Citizen Unveiled Limited Edition PROMASTER Watches At Baselworld

I can’t remember when non-luxe watchmaker began their presence at Baselworld. Anyways, here they are some watches from the nearly 9 decade old Japanese watchmaker Citizen. Marking the 30th anniversary of the company’s PROMASTER series, Citizen has announced 3 celebratory watches at this year’s Baselworld, highlighting the three categories, Air, Land and Sea. The three […]

CASIO Unveiled Rainbow MT-G, Limited Edition MR-G And More At Baselworld

There used to be a time when Baselworld was reserved for the ultimate luxe timepieces. Not anymore. CASIO has been making quite some waves at this year’s Baselworld with a slew of announcements, including a striking timepiece to mark CASIO G-Shock MT-G’s 20th anniversary, the limited edition CASIO G-Shock MTGB1000RB-2A timepiece in bright and bold […]

Longines Heritage 1935 at BASELWORLD 2014

back in the days where aircraft wasn’t as complicated, aviators only need one rock solid, reliable timepiece with legibility in mind. the modest requirement resulted in functional timepieces that almost always come standard with an untainted beauty that one could only described as timeless and the Longines Heritage 1935 is the luxury timepiece that lets you…

Romain Gauthier Logical One at BASELWORLD 2013

though constant force mechanism is no secret in the watch industry, it remains a constant challenge for watchmakers and today, this challenge is gladly met and conquered by watchmaker Romain Gauthier with his latest creation, the Romain Gauthier Logical One. the Logical One improves on the age-old chain-and

Blancpain Fifty Fathoms Bathyscaphe at BASELWORLD 2013

commemorating its 60th anniversary of the first diving watch, Blancpain has announced the vintage-inspired Fifty Fathoms Bathyscaphe at the BASELWORLD 2013. inspired by the abyssal underwater exploration of Swiss adventurer Jacques Piccard, this 2013 reinterpretation of Blancpain iconic diver’s watch integrates the vintage flair of the

Monster Inspiration Hublot Headphones at BASELWORLD 2013

at the ongoing BASELWORLD 2013, time pieces are not the only products that has taken the spotlight. in a surprising collaboration, Hublot has teamed up with renowned headphones maker Monster to introduce the Monster Inspiration Hublot Headphones, a high fidelity luxury noise canceling headphone.

Hublot Masterpiece MP-05 LaFerrari at BASELWORLD 2013

whether you’ve already secured yourself the rarest of the rare Ferrari LaFerrari or or miss it out entirely, it doesn’t matter cos’ the Hublot Masterpiece MP-05 LaFerrari is just as desirable and as rare as the ride itself. with only 50 pieces to be offered, this extremely unique luxury time piece goes under the limelight


so what if iPhone could tell you the weather? but if you aren’t into gadgets or don’t own a smartphone to be begin with, you might be missing out on owning your personal weather station. not that the weather matters to everyone, but it is good to have. however, with the GÉNIE 01 by BREVA, luxury watch lovers will not be missing

CASIO Introduces New G-Shock G-Carbon Series With Colorful Bands

The CASIO G-Shock GA2000-2A, which debuted at the recently concluded Baselworld 2019, is now joined by a quad of new watches, each featuring an updated Carbon Core Guard Structure making the watch even more resilience while remaining lightweight and a variety of bright hues (mostly by the way of the bands). The bright hue models […]

TAG Heuer Adds A “Golf Edition” To Its Connected Modular 45 Line Up

TAG Heuer is continuing to build on the success of its Connected Modular 45 line with a new smartwatch aimed squarely at golfers. Simply referred to as TAG Heuer Connected Modular 45 “Golf Edition”, this golf-orientated smart timepiece is linked to TAG Heuer Golf app that offers 3D renderings of over 39,000 courses, provides comprehensive […]