In The Age Of COVID-19, A Haunted House In Japan Goes Drive-In

There are many new normal forced upon us due to the COVID-19 pandemic. New norms include face mask, social distancing, washing hands more often than usual, drive-in strip club, and now, drive-in, ermm, haunted house?

The Trucking Industry Has Been Resilient Against COVID-19

The COVID-19 pandemic has reshaped almost everything that businesses considered part of normal operations, including in the trucking industry. Once the pandemic hit, social distancing rules were put in place to curb its spread. Since social interaction is a hallmark of the commercial transportation and logistics industry, the different industry players had to look for […]

Healthcare Workers Stick Smiling Photo Of Themselves On PPE To Reassure COVID-19 Patients

In fighting the COVID-19 pandemic, healthcare workers have to dress up in full personal protection equipment (PPE). No biggies. It is a necessary, but as one respiratory therapist, Robertino, reckon, it must be rather intimidating to the patients. So, he took it upon himself to make them feel better.

This Small Toaster Size Device Can Detect COVID-19 In As Little As 5 Minutes

With the ongoing global pandemic hitting close to home, American maker of medical devices, Abbott Laboratories, has launched ID NOW COVID-19 Lab-in-a-Box. Based on the company’s ID NOW molecular testing platform, this small toaster size machine is the fastest available molecular point-of-care test that could detect COVID-19 in as little as 5 minutes.

Island Is A Driverless Tram Concept With Social Distancing In Mind

Hong Kong is one of the few countries in the world that have trams as one of the state’s main mass transportation system. Though we can’t say the same since the outbreak of the pandemic. In fact, public transportation, in general, has be shunned in the Asia’s most densely populated countries.

A Year On, Sony Wearable Air Conditioner Is Finally Available

This year’s summer heat wave is rather unprecedented. If you are in Japan, however, you can sought to alleviate the outdoor heat with Sony Reon Pocket Wearable Air-Conditioner. First introduced last year, this innovative body cooling solution born out of Sony Startup Acceleration Program (SSAP) is now finally available in Japan from Sony web store […]

Here’s The Science Of Why We Should Wear A Mask

Given that there are people who believe Earth is flat, I am not all too surprise that some would think mask does not help to prevent the spread of COVID-19 (or mask will cause death). But I am not here to debate about flat earth theory. Novel coronavirus wouldn’t care less if the Earth is […]

This High-tech Face Mask Works With Your Phone And Also Amplify Your Voice

You know how is it with wearing a face mask. More often than not, we feel like we are not being heard when we speak. Perhaps understanding this nagging issue, Japanese company Donut Robotics have developed a new kind of “smart face mask” that works with your phone to ensure you are heard.