Check Out These Insane Graffiti Art That Looks Like The Wall Had Been Cut Through

Whenever we come across some graffiti, it never cease to amaze us that how some folks can do wonder with spray paints in their hands. As impressive as most graffiti are, sometimes there are some graffiti, like the Cellograffiti, that’s straight up mind-blowing. Today, we came across another graffiti art by Portuguese street artist Rodrigo […]

Moscow Artist Ches Takes Graffiti Into The Woods With Cellograffiti

What do you understand about graffiti? Beautiful drawings and/or typography usually spray painted on walls (or even trains) illicitly and they are usually part of today’s urban culture? At least, that’s our perception so far, but as it turns out, graffiti can be non-illicit (and non-destructive) and it can also happen beyond our urban settings, […]

You Know What is Graffiti, But Do You Know Graffiti Lamps? Heads Up: They’re Pretty Damn Awesome

Lamp is one of those things that the world’s isn’t lacking, but to find one that suits your style will be a bit of challenge. That, of course, applies only if you are particularly anal about the details that goes into your home. In case you subscribed to the aforementioned category, appreciate graffiti art, or […]

Graffiti Series iPhone 5 Case by id America

if you love graffiti, you must have heard of New York-based graffiti artists DCEVE and Stae2. now, id America is giving you the opportunity to own a piece of the artists’ works in the form of iPhone case. available in eight different designs from both artists, these cases feature bold colors and vivid illustrations that are

Calm Down Everyone, Elon Musk Most Definitely Did Not Wear The “Cybershoes”

Last week, Elon Musk took to Instagram asking his followers if they like the idea of a “CyberSneaker” – a Cybertruck-inspired shoes (duh!) and just a couple of days ago, this particular image (pictured above) surfaced online.

Honor V20 AKA View20 Launched In China Ahead Of Paris Event

Huawei’s sub brand Honor’s View20 is not slated to be officially launch until January 22, 2019 in a Paris event, but already the China version, known as Honor V20 is revealed this past Wednesday. Honor V20 is the View20, sporting the hole punch selfie camera within its full-view display 2.0. The Honor V20 is a […]

Colors Of These Amazing Wall Murals Will Only Be Revealed When Inverted

Graffiti or wall murals are writing or artwork painted on walls, often with aerosol paint, and they are pretty much what you see. At least, that’s the norm, but this norm, does not apply to Colombian graffiti artist Sepc’s latest wall mural painting technique. Right off the bat, our naked eyes see these murals, called […]

Forget About Wallpapers, This Robot Will Draw Straight On The Wall!

I’d be lying to you if I told you this little wall-crawling robot, called Scribit, that does graffiti is useful. It is not quite, but still, it is interesting enough for us to pay attention to what it has to offer. So, what exactly is a Scribit? And what can Scribit do? Scribit is basically […]

Check Out This Da Vinci-style Complex Puzzle Created By Miyagi University

OK. With over 1.2 million views on YouTube, this particular graduate project from Miyagi University, Japan, may not the newest news, but its ingenious complexity had us so enthralled that I find it a crime not to share it with the Internet. Also, lets face it; there gazillions of things online these days, who knows […]