Bluetti AC300 And B300 Power Station Combo: It Could Be The Perfect Setup For Rich Preppers And Campers

Don’t watch TV shows or movies with me cos’ I will definitely spoil it for you by asking where the hell electricity comes from or how is it that fuel is still available in an apocalypse movie or TV show (cue Finch!). I guess the answer to my cynical question would be this: the Bluetti …

Omnicharge Power Station Line Leasing Program: Social Distancing Without Rewiring The Office

A resilient company is not big companies like Apple or Samsung. It is small-to-medium size company that adapts to the current business and social environment. Omnicharge is one such companies.

SuperBase 500 Power Station Packs 518 Wh Of Electric Power In A 11-lb Package

Power outage. One of the modern people’s worst nightmare. Gas generator is the go-to choice for backup power in the past, but thanks to the advancement in battery technology, a power station like the SuperBase 500 Power Station is pretty much all you need.

Bluetti AC200 Portable Power Station Is Essentially A Power Bank For Your Entire Home

Technically, the Bluetti AC200 Portable Power Station is not a generator. Well, not unless you paired it with a bunch of solar panels. Think of the Bluetti AC200 Portable Power Station as a power bank for your home.

River Mobile Power Station Is Off-The-Grid Gadget Users Dream Come True

116,000 mAh, 500W output, charges up to 11 devices and weighing at just 11 pounds (5 kg) simultaneously. Those what the River Mobile Power Station, a nothing less than revolutionary product by San Francisco outfit EcoFlow Tech, has to offer. With the River, you can stop thinking about fossil-powered generator. This thing here is tiny, …

Mophie Powerstation All-In-One Power Bank Has A Flip-up Charger For Apple Watch

Mophie has a new power bank that will keep multiple devices from falling into the red, including your Apple Watch. The Mophie powerstation all-in-one, as it is called, will provide much needed juice for both wireless charging-compatible and non-wireless charging devices.

Brunt Powerstation Charges Multiple Devices, Is A Book Stand Too

If you are content with what current wireless charging pads have to offer, then all is good for you, but if you are not (and you really shouldn’t), then the Brunt Powerstation Multi-function Electric Device for Desk might just be the gadget accessory you have been looking for. I will be honest with you. When …

Novi Multi-device Charging Station Offers 8 Contact Charge Power Banks

You know how a magazine-fed gun works? When the magazine is depleted of ammunition, you swap it out for a fresh mag. The MG’s Novi Multi-device Portable Charging Station works much like that. Instead of having just a portable battery which sometimes you may forget to recharge, Novi has eight ‘pods’ called Novi Pods, each …

Mophie Teamed Up With Valentino To Out Limited Edition Powerstation

designer labels hardly touches the realm of gadgets except for accessories that are pretty much non-tech related, well, that’s if you don’t count TUMI in, but that’s not the point here. the point is, fashion label gadgets are far and few between, much less one that is done in the name of charity, which is …