MoMA Partnered With Medicom Toy For Van Gogh The Starry Night Bearbrick Figure

When Dutch post-impressionist painter Vincent van Gogh created his masterpiece The Starry Night, he would never had thought it would be a LEGO toy collectible 130 something years latter. I pretty damn sure, he would never had imagined his world famous painting would find itself on a Bearbrick collectible figure too.

There’s Going To Be BE@RBRICK Portable Bluetooth Speaker Powered By Rinaro

Medicom Toy’s BE@RBRICK is no stranger to serving as a canvas for artists and brands as part of many collaborations. However many collabs, BE@RBRICK remains only as a visual eye-candy aka a display piece. But this new collab with acoustic engineering company Rinaro Isodynamics, BE@RBRICK will finally go beyond visual to include audio because it …

By The Power Of BE@RBRICK: Masters Of The Universe BE@RBRICK Figures

Like Mattel’s Barbie doll, Medicom Toy’s BE@RBRICK has assumed many identities and has seen countless collabs, including with 80s pop culture icon Transformers. Now, another pop culture icon from the 80s is set to join the ever-growing many faces of BE@RBRICK: Masters of the Universe.

BE@RBRICK Kosuke Kawamura x NEXUSVII. x S01 400% Is Loaded With Shredded Bills

3-way collab is not new. Even then, I never ceased to be confused about how so many entities can contribute to a product as simple as, say, the BE@RBRICK. Anyways, the BE@RBRICK Kosuke Kawamura x NEXUSVII. x S01 400% is the latest Medicom Toy product that is a result of a triple collab.

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