DIY 1986 PiNG Video Doorbell Is Functional And Absolutely classy

If modern day video doorbell’s minimal sleek look does not float your boat, well, then you may want to check out this DIY video doorbell by Instructables member, MisterM. Quite evidently, MisterM is not fond of the minimal, sleek aesthetic of video doorbells that are available in the market and prefer the retro aesthetic of […]

August’s New Video Doorbell Is Wireless, Records In 1440p

We all know what a video doorbell is. Despite its obvious usefulness, there aren’t many around. Well, at least, not many of reputable brands that boasts integration with its own smart lock anyways. Speaking of integration with its own smart lock, here’s a new one from smart lock maker August called August View Doorbell Camera. […]

Remo+ Introduced Feature-packed Video Doorbell That Cost Just $99

If you are in the market for a video doorbell with all the bells and whistles, but won’t rip a hole in your bank account, then the Remo+ RemoBell S Video Doorbell might just be it. The RemoBell S Video Doorbell is California headquartered video doorbell maker’s next generation video doorbell that touts a wider […]

Strange Tale: Man Caught On Camera French-licking Doorbell For Hours

Well, this is one strange tale to start the year. It was the first week of 2019 when the Dungan family from Rossi Rico neighborhood of Salinas received an alert of movements at their home’s porch. They were out of town, but apparently their children were home and so, they checked the home surveillance camera […]

iDoorCam: Doorbell Reinvented

if you often find yourself dragging your feet to answer the door, then perhaps, it is time to enlist the help of the iDoorCam. this sleek, minimalist device replaces your existing doorbell and make use of the current doorbell’s cabling for power, and packs built-in WiFi connectivity, a button for the ringer, a day- and night-vision camera, plus a speaker and microphone combo.

Google Nest Hub Max Packs So Many Tech That It May Give You The Creep

This is Nest Hub Max, the first product from Google’s newly-formed team, Google Nest. It is a smart hub that does pretty much JBL LINK View and Amazon Echo Show does and then some. It packs so many tech in it, that it might give you the creep. Or at least, that’s how I felt. […]

Xiaomi Xiaoai Smart Speaker Is An Answer To Amazon Echo Show

Xiaomi has launched its very own display-equipped smart speaker called Xiaoai Smart Speaker, a gadget that we see as an answer to Amazon Echo line of products – in particular the Amazon Echo Show, which has been updated recently, and Echo Spot. It is also an answer to several devices in market, like the LG […]

Ring Introduces New Door View Cam And New Ring Alarm Accessories

Since Ring came out with its first video doorbell, it has proven its worth many times over. Despite so, the pioneering video doorbell maker isn’t sitting on their laurels. The company’s home security portfolio has grown a lot to include a second generation Ring Doorbell, simply called Ring Doorbell 2, and more recently, a Ring […]

How The Hell Did An Image Of An Egg Becomes Most-Liked Instagram Post?

It is just the second week of 2019, but already, we have some pretty crazy news going around. First it was a man who French-licked a doorbell for hours and then, apparently, a bird ‘migrated’ on its own on a 14-hour flight from Singapore to London, and now this: an egg. There’s really nothing special […]

BeON Smart Light Bulb Wants to Keep Burglars Out of Your Home by Replaying Your Lighting Habit

We are seeing a trend in home security system in recent times. Home security started with reactive systems like security cameras and even pepper spray (yes, even pepper spray) as the preferred methods of monitoring your home, but obviously, waiting for burglars to pull a B&E on your beloved home isn’t the best of the […]