You Can Now Order Trojan Condoms From Amazon With A Push Of A Button

Well, if only Bill Batson had a Amazon Dash Button for Trojan, then he wouldn’t be involved in an accident when he was out buying condoms. Yup. That’s the Amazon Dash Button… for buying condoms at a touch of a button. According to the condom maker’s survey, one in five did not use condom because […]

Practice Safe Sex In Designer Style With Saint Laurent Condom

Yves Saint Laurent (YSL), or better known as Saint Laurent these days, is selling designer label of everything which now includes, condom. That’s right. Luxury condom is a thing and fortunately, though, it does not cost a bomb. And the fact that it isn’t pricey is important because, damn, those the hotel rooms in Paris […]

Here’s A Bunch Of Product(RED) Products You Need To Know About

If you are a fan of Apple’s smartphone, it is likely that you have come across (PRODUCT)RED (officially stylized as (PRODUCT)RED) Apple devices. If that’s the only thing you knew about this collaboration with the global charity organization co-founded by U2 frontman, Bono, well, then you may be in for surprise. Since its inception over […]

Everything Can Be Shared In China, Now Including Sex Dolls. Yes, Really!

By now, you should have already known that China have made a name for itself for sharing services. Virtually everything can be shared, including basketballs, stools, umbrella, and the obvious like luxury cars and bicycles, but now, a Beijing-based startup has taken the sharing economy into a new era with sex dolls sharing. Yes, really! […]

Meet The Fitbit Of Sexual Intercourse That Tracks Your On-bed Performance

There’s nothing to be ashamed about having sexual intercourse, however, I am not too sure if being “not ashamed” equates to sharing your sexual statistics with the rest of the world. In any case you do have this inner desire to ‘show off’ your on-bed performance, then British Condoms’ i.Con Smart Condom is what you […]

Meet HEX, The World’s First Re-engineered Condom. Wait, What???

There are many things that need and has been re-engineered, reinvented, but condom, that latex stuff that goes on your manhood, hasn’t. The question is, is condom in dire need of re-engineering? Apparently yes, according to LELO, “world’s leading name in the pleasure industry” from Sweden. The outfit has decided to take on the seventy […]