Wait, What? There’s Going To Be An Off-Road Honda Civic Type R?

We make no apologies for not being thrilled with the current Honda Civic’s look since its introduction a few years ago. Just when we thought it couldn’t get any worst, we saw this: a wide-bodied, lifted Honda Civic Type R dubbed Honda Civic Type OveRland. Love the name play there, “Overland” with with a capitalized […]

Honda Civic Type R BTCC Is How A Civic Type R Should Look Like

Remember I ranted how bad looking the 10th generation Honda Civic was when it was unveiled? To our dismay, the Type R, with the aeros and all, isn’t any better. It was a tad better at best. Well, it looks like not all hopes are lost. As it turns out, it CAN be saved and […]

2017 Honda Civic Type R: Track-ready, U.S.A-ready, But Are You Ready?

While I agree the new Honda Civic is sporty-looking by nature, I am not all for the looks. I don’t know. It looks to me like there are just way too many things going on the exterior that makes it looks so… messy, but my perception could change if it has a 2L i-VTEC DI […]

Honda Civic Type R Prototype Unveiled In Paris And It Is Headed To The U.S.

Honda is a like a person. As it grew older, it mellow downs. There was one time when a regular sedan from the Japanese automaker made 160 horses easy, but then, like all things in life, it sort of “deteriorates” and while the subsequent generations still used VTEC technology, they don’t quite match the horsepower […]

10th Generation Honda Civic Concept Unveiled, Looks Sporty, Bold and Weird All at the Same Time

Honda Civic is among the longest running model in modern car history with the first model being introduced over 40 years ago. The more recent iteration with the cab-forward design itself is already a decade old and so it is not surprising that Japanese automaker thought it is high time to reimagine this iconic model […]

All-new Honda Civic Type R Will Out Perform the NSX Type R, Due to Hit the Market in 2015

described as the most extreme Type R to date, the soon-to-materialize Honda Civic Type R will kick start the new performance era for the Honda, which in our humble opinion, was long overdue, but nevertheless welcome with open arms by any Japanese performance car fans (us, included). set to make its debut at the Paris […]

Honda Civic Type R Concept

i still fondly remember the days when the B16A engine-fitted EG Civic hits the street. it was a sleek, compact hatch with some 160 horses on the tap that makes any boy racer dream come through and with that, it also marked the beginning of the race for power among low capacity Japanese imports.

Honda Will Now Sell You A 306HP Civic Type R Crate Motor For $6.5K+

I think the new Honda Civic is shit-ass ugly and if you ask me, I’d stack it up along Apple AirPods in the ugliness department. Sorry, but not sorry. If you are on the same page as me (yay, high-five!), but are like me, totally drawn to its inner beauty, i.e. its fast and furious […]

Honda 5-Door Civic Hatchback Prototype Is The Sportiest Civic Ever

Finally, March arrives and so has the Honda 5-Door Civic Hatchback Prototype which we had a sneak peek sometime in mid February and it looks pretty awesome and surprisingly, sporty. Like, really, really sporty. Even Honda can’t help but to claim that this would-be 10th generation Civic is the sportiest Civic ever. It has a […]

Honda To Debut 5-Door Civic Hatchback Prototype At Geneva

Ever thought the Honda Civic sedan is a little too small in the cargo department? Well, folks over at the EU already did and have been enjoying the awesomeness of Civic in tourer form and this year, at the Geneva Motor Show, Honda Europe will be showing off the new 5-door Civic Hatchback. Though, admittedly, […]