Meet The BMW VBX6, The World’s First Vehicle In Vantablack Paint Finish

Normally, when automakers introduce a new car, they would very much want to leverage on the car’s paint job to catch our eyes. Well, that’s ‘normally’ and ‘normally’ does not apply to the BMW with its third-generation BMW X6. The Sports Activity Coupé will make its premiere at the Frankfurt Motor Show next month and […]

Meet Singularity 2, The Blackest Black Object You Can Own

I am sure you have heard about the fuss over the world’s blackest material, Vantablack, which came onto the market a couple of years ago. Since then, there have been a few “equivalents” like the Black 2.0 and a few others that seek to make the Anish Kapoor-owned Vantablack available to all artists.

The Blackest Watch Ever Made Has A Dial As Black As The Black Hole

If you find fancy dial face makes time reading difficult, then perhaps a timepiece with a black dial face is for you. But not just any watch with a black dial face. It had to be the Chronotechna – the blackest watch ever made. To achieve the title of blackest watch ever made, Chronotechna sports […]

Man Injured After Falling Into Anish Kapoor’s Art Installation

Will you stepped on stray newspaper you come across on the street? I wouldn’t. I am cautious because, I am wary of what’s underneath, like who knows if there is a hole lurking under? Well, that’s just me. Not everyone is as paranoid as me and that “not everyone” includes an unidentified 60-year-old museum visitor […]

PyeongChang, South Korea Has The Darkest Building On Earth And There’s Nothing Sinister About It

Don’t worry. Hell is not upon us, yet. The “darkest building on Earth” is actually a Hyundai pavilion/art installation presented by artist Asif Khan at the 2018 Winter Olympics, happening from February 9-25 at PyeongChang, South Korea. Essentially a black silhouette, especially when viewed in low light, the building appears a regular straight sided structure, […]

The World’s Blackest Substance Has Met Its Match And It’s Called Black 2.0

You may have heard the buzz over VantaBlack, supposedly the blackest black substance in existence created by Surrey NanoSystems. Apparently (and also obviously) VantaBlack is a chemical which means if, for some reason, you want a dose of it, you will need to acquire a government export license to get it out of UK and […]