Someone DIY-ed A Freaking Cool Nixie Tube Clock Bluetooth Speaker

If you have been following this blog, you will know we have this thing for all-thing Nixie tube and so naturally, when we stumble upon this DIY Nixie Tube Clock/Bluetooth Stereo on Reddit, posted by Redditor u/the_gentlemanloser AKA Cole Bryson, we know we have to reach out to him for the juicy details. The thing […]

New Entrants To The Nixie Tube Wrist Watch Market Uses USSR Mil-Spec Tubes

Nixoid and Glower are Nixie Tube wristwatches and they are definitely not the first. Coming from Ukrainian watchmaker Handcrafted Workshop, these super cool timepieces use symbol tubed IN-16 and IV-9 to display time. Mind you, though, the tubes aren’t just any Nixie tube. They are made in the USSR for military applications, pulled from old […]

NIWA Miniaturized Nixie Tubes, Made A Cool Timepiece Out Of Them

Whether or not you are into retro stuff, I am pretty sure you will be intrigued by Nixie clock, and if you do, then I am sure you will be elated to know that the folks behind NIWA Nixie clock has perfected the art of miniaturizing Nixie tubes and fitting them into a wrist-worn timepiece. […]

MB&F Has a Clock That Uses Soviet-made Nixie Tubes to Tell Time

Nixie tubes, aka cold cathode displays, were what folks use when LCD and LED haven’t been invented. Much like incandescent bulbs, they are beautiful, but not quite efficient. Despite so, we have seen them put to good use in clocks even till today. You can even DIY one yourself if you want to, but nothing […]

LED and Nixie Ramos Alarm Clock

alarm clocks that are designed to coax you out of your bed are wide and varied but none has tried making you walk up to 50-feet just to shut the alarm up – until now. meet the Ramos Alarm Clock, a beautiful crafted alarm clock that attempts to get you off your cosy bed by making you making a trip to a Defuse…

These Futuristic Watches Has The Same Display Technology As Used In Space Shuttles

Ukraine-based Handcrafted Workshop’s second creation of futuristic watches following Nixoid, the ‘Cyber’ not only looked decidedly beyond this era, but it has an inner working and tech that are as futuristic.

Soon, You Will Be Able to Own a Foldable Flying Camera Drone That Fits Into Your Back Pocket

San Francisco-based outfit AeriCam, who makes aerial photography rigs for a living, wants to make a flying camera drone that fits into your back pocket and while the wrist worn concept is a tad ambitious, this pocket-size flying camera could be a reality sooner than you think. dubbed Anura Flying Camera Drone, this tiny quadcopter […]

These Guys Have a Bold Ambition: They Want to Make a Wearable Quadcopter with Camera for Your Wrist

a videography drone is nothing groundbreaking, but one that can be worn and deployed right off your wrist? that surely sounds like totally out-of-this-world, but that’s exactly what the team behind Nixie Flyable and Wearable Camera wants to do. this wrist-worn flying concept camera is part of Intel’s Make it Wearable (MIW) challenge, where entrants […]