Post Turns Cereal Into Snacks So That You Can Eat Cereal Whenever, Wherever

Ever wish that you could eat cereal whenever and wherever? If you do and you dig Post PEBBLES and/or Post Honeycomb cereal, then you will be delighted to know that cereal-on-the-go is now a reality thanks to Post Cereal Snacks from Post Consumer Brands.

Kellogg’s Turned America’s No. 1 Selling Snack Cake Into Breakfast Cereal

Breakfast cereal. The breakfast of choice that will not destroy your weight-watching regime. Since its invention in 1863, many flavors have been introduced, from the regular like corn flakes to the irresistible fruit loops to the weird blends like the Green Slim Cereal (don’t ask).

A Custom Cereal Bowl That Amplifies The Snap, Crackle And Pop Of Rice Krispies Cereal

Do your cereal snap, crackle and pop? No? That’s probably you are having Kellogg’s Rice Krispies because, those does snap, crackle and pop. Wait. You can’t hear ’em? Well, then perhaps, the Snap Crackle and Pop Amplification Cereal Bowl will be able to help you hear those delectable sound better. Perhaps not just hear better. […]

Having Problem With Your Bowel Movement? Fret Not Because, Poop Like A Champion Cereal Is Here To Help

Having issue with number 2 like forever? Well, we feel the pain. It is not without reasons, though, and the most obvious one, according to medical professionals and dieticians, is due to the lack of fiber in your diet and fiber is what Poop Like A Champion Cereal wants to stuff your gut with. I […]

See-through Orange “Jelly Jordan” Sneaker May Not Be Practical, But It Looks Dope Anyways

Some creatives really go all out creative when made to stay home. Nike lover and self-taught creative/craftsperson cerealartist is one of them. She has created a custom sneaker which she called Jelly Jordan.

Smartmouth Reminds That Every Beer Drinkers Were Once A Child

This is not the biggest news February, but its novel and weird enough to warrant our attention. We are talking about a new unusual brew from a small beer maker based out of Virginia, U.S.A. called Smartmouth Brewing Company. The brewery has announced a limited edition IPA (India pale ale) brewed with Lucky Charms-inspired marshmallows […]

Do You Consider Yourself An Adult AKA How To Act Like A Grown Up

Gone are the days of staying up past midnight to complete a school assignment and sitting at the back of a lecture to take a quick nap. Everyone hits a moment of realization at some point where they realize they are no longer a kid. It’s a realization that adulthood has hit, and it hits […]

Triangle Tree Wants You to Eat Your Spoon After Using It

if you eat takeout often, then you are guilty of contributing the hard-to-decomposed, non-biodegradable disposal plastic spoons. apparently, it takes at least 20 years for it to decomposed under “best conditions” or over 1,000 years in less-than-ideal conditions such as landfills. sounds a little scary, doesn’t it? disposable plastic spoons might be small, but they […]