You Will Not Bear To Put A Knife On This Amazing Custom Hattori Hanzo Cutting Board

What you see here is a custom Hattori Hanzo Cutting Board by Brother in Wood, aka Broinwood. Yes. It is a wooden cutting board/butcher block, and it is also a crazy work of art. Honestly, I cannot imagine whoever ordered this custom cutting board would bear to put a knife on it.

Origami Cutting Board Turns into A Colander And Strainer In A Second

Thinking of reducing your kitchen’s clutter? I know right, who wouldn’t? If that’s what you desire, you may want to start with Oriboard. Designed by French designer Yannick Hesch, this origami-like kitchenware lets you cut, collect, rinse, drain and pour the ingredients straight into the frying pan – all from a single innovative kitchen gadget. […]

Custom Ron Burgundy Cutting Board Labeled with Food Pun Makes Cooking a Less Boring Affair

Think cooking up a meal is a mundane task? Well, curse whoever is eating with you for not extending a helping hand, or at least keep you company, but on the other hand, you could spice things up a little, like having a cutting board such as the Ron Burgundy “I’m Kind of a big […]

How Hoverboards Work Not In Back To The Future II

You can thank the the Segway for modern hoverboard scooters. At the time it was groundbreaking technology that allowed people to basically, just stand while moving to another place, like a moving conveyor-belt on wheels. Today, we live in the age of the hoverboard, though our current models have wheels and they don’t really hover. […]

Q Made A Cardboard Airsoft Landmine That Sends Out Fire And Smokes

I am not sure if a cardboard version of an airsoft landmine will be of any help in holding the fort in a paintball or NERF battle, but it sure looks like a fun addition. Created by the man who make all-things out of cardboard, The Q, the Cardboard Airsoft Landmine is unbelievably simple to […]

After More Than 80 Years in the Business of Cutting and Drilling, Dremel is Ready to Build Stuff

After more than 80 years in the business of cutting and drilling, Dremel, the preferred brand for hobbyists and home improvement enthusiasts, is ready to help you build stuff with this handsome looking 3D printer called Dremel Idea Builder. Boasting the same easy-to-use principle as the rest of the company’s line of products, the Dremel […]

Where This Wheeled Snowboard Goes, It Doesn’t Need Snow

quit playing virtual snowboarding games on your Playstation 3 just because winter season is over, cos’ LEIF Electric Freeboard is here to keep your snowboarding adrenalin high – even on paved road. as the post title says, where this board goes, it doesn’t need snow and that’s made possible through a clever design that incorporates […]

This Is The World’s Most Expensive Wooden Surfboard. It Cost A Whopping $1.3M

if you have the means to acquire one or two of the world’s most expensive objects, you probably put in your trophy room then actually use them and we believe this particular surfboard crafted by New Zealander Roy Stuart, dubbed the Rampant Wooden Surfboard, would be one of them. why? because it is so beautiful […]

Wooly Mammoth: Finally, Cooler Is Sustainable And Actually Looks Cool Doing So

It will come a time a cooler will reach the end of its life and what happens after that would be yet another plastic trash. And we know how plastic is slowly but surely killing our lovely blue marble. Not all hope is lost, though. Not if Wooly Mammoth Eco-friendly Cooler can help it.

Nissan’s ‘Smokin’ TITAN’ Is Literally A Smoking Pickup Truck

If you love a good tailgating party and BBQ, and also have a thing for pickup trucks, then I am pretty damn sure you are going to dig the Nissan ‘Smokin’ TITAN’ Pickup Truck as much as I do. Unveiled at last month at the 2018 Work Truck Show, this specially modified 2018 Nissan TITAN […]