Xiaomi Xiaoai Smart Speaker Is An Answer To Amazon Echo Show

Xiaomi has launched its very own display-equipped smart speaker called Xiaoai Smart Speaker, a gadget that we see as an answer to Amazon Echo line of products – in particular the Amazon Echo Show, which has been updated recently, and Echo Spot. It is also an answer to several devices in market, like the LG […]

Why Amazon Echo Deal Double Deal Makes A Lot Of Sense

Amazon Echo Spot was introduced late last year. Yes. We missed it, but you can’t blame us because, Amazon is rolling out so many Echo so quickly like a baker is dishing out cakes. Anyways, you know what Amazon Echo can do. Well, Amazon Echo Spot is basically it, but unlike Dot, this spherical object […]

Amazon Echo Dot Now Has A Kids Edition But It Isn’t Kids Priced

I always lament how technology is advancing too fast for kids’ good, but however I lament, it is inevitable. I guess it was same when my parents frown when I secret acquired a cheap “Walkman.” Gone were the days where kids were thrilled by children songs (You know Baby Shark is very catchy?) and read […]

Voice-enabled JBL LINK View Is Harman’s Answer To Amazon Echo Show

It looks like now Samsung-own Harman’s JBL has an answer to Amazon Echo Show, a video display equipped Alexa-powered smart assistant that is loaded with both camera and speakers. Christened JBL LINK View Voice-controlled Smart Display Speaker, this nifty device with an unmistakable JBL aesthetic will join JBL LINK family line of smart speakers with […]

$350 Siri-enabled HomePod Is Apple’s Answer To Amazon Echo

You heard the rumor and here it is, the much speculated Apple speaker. Called HomePod, this 7-inch tall yarn roll-like speaker is Apple’s answer to Amazon Alexa-enabled Echo. Coming from Apple, design is never a disappointment and so, we shall dispense with detailing the aesthetic. HomePod leverages on spatial awareness to know its location in […]

Amazon Echo Family’s Newest Member Has 7″ Touch Display, Makes Video Calls

Amazon is hatching a plan to take over your lives, or at least make you dependent on it. After unleashing Echo to manage many aspects of your life like turning on/off lights, play music, read news, and even advising on your attire – all by using voice commands, Amazon Echo family now grew to include […]

Amazon Echo Look: Echo With Eyes To Take Pictures And Rate Your Outfits

When you find yourself wishing for an artificial intelligence to tell you how you look in a particular outfit, then I believe you are ahead of us in the future and the good news is, Amazon is with you. The online retailer giant’s new Echo Look is the device that will do exactly that. Amazon […]

You Can Now Talk To Amazon Echo Like Talking To The Star Trek Computer

Trekkies, you have made your home over-the-top Star Trek-ish with automatic sliding doors, TNG uniform bedding set, USS Enterprise WiFi router, appropriate Star Trek TOS bookends for your Star Trek literatures, Borg fridge, Phaser replica remote control and whatnot, but it will never be complete without you barking out ‘computer’ and have your very own […]

This Simple Gadget Will Free Your Amazon Echo From The Wall Outlet

When Amazon designed the Siri-like device, it surely didn’t haven portability in mind. Though its form factor does not exclude it from being portable, except that it needs the wall outlet to keep it powered. Well, not if you have the Mission Cables Battery Base for Amazon Echo. As the product name implies, it is […]

Amazon Launches Echo Sub, Echo Link, Link Amp And More

It is a gadget galore today for Amazon. The online retail giant has announced a slew of new products that will further imprints Echo in your life, right down to your automobile. Among the gadgets announced are Echo Sub (yes, it is a subwoofer!), Echo Link, Echo Link Amp, Echo Input, Echo Wall Clock (yup, […]