Xiaomi Unveiled A Slew Of Products, Including A Transparent Phone

We are going to be quick here because there are way too many things happening here and we are not about to go on a 1,000 words article on it. It is about Xiaomi. The Chinese mobile phone maker (and maker of everything under the sun) has introduced a couple of new Android smartphones, plus […]

KDDI Announced Transparent Firefox Phone Designed Tokujin Yoshioka

This Christmas, fans of Firefox OS in Japan has something to rejoice. Japan telecommunication company KDDI is now offering a limited edition transparent Firefox OS-powered smartphone designed by Tokujin Yoshioka, marketed under the firm’s “au by KDDI” cellular services arm. The idea behind the clear polycarbonate enclosure is inline with Firefox’s ethos of openness and […]

Any Gaming Headphones Can Have Lights, But They Surely Don’t Light Up Like This Pair Does

Just as we mentioned that most headphones makers conform to the norm of circular design when we wrote about Master & Dynamic’s newest ANC audio cans, we saw this: ASUS ROG Strix Pro 7.1 Gaming Headphones. Before you get all ga-ga over this headphones, you have know this isn’t a real thing, yet. It appears […]

Google Pixel 3a Is Official, Has No Notch And Gets The Headphone Jack

Well, the much rumored “more affordable” version of the Pixel phone, Pixel 3a, has been made official and it might just appeal to notch-haters because, it ain’t got one. But be warned though. It has some rather nasty bezels. Not just the top and chin; the sides too. Ewww… Anyhow… as with previous Pixel phones, […]

Here Are Some New Sony Headphones For Audiophiles With Deep Pockets

Attention audiophiles, here are some new products from Sony that are sure to be music to your ears. There is a prerequisite though and that is, you ought to have pretty deep pockets, but more on that later. Sony has just announced that it has remastered its Signature Series with IER-Z1R In-Ear Headphones and DMP-Z1 […]

This Is How To Play Old PC Games On Your Smartphone, Straight From Floppy Disk

If you have a knack for coding, you probably can make your favorite floppy disk games playable on a smartphone, but you haven’t then, Lazy Game Reviews has a brilliant way that will let you play your cherished classic video games straight from floppy disks… on your smartphone. Well, as it turns out, it is […]

Chinese Knockoff Apple iPhone X Looks Surprisingly Convincing

It is not new to find Apple iPhone the subject of copies, but there’s nothing more blatant than this recent iPhone X knockoff from, arguably the master of knockoff handsets, Little Pepper (小辣椒). At a glance at the company’s S11 handset, you’d be forgiven to think that it is an actual iPhone X because it […]

Wait, What? Is Tesla Motors Really Going To Make A Smartphone?

No shitting me. Is Tesla going to make a smartphone too? If so, I can only say that this forerunner of electric cars really have a thing for all-thing that runs on battery. According to a China website, some leak images proposed that Tesla is indeed going to make a smartphone, but we shall take […]