Hydrao Smart Showerhead Reminds You Of Your Water Usage With Light

The water that we use to clean our body is of significant amount and while we strive to be conscious about how much we use, those shower singalong session may have time eluding us, and hence, a waste of water for the same cleanliness (but with the strange satisfaction of shower crooning). Sometimes we just […]

Get Your Star Wars Fix in the Shower with These Star Wars Showerheads

The upcoming Star Wars is really a huge deal to Disney. How do you tell besides the obvious? Well, you know it when Star Wars merchandize transcends beyond toys and video games, and start popping up as commercial jet and the latest, as showerheads. Yup. You heard that right. Showerheads. Finally, fans can have their […]

3D Printed T-Rex Showerhead is Why We All Need 3D Printers

You could consider a 3D printer as one of those life’s extras. Something you probably don’t need, well, that’s until you know that it could be used to print out awesome and probably the world’s coolest showerhead, like this 3D Printed T-Rex Shower Head. The best part is, you can have an identical (or as […]

Kohler Moxie Showerhead + Wireless Speaker

let’s be honest, at some point in time we are all a bathroom singer. it’s ok to admit it cos’ it is human nature to love to sing. if not, what else could possibly made X-Factor and American Idol so huge? instead of crooning out tunes unplugged (which might be a terrible idea), why not sing to the tunes blasting out from the…

This Newest Shower Innovation From Japan Could Save You 6,868 Gallons Of Water A Year

If a good shower is as important as everything else in your life, then perhaps you will want to take a look at a new kind of shower coming from Japan’s leading showerhead maker, Mizsei Manufacturing.

Nebia Teamed Up With Moen For A Sleek Shower That Cleans More With Less Water

Young shower head maker, Nebia, has teamed up with veteran bathroom accessories maker, Moen, to bring to the market a new advanced shower system. Appropriately dubbed Nebia by Moen, this so-called “future of showers” boasts 2 times more coverage while saving half the water of standard showers.

Polaroid Hoop Simplifies Home Monitoring, Has A Design That Wows

When it comes to home security camera, you hardly find us, let alone anyone, saying it is a beauty. But today, we have to say it because of the Polaroid Hoop Home Security Camera. Yep. Polaroid, the revived iconic instant camera maker, has a security camera, made possible by authorized Polaroid licensee C+A Global. With […]

Lovable Astromech R2-D2 Is All Set To Pop Some Healthy Popcorns

In Star Wars movies, the adorable astromech droid R2-D2 is useful in many situations which needs no detailing; meanwhile on planet Earth, he is useful too, such as keeping beverages cold, charging your smartphone, spilling out water so you can get an awesome shower, and now, he will even make you some delightful, heathy popcorn […]

Death Star BBQ Is Not The Craziest BBQ, But It Is Certainly One Of The Coolest

Apart from the obvious toys and collectibles, characters and things from the Star Wars franchise can be turned into pretty cool everyday usable products, well, that’s if you haven’t had enough of them since a few months before the seventh instalment hit the big screen. We have seen how Darth Vader can be useful as […]

Irregular Choice Star Wars Collection: The Force in these High Heels is Strong

It looks like the Star Wars fever is really heating up and not surprisingly, it is not the doing of fans. Businesses are taking advantage of the growing hype running up to the seventh film release this December. We have already seen a boatload of Star Wars themed merchandizes including a mini moving fridge, a […]