Uniqlo Will Start To Sell Breathable, Fast-drying Face Masks In Japan This Summer

While many businesses big and small around the world have converted part or all of their manufacturing facility to manufacture face masks, Fast Retailing Co., the parent company of Uniqlo, did not do so because, selling face mask isn’t inline with the company’s business. That was just last month.

This Face Mask Is Split Horizontally And Hinged To Allow For Eating With The Mask On

How many times have you accidentally shove food or a straw into your mouth forgetting that you had a face mask on? If you did, you will appreciate what Israeli inventors at Avtipus Patents and Inventions did.

If Wearing A Face Mask Is The New Norm, Then Spherical Helmets Like This May Be The Future

This COVID-19 pandemic could changed the way we live our lives moving forward. For example, people would be more wary about close contacts and perhaps, a face mask would be, sadly, the new normal.

Twitter User Teaches You How To Turn A T-Shirt Into A Face Mask In Under A Minute

So you have one too many t-shirts and no face mask? Fret not. There’s a bunch of tutorial online, ranging from HEPA filter to no-sew examples. But if you are in a hurry? Well then, let Twitter user Ronit Bose Roy teaches you how to turn your t-shirt into a face mask in under a […]

Washable Mask Holder Loops Let You Use Paper Towel As Face Mask

There’s a ton of tutorials on how to make your own face mask. But one Japanese bags and small leather goods maker, Kawanishikaban Products Co., Ltd., has came up with an ingenious way that lets you easily make a face mask and ensuring a continuous supply of it.

Dude Teach You How To Create The Custom Fit No-Sew Face Mask Using Common Materials

Since WHO had a change of tune a few weeks ago on the policy of wearing a face mask, there have been a flood of instructions on how to make your own face mask, ranging from HEPA filter-made contraption to easy-to-make no-sew variety. The Everymask by Roo Williams you see here is yet another.