Here’s A Provocative Pool Float For Those Who Aren’t Afraid To Show Their Love For Man’s Manhood

We have a seen quite a handful of pool floats, but the Gold Bae Golden Boy Pool Float here takes the cake when it comes to provocativeness. The name Golden Boy isn’t immediately obvious, but it is, as you can see in the images, a pool float shape in the likeness of man’s manhood. It […]

Just Want To Let You Know That KFC Had A Colonel Pool Float

I don’t know how managed to miss this goofy product from the world’s most famous fried chicken chain, KFC. Back in may, KFC commemorated Memorial Day with a sweepstakes for fans to have a shot at winning what it calls “summer’s must-have pool float,” a limited-edition KFC Colonel Floatie. Yes. It is a pool float […]

I Am Sure Floridians Will Not Be Amused By This Floating Crocodile

Attempt to swallow cinnamon is an idea as bad as jumping off a moving vehicle, or jumping over a speeding vehicle. You know what else is also a bad idea? This: a 30-inch Floating Crocodile Decoy For Pool that look almost too realistic from even at the edge of the pool (assuming it is at […]

Oh, Look, Evangelion Entry Plug Is Now A Swimming Float

If you have watched and understood Japan’s cult mecha anime Evangelion, you will acknowledge that the Entry Plug was a somewhat grotesque object. For the uninitiated, an Entry Plug is essentially a removable cockpit of the Evangelion. It was a capsule-like tube designed to be inserted into an Evangelion’s spinal area with a loading mechanism, […]

A Unicorn Island Float For Six Is Finally Not A Unicorn Anymore

So, you think a pool float for a party of 6 is as real as a unicorn? Well, I have news for you. The unicorn has just become a reality. That’s right. It is a unicorn float, but not because it does not exist, but because it is really a float that takes on the […]

Finally, There Is An Inflatable Pool Toy Fit For Water-loving Vampires

What happens if a vampire loves the water? Well, I think he/she would love what designers Andrew Greenbaum and Ian Felton have done. The two designers have come together to design a coffin… float. Yup. That’s a floating coffin right there. Aptly called Pom Pom Floats Pink Coffin, this is as functional as a pool […]

Comet Core’s First Smartphone Goes Beyond Waterproof – It Floats!

If you ask us, we’d tell you that waterproof should be a standard feature in all smartphone. Lucky for consumers, waterproof smartphone is slowly getting traction, but waterproof alone is not enough because if you are in open waters, even the tightest water seal won’t save your phone as it will ultimately sink to the […]

This Alien Object-Like Floating Hotel Wants To Sail The World, Slowly

The concept of floating hotel is not entirely new, but this one coming from engineer/architect Gianluca Santosuosso called MORPHotel is radically different – both in the use and aesthetic. Not only it is self-sustaining, harvesting energy from the waves and the sun to fuel the power required onboard, its alien-ish form can actually morph with […]

Finally, You Can Now Read Your Favorite E-books Right In The Middle Of The Pool

e-reader is perhaps one of the greatest inventions of our time. it saves us from being overwhelmed by bookshelves that requires a ladder to access and also helps save the trees which our Mother Earth needed so badly. that’s not to mention, it also marks the end of your worries about silverfish chomping up your […]