The Silhouette – maybe we do need a floating lamp after all

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Light Light The Silhouette 900x600px
(image: Light Light) Light Light The Silhouette | €980.00 |

conceived by design graduate Angela Jansen and engineer, Ger Jansen, the Silhouette really teases our imagination with its levitating lamp. do we really need a floating lamp? perhaps we do, just to have a piece of the future in the present or maybe, appreciating an engineering marvel that you can actually own. handcrafted of wood and covered by fabric, the upper part of the lamp is kept in suspension by the means of electromagnetic components and a “sophisticated control system.” it also uses the latest LED technology for the light and its 300 LUX can be dimmed to your desired intensity at a touch. so there you have it, a light that not just functional but packed with technologies that you thought only Jetson family could have. the best part is, it could be yours for €980 a pop or about US$$1,340 based on the current going rate. if conical shape is not your cup of English Breakfast, there is always the cylindrical Eclipse to go with. needless to say, this lamp is priced up on the opulence living scale that only folks with huge pockets could enjoy but that’s not going to stop us from admiring it with all our might. speaking of which, there are more (and larger) images and a short demo video after the break for you to do just that.
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Light Light via DVICE