This Amazing Custom Wedding Cake Of A Peacock Has A Train Made Up Of Cupcakes

I am sure in the history of modern cake-making, there had been bakers who had made peacock-inspired cakes. Well, you know what? Whoever have made peacock cakes before August 2019 probably never looked as amazing as this one whipped by custom cake maker Malizzi Cakes & Pastries in Pennsylvania.

Someone Actually Made Cakes That Looks Like Shag Rugs. Like, What???

“John, you are so dumb that I sometimes wonder if you ate rugs growing up,” John: “you know what, may be I did!” That’s what mum bought for my birthday every year, a custom Shag Rug cake.” I know. That was a lame joke, but the custom Shag Rug cake wasn’t a made up thing; …

These Pokémon Cupcakes Are So ‘Realistic’, You Won’t Bear To Eat Them

Is Pokémon still a thing now? Yes? Ok, good, then I am guessing Pokémon fans will be digging these super cute Pokémon-inspired Cupcakes by Singapore-based One Third Pastries. “Pokémon-inspired” sure aren’t new and you probably see more of them of late – thanks to the resurgence of its popularity brought about by Niantic’s Pokémon Go …

Chinese Traditional Mooncakes Get The Star Wars Treatment

If Darth Vader or any of the rebels were Chinese, they could be munching on some Star Wars Mooncakes come this September 15 when celebrating the annual mid-autumn festival. For the uninitiated, mid-autumn festival, which is sometimes called mooncake festival, are celebrated by several countries in Asia and South East Asia, and it usually involves …

Babycakes Waffle Stick Maker

who doesn’t love a good slab of waffle in the morning? the problem is, a slab of waffle could be one waffle too big for some with a humble stomach. this is where the Babycakes Waffle Stick Maker can help. with it, you can now consume this golden brown breakfast favorite in bite size without jamming your stomach or if not for breakfast, they could also be delightful snacks…

1986 Transformers The Movie Is Being Remastered In 4K!

Here’s a good news for super fan of Transformers. The now classic 1986 animated Transformers movie, Transformers The Movie, is getting a re-release in time for the movie’s 35th anniversary (not to be confused with the 30th anniversary edition).

Watch This Hyperrealistic T-Rex Cake Taking Shape

When we did the last Sideserf Cakes feature, we tell ourselves, perhaps we should stop featuring it because, at the rate Natalie is putting out incredible creations, this blog will become a bonafide Sideserf Cakes Blog. But then, we saw this: Hyperrealistic T-Rex Cake.

Believe It Or Not, This Realistic Mutant Toad Sculpture Is An Edible Cake

From the stunningly detailed Gamera Cake and KFC Bucket Meal cake to Hercules Beetle Grub cake and Bloody Beating Heart cake to Shag Rug cake, there’s no shortage of wonderful, weird and outright grotesque cakes in the world. Recently, a realistic Mutant Toad Cake joined this weird and wonderful world of custom cake creations.

Cake In The Form Of An Open Book With A Bloody, Beating Heart Is Some Next Level Sh*t

We have some pretty amazing cake of art here, but this one here is some next level shit. What you see here is a cake. No kidding. It is a cake. It was made by one Jane (@fancifulcakes) for her office Valentine’s Day party. Wait… they have a party for that too? Hmmm. What has …