This Car Jump Starter Is Also A Power Bank And A Cordless Vacuum Cleaner

What literally sucks, charges your smartphone, and jump start your car when the battery went flat? Well, that would be this new jump starter called Jumpi. Jumpi is a 3-in-1 car jump starter that is also a vacuum and a power bank.

CarAIDE Multi-Tool Car Tool Is Part Flashlight, Part Car Jump Starter And Part Survival Gear

CarAIDE Multi-Tool may resemble the Nitecore Tiny Monster, but it is significantly larger and packs a lot more functions. It is an automotive accessory you want in your car for those unforeseen situations.

This Is Gooloo G2000, It Can Jump Start A Car From Within The Car

Portable car jump starter that also doubles as a power bank is not the newest news, but one that lets you jump start a car from within the car? Well, that’s something new to us and exactly what jump starter maker Gooloo G2000 proposed to do. Instead of stepping outside of the car and brave […]

Weego Jump Starter 44 Jumps Start Your Car And Your Mobile Devices Too

Thanks to the scarcity of stick shifter, your only way out of flat battery situation is another person with a car, and with a pair of jump starter cables. If you have a stick shift vehicle, you can still push start using the drop clutch method, but if you are driving an auto variety, the […]

This Flashlight Can Actually Jump Starts Your Car and Charges Your USB-powered Gadgets Too

Thanks to the advancement in battery technology, now portable battery not only keep your gadgets juiced, but also provides illumination and even jump starts your car. The VIS Flashlight and Portable Battery you see here is one such versatile device. Nested inside its beautiful brushed stainless steel tube-style form is a 6,000 mAh Cobalt B […]

JUMPR Jumps Start Your Car And Charges Your Phone Too

though it is not as common to be caught with a flat car battery as one would with a mobile phone, it is always nice to have a set of jumper cables handy for such unforeseeable circumstances. however, having jumper cables at hand is only good if there is a second car to help you […]

Forget About Clue, Judge Your ‘Friends’ Lets You Jump Straight To The Judgement Phase

You know how Cluedo (or Clue as it is known in North America) make players solve who’s is murdered Mr. Boddy? Well, the Judge Your ‘Friends’ party game ain’t that. Hell, it is not quite a board game to begin with, but that’s not the point. The point is, Judge Your ‘Friends’ does not do […]

With Cybershoes, Virtual Reality Gaming Will Involve Walking And Jumping in The Real World

When I first saw the Cybershoes, the first thought I had was “the future of VR games is going to make your legs very tired.” TBH, I was divided by this virtual reality gaming peripheral. On one hand, it looks pretty silly and yet, when I saw people wearing it and jumping across pools of […]

Drone With Jumping Legs Will Revolutionize The Drone Industry

The mention of drones, two things came to mind: vertically take-off aircraft, often in the form of multi-rotor configuration (or in rare occasion, dual rotor, like a helicopter) or a fixed wing aircraft that pretty much designed to destroy. Both have its short falls. A multi-rotor aircraft sacrifices speed and payload for convenient take-off and […]