Stranger Things Demogorgon Yard Sprinkler Is 6.5′ Of Inflatable Goodness

Already done with Stranger Things 3? Well then, I guess it is time to get out and tend to your yard which you can do so continuing the Stranger Things spirit with this giant 6.5-foot tall inflatable Stranger Things Demogorgon Yard Sprinkler from BigMouth Inc.

Wacky Waving Inflatable Tube Guy Because, You Know You Want It!

Well, what do you know? The wacky dancing tube, AKA inflatable tube guy, you see decorating events or used car lots is available for homes too. I am not even kidding. Thankfully, though, this home version is not the same size as those you see lining the entrance of building of some business’ closing down […]

Stand Up Floats Inflatable Creatures Make Paddle Board Less Boring

Already finding your paddle board boring? Well, we don’t blame you for feeling that way cos’ unless it is a powered, speed demon on the water, it may feel little bland, or maybe not chill enough, after a few trips to your tranquil local lake. Having said that, if you do feel your paddle board […]

Giant Inflatable Tentacles Poking Out Of This Building Is A Sight To Behold

It looked like a scene straight out of a horror movie, but fortunately, there is nothing sinister about these giant tentacles that took over the building because they are inflatables. We have reason to believe it does not even have a body. This is a playful art installation by Filthy Luker AKA Luke Egan and […]

Get Into Halloween Fortnite-Style With This Inflatable Battle Bus

Fortnight is the in thing now. Well, that’s if you are into shooter video games and if you are, you will want this on your lawn. Yup. It is the Battle Bus from the game and it is an inflatable. It looks the part, except that it won’t fly. At 18 feet (about 5.5 meters) […]

You Can Now Dress Up As Han Solo In Carbonite Thanks To This Inflatable

I can’t believe no one dresses up as Han Solo… in Carbonite for Comic-Con and Halloween. Or maybe there were? I can’t say for sure. Anywho, in case you are a Star Wars fan and wanted to dress up as a different kind of Solo (a less than suave Solo, that is), then you may […]

So, Yes. Supreme Is Going To Sell You A PVC Inflatable Armchair

Feeling nostalgic? If you don’t, American pop culture brand, Supreme, is giving you a reason to with the Supreme PVC Inflatable Armchair. Yes. You heard that right. Supreme is poking into every aspect of your life which now apparently includes this inflatable chair that will take you right back to the good’ol 60s. The Supreme […]

Finally, There Is An Inflatable Pool Toy Fit For Water-loving Vampires

What happens if a vampire loves the water? Well, I think he/she would love what designers Andrew Greenbaum and Ian Felton have done. The two designers have come together to design a coffin… float. Yup. That’s a floating coffin right there. Aptly called Pom Pom Floats Pink Coffin, this is as functional as a pool […]

These Inflatable Dino Costumes Are Official Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom Merchandises. Believe It

When it comes to movie merchandises, action figures, tees, posters et cetera are the norm, but costumes? Not so much. Official costumes do exist, but they are mostly costumes that make the wearer looks, you know, like the character in the movies who are mostly humans. However, these latest costumes relating to Jurassic World: Fallen […]

You Can Now Buy A 25-inch Tall Inflatable Doll Of Yourself

You know how you can make yourself into a superhero or Stormtrooper in action figure proportion? But what if you are not a fan of either? Or 3 inches just don’t speak volume about the mighty you? Well, here’s the solution: a 25-inch inflatable figure of yourself, or whoever you want, really. Called, the […]