Solarino Is A Remote Control Roomba For Picking Up Trash On The Beach

The #TrashTag challenge saw many people rolling up their sleeves to pick up trash. We learned from this viral challenge that the beach side is possibly one of the most littered places on Earth and we also learned that picking up trash from sandy beach is a very laborious task. This is exactly why Dronyx […]

Guy Mods Roomba To Scream And Swear When It Bumps Into Stuff

There are crazy mods and inventions, and then there is this: a swearing Roomba. “Hacked” by foul mouth YouTuber Michael Reeves, this Roomba is no longer suffering in silence when it bumps into stuff; it now announced its pain verbally The way this vocal Roomba screams and swears when it knocked into walls and furniture, […]

CleanseBot Is The Roomba For Beds That Kills Germs And Bacteria

Seriously, we don’t need studies to tell us the world out there is loaded with germs and bacteria. We already know that. Neither do we need researchers to tell us that a hotel room’s bed is a hot bed for germs. We are aware that the bed is the microscopic nasties’ dance floor, playground, and […]

This is iRobot Roomba i7+. It Vacuums And Disposes The Dirt On Its Own

When robot vacuum came onto the market, it relieved the backbreaking chore of manually vacuuming an area. For a moment, it sounds like a robot vacuum is end all be all to one major household chores, but the truth is, it is not. There is another step that required human attention and that’s to empty […]

LEGO “Rumba” Is Like Roomba For Sweeping LEGO Pieces

LEGO is fun, but the pieces can be pain to your feet if you leave them lying around as would any good LEGO builders. The pain can be so excruciating that you’d remember to clean up after any LEGO build, but for one very talented LEGO enthusiast, he (or was it a she???) decided that […]

Tertill Is A Very Smart Weeding Robot From The Creator Of Roomba

If weeding is the single major reason why you gave up gardening, well, then be prepared to get into gardening all over again because Tertill (pronounced as ’turtle’) is here to help. Created by Joe Jones, the inventor of the original Roomba, Tertill is, you guessed it, the garden equivalent of a Roomba. Except that […]

Thinking Cleaner Wants Turn Your Roomba into One That’s Connected

Having a robotic vacuum cleaner like the Roomba is like unleashing a robotic servant without supervision. The only consolation is, it won’t stage a revolt, but that also means it is pretty unintelligent. However, that is set to change if Netherlands-based outfit Thinking Bits have their way. Their invention, called Thinking Cleaner, aims to add […]

iRobot Introduces New Advanced Robot Vacuum And Robot Mop

There is a lot to take in with the newly announced iRobot Roomba s9+ and the new Braava jet m6 robot mop – both of which can be initiated through Alexa or Google Assistant. Now, lets start with the new iRobot Roomba s9+ which is an upgraded Roomba i7 introduced last year, featuring the Clean […]

Wedding Photographers’ Job Isn’t Safe Too Because, Photography Robot

When we talk about robot apocalypse, it is probably not about SkyNet trying to lord over us. Most likely it will be robots taking our jobs. There are already a number of examples, including construction robot, burger making robot, supermarket stock checkers (like this and this), robot stuntman, robot Table Tennis coach and various kinds […]

iRobot Introduces The Company’s First Robot Mower Called Terra

The pioneer of robotic vacuum cleaner, iRobot, is stepping outside into the garden. It is long overdue progression, but at least, it is here, like, finally. The company has announced its very first robotic lawn mower called, iRobot Terra Robot Mower. Obviously, robot mower is no news. Companies, including Honda, has introduced it as far […]