Octopus And Squid Are Ocean Teabag’s Latest Whimsical Take Of Teabags

Drinking tea is a chill thing to do and to some extend, boring. If it’s not boring, then why do most people feel the need to read papers or in today’s context, stare intently at their smartphones while doing so? I’d say they probably won’t feel bored if the teabags have shape of Octopus and […]

Mind Blown: Image Of An Octopus Cut From A Single Piece Of Paper!

At some point in time in our lives, we all had experienced cutting out bits from a piece of paper to create an image of some sort. Let me assure you that this octopus you see here is not that. This is the next level of paper cutting art. Neither is it a drawing. And […]

Kayaker Gets Slap On The Face By A Seal… With An Octopus

Two stories about octopus in a day. What are the odds, eh? Unlike Ocho the Octopus, this one here has nothing to with art, though the video that captured the moment was quite an art in itself. The footage has the new GoPro HERO7 and its HyperSmooth stabilization feature to thank. Oh, wait. Why do […]

British Artist Puppeteering An Air-Powered Octopus Was Quite A Sight

Remember the giant puppetry troupe La Machine? Well, this one here called Ocho the Octopus by British artist and puppeteer Tim Davies is somewhat similar, but it is a lot smaller because, it is an one-man-operation puppet. It is inflatable for obvious reasons. Like because, the entire contraption has to go onto Davies so it […]

Someone Made A Chainmaille Octopus Hood Because, She Can

Well, someone has decided to make a wearable Chainmaille Octopus Hood much to our bewilderment. There are a few reasons why we are amused by it. Firstly, it wouldn’t be practical as a protection (chainmaille AKA chainmail is, you know, medieval stuff) and secondly, it looks like it will hinder the wearer in a fight, […]

MB&F’s Octopus-inspired Table Clock Is Really More Akin To A Robotic Spider

MB&F, AKA Maximilian Busser and Friends, has come a long way. It has progressed from making exotic watches to, in recent years, exquisite clocks that were pretty much out of this world. The Octopod is the luxury watch brand’s latest table clock that will leave sci-fi fans drooling all over. Assuming the form of a […]

Robotic Octopus Tentacle Is Awesome, But It Is Also Creepy As Hell

In this episode of Manmade Nightmares*, we witness a robotic octopus tentacle showing off its life-like dexterity, complete with a hissing soundtrack, that guarantees to induce nightmare in some of us. Developed by robotic company Festo, who is also behind a ton of biomimicry projects (like the bionic kangaroo and the robotic seagull), the aptly […]

Holy Smoke! Giant Flying Octopus Spotted Lording Over Singapore’s Sky

At one point, some Singaporeans must have thought they have met impending doom when they witnessed an alien overlord hovering above Marina Barrage. Luckily, it wasn’t so. Singapore is a tiny island, which means it will take a while before alien can spot it from outer space. They (the aliens) will probably find Sarawak a […]

RJ-Romain Jerome Octopus Watch

we know. those fishy friends deep in the ocean probably won’t appreciate the cool dive watch you have on your wrist but that doesn’t mean style-conscious divers shouldn’t slap a stylish dive watch on their wrist when they are exploring the deepest part of the deep blue. the RJ-Romain Jerome Octopus Watch is one of the latest stylish dive watch to join the market and the first…

Chinese Aircraft Carrier Took To The Skies At A Precarious Angle

Your eyes is not playing trick on you. That was indeed an aircraft carrier in the sky and at a precarious angle that no vessels would want to be at. No, it wasn’t the S.H.I.E.L.D. Helicarrier. From afar, it may look like the Chinese Type 002 aircraft carrier – one of China’s government newest pride […]