GM To Test Michelin Airless Tires In Preparation For Real-World Use In 2024

Airless tires. You have seen them applied on bicycles and ATV, but never on automobiles. Well, that will soon change when General Motors begin testing Michelin-developed Unique Puncture-proof Tire System (UPTIS) on the automaker’s fleet of Chevrolet Bolts. The U.S. automaker and the French tire maker jointly presented the airless wheel technology at the Movin’On […]

Britek Brings Airless Tires To The Bicycle World

airless tires has been an idea auto and tire makers have been toying around for quite sometime now, and have since used on vehicles like the Polaris Sportsman WV850 H.O. ATV in recent time, though no road-going car have actually use them. we suspect it might be a matter of time before they become a […]

NASA New Rover Tire Is Airless, Returns To Original Shape After Deformation

Automakers share the pain of flat tires with motorists and that is why we have run flat tires. And that’s here on Earth where emergency vehicle services are always a phone call away. Now, imagine the same thing happen when the vehicle is, say, 33.9 million miles away on Mars. Surely, NASA did not have […]

Bridgestone’s Radical Airless Tire Is Making Its Way To Bicycle

We have seen a handful of airless tires for bicycles, but to date, it has not seen wide spread adoption. That’s kind of odd, because we can’t see why cyclists don’t want to go punctuate-free. Anywho, perhaps the answer is not as simple as going all rubber, or putting holes in solid rubber. Perhaps, more […]

This Company Wants To Sell You Air-less Tires That Last Thousands Of Miles

Flats on tires rank among one of the worst nightmares any motorist could face and while technologies have minimized flats from hindering with motorcars’ performance, bicycles have yet to enjoy this incentive, well, actually no. In fact, air-less tires that promised a flat-free biking experience has been around since 2014, but apparently, they are either […]

Aither 1.1: It is Like Pneumatic Bicycle Tires, But Will Never Ever Puncture

I am sure you have heard of puncture-free bicycle tires. Those tires, while offering a worry-free ride, may or may not be as comfy and could even add resistance to your riding. It shouldn’t matter if you are a casual rider or don’t ride as far out, but to competitive cyclists and those who travel […]

Here’s An Awesome Mobility Solution For Mountainous Region In Colombia

In mountainous regions like the Colombia’s Andes Region, folks still uses mule to haul goods not because they choose to, but because the treacherous terrains dictate that only animals are up to the task. While it seems like it will remain so for years to come, Italy-based Colombian designer Edgar Sarmiento (AKA Eddie Mauro, the […]

Hubless Bike Glows Like Tron’s Light Cycle, Heralds The Future Of Bicycle

You haven’t see flying cars zipping across the city’s sky and so, it shouldn’t surprise you that bicycles, electric or not, still look largely like your grandfather’s bicycle. However, that’s set to change with Cyclotron Bike Spokeless Smart Cycle. As the product name subtly hints, this pedal-assist bicycle has a little bit of Tron element […]

New Cases from LunaTik Keeps Your iPhone 6 from Bending, Plus Protection Against Shock and Water

by now, #bendgate is probably infamously famous and if that particular saga has kept you on your toes while handling your gorgeous iPhone 6, then you should seriously consider a very capable protective case. and we do mean seriously. man, have seen the drop test? definitely not a thing you want to subject your handset […]

2014 Polaris Sportsman WV850 H.O. ATV

expecting yourself to be rained by .50 caliber rounds? then the 2014 Polaris Sportsman WV850 H.O. ATV is the vehicle of choice to escape from such dire situation. it is not bulletproof though, nor is the person, i.e. you, riding on it, but at least you know that if the tires on the WV850 H.O. ever got rip by one such big fat, metal slug,