Everyone Is Making A Hoverbike, But Hoversurf Is Ready To Sell You One

After revealing its Hoverbike to the world last year, Hoversurf’s flying motorbike was quickly inducted into Dubai Police Department. Fast forward to today, the company is taking pre-orders for what it called Hoverbike S3 2019 Limited Edition in the U.S. And the asking price? A grand $150,000 net. For that princely sum, you will get […]

Chinese Inventor Plans To Take His “Hoverbike” On A 3,400 Mi Journey

Colin Furze did it. Hoversurf did it too and even got it to be used by Dubai law enforcement department, and so did a bunch of others. We are talking about hoverbike, AKA drone bike. Recently, one Chinese inventor Zhao Deli, a drone technician by trade, joins the growing enthusiast-built flying motorcycles with a pretty […]

Hoversurf’s Hoverbike Gets Inducted Into Dubai Police Department

In a short few months since the revealing of the real-life functional hoverbike, Hoversurf has apparently secured a deal to provide Dubai Police Department with the company’s low altitude flying machines for cop duties. However, don’t expect the Hoversurf to do pursuit duties though. It obviously won’t cut it in several departments. This ain’t no […]

Guy Builds Working ‘Hoverbike’ In Just Three Weeks In His Garage

Folks, this is FlytCycle, a garage-built ‘hoverbike’ that took mere three weeks to take it from nothing to flight. The project started sometime in late April and completed in May, but by July, this flying contraption has already clocked in numerous test flights. Powered by no less than ten electric motors, arranged in a two-tier […]

Real Hoverbike Is A Good Reason Why You Should Keep Your Weight In Check

Just a few days ago, we excitedly posted about the BMW Motorrad and LEGO real-life replica of the Hover Ride. However, our excitement was short-lived because, while it is real, it is completely non-functional, but the Scorpion 3 you see here is different. It is a real-deal, flying motorcycle worthy of the term hoverbike. Unfortunately, […]

The Mad British Inventor Is At It Again, This Time He Made A Working Hoverbike

Greek philosopher Aristotle once said “no great genius has ever existed without some touch of madness.” Well, Aristotle couldn’t had said it better because mad British garage inventor Colin Furze is a living proof. We admire Colin’s never afraid to try attitude and his latest creation, a homemade hoverbike, is yet another testimony of geniuses […]

Hoverbike Gets A 2nd-Gen Design, Wants You To Have A Go With The 1/3rd Scale Drone First

it may sounds like it, but no, the Hoverbike which Chris Malloy has been developing is not ready for your acquisition. first introduced more than two years ago, the Hoverbike is still in work-in-progress. in fact, the Hoverbike is now on second-generation design which saw it ditching the two-rotor system in favor for a more […]

Aerofex Hoverbike

well, what do you know? we could be zooming across a variety of terrains with ease on a hovering piece of machine in a not-too-distance future. the concept of a personal air transport powered by dual ducted rotor, layout in fashion similar to a motorbike is not new and apparently such a seemingly crazy (but exciting, no doubt) idea was born as early as…

Hoverbike might be a reality sooner than Hoverboard

the name says it all: Hoverbike is a bike that hovers and in fact, it does much more than just hover. invented by one Chris Molloy from Australia, this awesome personal air transport can actually reach an airspeed of 150 knots (278 km/h) and is able to reach an altitude…

Ehang 216 Autonomous Aerial Vehicle Sets To Ply Austria Skies In 2020

First, it was Dubai and now, Austria. Chinese Ehang Autonomous Aerial Vehicle (AAV) is set to ply the skies of Austria come 2020. The company, along with Austrian FACC aviation company and ProSiebenSat, broke the news last week at a launch event held at Vienna’s Generali Arena. Following the official launch, Ehang will be showing […]