One Less Thing To Own: This Gardening Tool Is Both A Watering Can And A Spray Bottle

If you have plants and do quite a bit of gardening, chances are you have both a spray bottle and a watering can. But really, why have both one you can have one product that does both fine spraying and watering? Well, folks, such is what the Time Concept Watering Can Spray Bottle Hybrid is […]

One Less Thing To Own: popIn Aladdin Ceiling Light Projector. Like, Need We Say More?

Projector is a brilliant way to declutter your tiny living room, or add a TV to your even tinier bedroom. But is it possible to declutter even more? Well, yes you can… by having a ceiling light that is also a projector.

One Less Peripheral: Kolude Is Apple-ish Keyboard That Is Also A USB Hub

Before we get on with it, can I just say that I am on the fence about this whole keyboard/USB hub hybrid product? And so, yes, what you see before you is a mash up of a keyboard and a USB hub called Kolude KD-K1 Keyhub.

One Less Thing To Own: Mateo Is A Bathmat And A Smart Weighing Scale

It has been a long while since we last saw any product, gadgets and whatnot, worthy of the mention as “one less thing” to own or carry. So, we are glad we have finally come across one called Mateo. Mateo is a bathmat and it is also smart weighing scale. So, that’s one less thing […]

Tent Cot Is A Tent And A Chair So You Can Sleep Elevated And Have One Less Thing To Bring For Camping

Save yourself another thing to carry the next time you head out into the great wilderness with the Kamp-Rite Oversize Tent Cot. As the product name implies, this particular innovative tent from Kamp-Rite is both a cot and a tent which allows it to serve as a chair or a lounge for lazing your day […]

Uno Noteband: Not a Smartwatch. It Just Want You to Look at Your Smartphone Less.

Smartwatch is suppose to convenient you so that you don’t have to pull out your smartphone from your pocket or purse every single time there is a notification, which is cool, but that’s until we stumbled upon the Uno Noteband. Instead of several clicks or touches to get to your notification, Uno Noteband cuts it […]

One Less Thing To Carry: A Carry-on or Backpack Skatescooter That Lets You Conquer the Last Mile

first of all, don’t turn away from this Olaf thinking it is the animated character from Disney’s animated movie Frozen. the Olaf here is a hybrid kickscooter aka skatescooter. you know? those that looks like skateboard but with handlebar up front? yeah. those. but in Olaf’s case, it is also a backpack or carry-on suitcase […]

One Less Thing To Carry: A Backpack That Is Also An Electric Skateboard

if you have been conquering the last mile using a skateboard (i.e. using it as a form of transportation between public commutes), you will know the pros and cons. lets talk about the cons. first, you have one more thing to carry in addition to your backpack (that’s if you carry one) and second, it […]

One Less Thing To Carry: A Backpack With A Built-in Rain Jacket

getting caught in a sudden downpour sucks. getting caught in the rain and getting drenched because your rain jacket is on your back, in the backpack is, well, unfortunate. sudden downpour has no mercy. it will come raining down, leaving you little or no time to react. if you are near a shelter, then count […]

One Less Thing To Carry: A Backpack With An Integrated Hammock

hammock is an ideal makeshift resting place for chilling out in your backyard or when hiking in the woods, and while you shouldn’t have an issue using it in the backyard, it is an additional package to carry when you are hiking. the thing is, you might not even use this ‘additional package’ at all. […]