UAG Introduces A New Line Of Slim, Rugged Phone Cases That Is Totally Biodegradable

Remember the Urban Armor Gear Civilian Series, the ruggedized iPhone case without the bulk associated with rugged case? Well, UAG has a new series that take it a step further and it is one that will ease you eco-consciousness.

DOOGEE S98 Rugged Smartphone Has Two Screens And A 20 MP Night Vision Camera

DOOGEE has come a long way. From its humble beginning of making knock-off smartphones to finding its own niche in the rugged smartphone market. However, unlike regular rugged device makers, DOOGEE does not stop at ruggedizing its handsets.

DOOGEE Puts A Professional Range Finder Into Its Latest Rugged Android Smartphone

You have seen a shaver phone and a phone that is also a charging case for TWS earbuds, now meet one that measures distance. Folks, this is the DOOGEE S97 Pro, the world’s first rugged phone with a pro-grade laser range finder that boasts 8 measurement modes.

It Does Not Look Like It, But The New Nokia XR20 Is Really A Rugged Smartphone

Tough smartphone usually has the look to match. I mean, it’d be super obvious that it is built tough. Case in point: the DOOGEE S58 Pro. But that’s does not appear to be the case with the new Nokia XR20. The new Nokia smartphone is “military-grade” model is designed to survive intense environmental conditions.

DOOGEE S58 Pro: A Rugged Smartphone With An Unbelievably Affordable Price Tag

If you head out into great outdoor often, you will want a rugged smartphone. But since you are in the wild and not in a more controlled environment like, say, a construction site, that phone better not be pricey. This is where DOOGEE S58 Pro will serve the purpose.