V3 USB 3.0 Drive

Verbatim Store 'n' Go V3 USB 3.0 Drive
(photos: Verbatim) Verbatim Store ‘n’ Go V3 USB 3.0 Drive | from US$19.99 | www.verbatim.com

the rate of adoption for the the SuperSpeed USB 3.0 is nothing short of slow, which explains the lack of USB flash drives supporting it. however, that’s not going to stop the pioneer of computer data storage, Verbatim from pushing ahead with the Verbatim Store ‘n’ Go V3 USB 3.0 Drives and these drives are surprisingly affordable too with price starting from just $19.99 for the 8GB model. apart from its obvious USB 3.0 that offers 2x faster data transfer over the USB 2.0, these drives features a new retractable design and comes in seven cheerful colorway. Continue reading

LaCie Rugged Mini – it’s shock, rain and pressure resistant

LaCie Rugged Mini 544x388px
(credit: LaCie) LaCie Rugged Mini | from US$99.99 | www.lacie.com

love the LaCie Rugged drive but wished for something more portable? well, your wish has just been granted. LaCie just announced its latest addition to the Rugged hard drives, aptly dubbed LaCie Rugged Mini. designed by Neil Poulton and based on the original shock and drop resistant features, this shrunk down Rugged drive is 40% smaller than the original Rugged drive. the drive is rain resistant, can suffer drops from up to 1.2 meter (3.9-feet) high and is totally capable of withstanding up to one ton of pressure. the scratch resistant aluminum coupled with the rubberized edging ensure that your drive remains unscathed in the event of an unfortunate mishap. Continue reading

LaCie GALET is a luxurious-chic USB flash drive

LaCie Christofle Galet main 544x311
(image credit: LaCie) LaCie Christofle Galet USB Flash Drive | US$130.00 | www.lacie.com

LaCie is not stranger in combining tech with design. new from LaCie is this luxury USB flash drive designed in collaboration with Christofle. measuring 39-mm in diameter, this pebble-shaped USB flash drive is silver plated with Christofle’s more than 180-years of in-depth knowledge in silver-plating process. the 4 GB USB is equipped with speedy USB 3.0 technology, while still has backward compability with both USB 2.0 and 1.1. it even comes with a keychain strap, giving you an option to double-up the USB flash drive as a keychain. Continue reading

the fastest key money can buy: LaCie FastKey USB3.0 SSD

LaCie FastKey USB 3.0 SSD 544px

(photo credit: lacie.com) LaCie FastKey | from US$149.99 | www.lacie.com

don’t have a fast car? fret not. you can have the fastest key. it looks like LaCie is moving pretty quick with the implementation of the SuperSpeed USB on its line of portable storage. the latest to join the rank is the LaCie FastKey. the FastKey boost a lightning-fast speed of up to 260MB/s* and uses a Solid Sate Drive (SSD) with DRAM cache for storage clad in a stylish and sturdy metal casing. Continue reading

WD My Passport Essential & My Book Essential with SuperSpeed USB

Wester Digital Passport & My Book 544px
My Passport Essential (US$99.99) | My Book Essential (from US$129.99) | www.wdc.com

Western Digital has rolled it’s new generation My Passport Essential and My Book Essential supporting the SuperSpeed USB 3.0. aesthetically, the drives are still pretty much the same as the USB 2.0 counterpart. if speed is what you are up for, these are the drives to watch out. Continue reading

world’s smallest USB 3.0 desktop & portable hard drives – LaCie Minimus and Rikiki

LaCie Minimus & Rikki USB3.0 drives 544px
LaCie Rikiki & Minimus USB 3.0 | from US$94.99 & US$129.99 | www.lacie.com

LaCie introduced a new version of the Rikiki portable hard drive with USB 3.0 interface. clad in tough aluminum casing, it has a minimalist feel to it. with the USB3.0 interface, it is capable of supporting up to 5Gb/s of transfer speed. Rikiki comes in at 500GB and 1TB capacity. no worry if you don’t have USB3.0 on your computer, it is backward compatible with USB2.0 too. Continue reading