Zumreed Hybrid Speaker Headphones. headphones plus speaker

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Zumreed ZHP-015 X2 Hybrid Speaker Headphones | from US$159.99 | www.zumreed.net

sometimes human can be quite fickle. at one point, we want to keep the music to ourselves but at times, we just wish could share it with everyone. when you have just a pair of headphones and without splitter, all you can do is to pass your headphones around (not very practical, though) or verbally belt out the song which could be a plain torture to your mates, or you could have a pair of cans that doubles as a speaker. that’s where the Zumreed ZHP-015 X2 Hybrid Speaker Headphones comes into play. this over-ear studio cans with 40-mm drivers can be readily turned into a portable speaker with a flip of a switch. ’nuff said. that’s probably the best favor you could do for your mates. the Zumreed ZHP-015 X2 Hybrid Speaker Headphones comes in three colors (black, red or white) to choose from and cost $149.99 a set. i am neutral about that price, after all, you are essentially getting two gadgets at one go.
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Zumreed via Cool Material