world’s most narrow bezel LCD display by LG


LG narrowest bezel LCD panel 544px
(photo credit: Techon!)

television has come a long way since it’s introduction in the late 1920′s. a simple box that shows moving pictures has evolved into plasma, then to the fluorescent-backed Liquid Crystal Display (LCD) and more recently, LED-backed LCD.

while most manufacturers are going on a diet competition by making their displays thinner (thanks to the LED edge lighting technology), LG has developed a 37 inch LCD panel that has the narrowest bezel in the world.

measuring just 1.5mm on the left and right edges and 2.5mm on the top and bottom edges. its almost not noticeable with respect to the screen size. when multiple units of this panel are put together, their seams are hardly visible.

we are compelled to post this news which was announced last week by LG, simply because we are anti-ugly-thick-bezel geeks. don’t you think the glorious 1080p should not be be distracted by some huge black plastic trims?

awesome. hope we can all go bezel-less one day.

via TechOn!


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