the ‘treetop’ diner is the coolest diner we ever seen

Nana Harbor Diner main 544px
(image credit: Inhabitat)

a treehouse is every child’s dream playground, perhaps because it offers a hideaway sanctuary for a child to play out his fantasy either in the backyard of the house or for those adventurous at heart, at the fringe of some forested area. the dream of treehouse isn’t lost when we grow up. take for example, this awesome twenty-foot treehouse in Okinawa, Japan modeled after a life-size banyan tree – albeit it not being a real tree but a concrete structure complete with a restaurant nested among its branches, an elevator within its trunk and a spiral staircase at its back for accessing the restaurant.

Nana Harbor Diner img1 544px 
the restaurant in question is the Nana Harbor Diner which specializes in locally grown and organic foods. this magnificent treehouse restaurant is located within the, what do we know? a Banyan Town shopping center! which is near the entrance of Onoyama Park.

Nana Harbor Diner img2 544px 

via Inhabitat