Chinese Takeaway Jigsaw Puzzle: Chopsticks Are Entirely Optional

If the Nissin Cup Noodle model kit piques your interest (why wouldn’t it? It’s quirky!), then I suppose you be interested in having a Chinese take-out too? What I meant by “Chinese take-out” is actually a jigsaw puzzle based on, well, Chinese takeaway.

A Jigsaw Puzzle Of The Product Image That Takes Full Advantage Of The Droste Effect

Forget about regular jigsaw puzzles featuring scenery like the wheat field, windmill and the likes. If you are looking to piece together something with more depth, like quite literally, then look no further than the Jigsaw Jigsaw by Darren Cullen.

No Ordinary Wooden Jigsaw Puzzle Has The Most Irregular Puzzle Pieces You Have Ever Seen

No Ordinary Wooden Jigsaw Puzzle by PuzzleUp is no ordinary puzzle not because it is made out of wood. It is because, it has the most irregular pieces you have ever seen. So much so that you will not find two exact same pieces.

You Will Need To Piece Together This Jigsaw Puzzle Before You Can Use It As A Coffee Table

Putting together a flat-pack furniture, such as those from IKEA, is akin to putting together a puzzle. Well, you know what? This new coffee table from Unnecessary Inventions is literally a jigsaw puzzle. Unnecessary Inventions is, of course, the same person who came with hilariously ridiculous invention like BulkPods and wearable modesty curtain for eating.

1000 Changing Colors Jigsaw Puzzle: Challenging And A Gorgeous Wall Art

Has the mono color micro-sized jigsaw puzzle drove you bonkers yet? No? Well then, the 1000 Colors Jigsaw Puzzle awaits. Designed by artist Clemens Habicht, this 1000 Colors Jigsaw Puzzle may not have 1,000 colors per se, but it is sure at the same level of insanity like the all-black micro-sized puzzle. The difference is, …

This Mono Color Micro-sized Jigsaw Puzzle Set Will Drive You Up The Walls

So, you think you are the master of jigsaw puzzles? Well, good for you, but if you ask me, you can’t call yourself the ‘master’ until you have tried your hands on the Beverly Micro Hell Jigsaw Puzzle. From Japanese puzzle maker Beverly, this jigsaw puzzle is appropriately filed under a category called “Hell Puzzle.” …

10 Pop Culture-themed 500-piece Or More Puzzles To Work With During Quarantine

Quarantine sucks big time even for introverts if it there’s no light at the end of the tunnel. Besides working at home – if you are lucky enough to have one, you will have some time to burn since bars are out of question and so are almost every good damn public venues. We figured. …

Ravensburger Collaborates With Porsche To Create 911 R 3D Puzzle

What’s the fun of puzzles with flat images of Porsche, if are any at all, when it does not bring out the essence of a ride like, say, a Porsche 911 R? But this puzzle here of a Porsche 911 R does. And it isn’t flat. It is a 3D puzzle of the superlative Porsche …

What’s An Escape Room And Why Should You Try One

Challenging yourself with problem-solving games like puzzles can improve brain function and even raise your IQ. What better way to get your gaming on then with a bunch of friends in a themed adventure like an escape room. You’ve probably heard of this new trend, but what’s an escape room exactly? In this article, you will …

DIY Wooden Modular Drone Might Just Be What Fun Drone Should Be

When multi-rotor drones come onto the market, the word “ready-to-fly” is almost non-existence because, unlike RC toys and RC scale models in the past, most quadcopters or multicopters come ready-to-fly (or at least, bind-and-fly). Well, that’s until Aerowood comes along. Aerowood defies the drone norm. It is not ready-to-fly out-of-the-box. Not only it is a …