Nursing: How Is It More Than A Career And How It Can Change Your Life And The Life Of Others

A nurse, or as I like to call them angels in white, is a valuable, respected member of a healthcare team. They deliver a high quality of care for their patients and assist other healthcare professionals in their daily tasks. A career in nursing can be incredibly rewarding and offers a lot of job satisfaction. […]

How To Pick The Ideal Computer, Laptop, Or Notebook For Your Online Nursing Studies

Are you currently an RN who has made the big decision to advance your career by furthering your education? Have you recently enrolled in one of the RN to BSN programs available across the country? If so, then there is plenty you need to do to prepare, but when it comes to must-have student tools […]

The Complete Work And Online Study Guide For Those In Healthcare

It isn’t easy to work while studying, no matter how many concessions are made. Night school is tiring and takes time and energy to get to and from that you sometimes don’t have. Taking time off of work is often impossible. This is the standard across the board, but it’s actually harder for those who […]

What Technologies Will You Use As An MSN Graduate?

Whether you are currently in a Master of Science in Nursing (MSN) Degree program or are looking to enroll soon, you are likely envisioning what your future career will look like. There will be a variety of nursing-related positions available to you as a graduate, and technology will be key to carrying out your role […]

How To Get Into A Full Time Care Provider Position

For those who have a natural inclination to help and provide a better life for others, becoming a care worker could be the perfect career path. It’s not always a straightforward decision, as you may have to go back into education, or take up part-time study. However, for some people, what makes a job truly […]

Are You Think Of Becoming A Nurse Practitioner?

The number of nurse practitioners in the U.S. is at an all-time high, with almost 250,000 nurse practitioners licensed to practice – a massive increase over the last decade, according to the American Association of Nurse Practitioners. And despite the nationwide shortage of healthcare professionals and primary care physicians, these highly-qualified, highly-trained nurse practitioners are […]