Colin Furze x eBay Star Wars Landspeeder Is Done And Its Now Jet Powered

Usually we don’t do an update to a two-parter build video, but man, this replica of the Star Wars X34 Landspeeder looks so good, it will be crime not to remind you that it is finally completed. Also, it is now jet powered. Hell, yeah!

Colin Furze Turns Junior’s Skatescooter Into A Jet Powered Ride

There are micro scooter, AKA skatescooter, and then there is this “Jet Powered” micro scooter whipped up by plumber-turn-mad garage inventor Colin Furze. The Jet Powered Micro Scooter is sure to put a smile on the face of any kid who is brave enough to step onboard and it certainly put a smile on Furze’s …

British Garage Inventor Creates A Fire-spewing Pulse Jet Powered Drift Trike

We all know how a drift trike works. You get one up to speed, abruptly turn the handlebar to one side, or tug the ‘handbrake’ to initiate the drift. It is exhilarating but apparently, not to all. Not to Colin Furze at least, the mad scientist British garage inventor who have turned many tame transportations …

Meet Samsung JetBot 90 AI+, The World’s First Smart Robot Vacuum Powered By Intel AI

Some robot vacuums have claimed to be powered by AI, but the Samsung JetBot 90 AI+ Robot Vacuum Cleaner is the first in the world’s to be powered by a big name in artificial intelligence, Intel.

Matchsticks Powered Cardboard Jet Car Spits Out Glorious “Afterburner” Flame, Jumps Off A Ramp

We already know that, other than LEGO, cardboard can also build anything, but do you know what cardboard-built items are capable of when you marry it with a shit load of matchsticks? If you don’t know, now you will know. Relatively newcomer to the YouTube scene, The S, shows you that matches actually make for …

Garage Built Jet-powered Ferrari Enzo Is A Furious, Fire-spewing Insane Ride

For the longest time there’s only one McQueen who was known to have an insatiable appetite for speed. Today, we found another – a living, breathing McQueen who apparently shares the same craving for speed and like Steve McQueen, we think he’s going to be very famous too because of his “Insanity.” Nope. Ryan McQueen …

Supreme Fall/Winter 2021 Collection Includes A Jet-ski, Yashica Camera And SMEG Fridge

Another year, another avalanche of Supreme lifestyle products to keep fans of Supreme New York smiling. In addition apparels, there are a host of accessories to drool over. Supreme New York Fall/Winter 2021 Collection has, IMHO, outdone last year’s collection with some even more interesting products.

Lotus E-R9 EV Endurance Racer: Part Car, Part Fighter Jet?

What you see here is the Lotus E-R9 Next-Gen EV Endurance Racer. It is not a flying car, if that’s what deriving from the post title. The E-R9 is an electric race car planned for 2030, but it has an aerodynamic that Lotus Cars’ Chief Aerodynamicist, Richard Hill, described as “partly driven like a car …

Narke GT95 Electric Jet Ski Cuts Thru The Water At 47 MPH Without The Smog And Noise

If you dig Tesla Cybertruck’s geometric aesthetic, then you love the new Narke Electrojet GT95 Electric Jet Ski. This latest electric-powered ATV of the open water touts more power and range over its predecessor.