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burning desires: TaylorMade Burner 2.0 Irons

TaylorMade Burner 2.0 9 Iron 544px
TaylorMade Burner 2.0 | US$700 (Steel) ; US$900 (Graphite) |

if you are a golfer looking for style and performance, you might want to check out the latest irons to join the TaylorMade family – the Burner 2.0 Irons. design-wise it’s undoubtedly beautiful (and sometime futuristic-looking) and on top of being aesthetically pleasing, careful thoughts were put into designing of this new set of irons.

in summary, the Burner 2.0 Irons has a size progression from the longest irons having the largest heads, thickest top-lines and widest soles; and the short irons have the narrower top-lines and sole widths. every club has its own unique center of gravity (CG). for example, a longer irons would have a CG which is lower and further to back of the club head to give distance, while the shorter irons (such as the 9 iron) would have higher CG to enable easier flight. generally the Burner 2.0 Irons has club-faces that are thinner than its predecessor, which results in delivery of faster ball speed and higher flight.

would it be as forgiving as its predecessor? well, gotta head down the shop, take a demo and see how these clubs work for a fairway-digger like me.

TaylorMade Burner 2.0 PW Iron 544px

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spying with fashion: ThinkGeek electronic spy camera shirt

ThinkGeek Electronic Spy Camera Shirt 544px
(image credit: ThinkGeek) Electronic Spy Camera Shirt | US$39.99 |

i hardly think anyone would dream to be James Bond in this era. just in case you still do and you don’t have a Mr. Q to churn up wonderful spy gadgets, you can start it off with the Electronic Spy Camera Shirt.

basically, it is a cotton tee with a camera behind it, at your chest level. with a retro-chic looking graphic that speaks ‘From Tokyo with Love’ and a what looks like James Bond character (we are sure, it’s just a coincidence) in his suit with a camera held to his eye. don’t underestimate the camera that Mr. Bond is holding on to. behind it is a real spy camera that can take up 150 still images of 640 x 480 resolution. Continue reading spying with fashion: ThinkGeek electronic spy camera shirt

world’s most narrow bezel LCD display by LG

LG narrowest bezel LCD panel 544px
(photo credit: Techon!)

television has come a long way since it’s introduction in the late 1920’s. a simple box that shows moving pictures has evolved into plasma, then to the fluorescent-backed Liquid Crystal Display (LCD) and more recently, LED-backed LCD.

while most manufacturers are going on a diet competition by making their displays thinner (thanks to the LED edge lighting technology), LG has developed a 37 inch LCD panel that has the narrowest bezel in the world.

measuring just 1.5mm on the left and right edges and 2.5mm on the top and bottom edges. its almost not noticeable with respect to the screen size. when multiple units of this panel are put together, their seams are hardly visible.

we are compelled to post this news which was announced last week by LG, simply because we are anti-ugly-thick-bezel geeks. don’t you think the glorious 1080p should not be be distracted by some huge black plastic trims?

awesome. hope we can all go bezel-less one day.

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3D capable Android Handsets to be launched by Softbank

Softbank Sharp-built 3D-capable Handsets 544px
(photo credit: TechOn!)

just barely a month after our report on Sharp concept Mobile 3D showcased during last month’s CEATEC Japan 2010, Softbank Mobile Corp, a Japanese Telecommunication company, announced the launched of Android 2.2 handsets that are capable of displaying 3D images viewable with our naked eyes. not surprisingly, these handsets dubbed Galapagos 003SH and Galapagos 005SH, are manufactured by Sharp Corp and will be available from end of 2010 till spring 2011.

both the 003SH and 005SH has the capability to capture 3D images as well. unlike the concept showcased in CEATEC Japan 2010, the handsets do not have dual camera lens for 3D capturing but instead, user has to continuously take pictures “while moving the handset from side to side’. from the captured images, the handset will then automatically choose two images for the right and left eye (to create the 3D imagery). as for the pixel count, the 003SH makes use of 9.6 megapixels CCD sensor while the 005SH uses a 8 megapixels CMOS sensor.

the 003SH handsets will be available in 10 colors and designs. no mention of the color for 005SG though. both 003SH and the 005SH will runs on Qualcomm MSM8255 1GHz processor, which should give enough ‘oomph’ for its purpose. however, until we lay our hands on these sets, we won’t know exactly how much the 3D processing will be taxing on its processor. another noteworthily thing is that these handsets are limited to still images. hence, there will be no 3D videoing.

according to the report, 3D contents will be offered along with these handsets which includes pre-installed games and 3D movie trailers. again, Japanese will be getting head start with the mobile 3D technology while the rest of the world will have wait and see.

Softbank Galapagos 003SH 544px

Softbank Galapagos 003SH - taking 3D image 544px

Softbank Galapagos 005SH - mock-up 544px
(photo credit: TechOn!)

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7.1 channel right next to your ear: Turtle Beach Ear Force DPX 21

Turtle Beach Ear Force DPX21 with PS3 544px
Turtle Beach Ear Force DPX21 | US$149.95 |

there was a time when we only have 2.1 sound system (two speakers + one sub-woofer). then we progressed to 4.1, then 5.1… 7.1. audiophiles and tech-head should be familiar with these terms or configurations. how about bringing the 7.1 channel right next to your ear? the new Ear Force DPX21 from Turtle Beach aims to do just that.

the DPX21 combines two items into one combo package: the Ear Force DSS, a 5.1/7.1 Channel Dolby Surround Sound Processor for stereo headsets and the ‘battle-tested’ Ear Force PX21, a Playstation 3 Chat with Stereo Amplified Game Audio. so now you get to communicate with your band of brothers with the wholesome goodness of Dolby 7.1 surround sound – all hugging on your ears. Continue reading 7.1 channel right next to your ear: Turtle Beach Ear Force DPX 21

zipping up for a neat and tidy day – Zip Bed

Florida Furniture Zip Bed 544px
(photo source: Florida Zip Bed | US$tbc |

not everything we post here will touch everyone’s heart. agree? example: not everyone uses an iPad, therefore iPad’s accessories mean nothing to this group. however, we think this product will be different and in fact, we think it will get the nods from everyone – making your bed every morning. a seemingly minute task that can be such a dread especially when you are rushing to work.

Florida Furniture has a bed that will make making your bed in the morning a thing of the past. it’s a bed with zipper, aptly named ‘Zip Bed‘. how’s that for easy understanding? you can’t zip and keep the bed per say but you can zip up the bed.. oh what i am talking. basically, you wake up and zip up the bed with a cover (keeping the mess underneath) and when it’s time to hit the bed, just unzip it and hop on to the cozy bed that comes complete with comforter, sheets and pillow.

the Zip Bed comes in white, gray or navy blue options for the base, and you have a choice of colors for the interior as well. hmmm, but wouldn’t we be zipping up already?

Florida Furniture Zip Bed - zipped up 544px
Florida Furniture Zip Bed - unzipping 544px
Florida Furniture Zip Bed - unzipped 544px

via Trendir and Gizmag

all terrain-buster: Hanebrink Electric All-Terrain Vehicle

Hanebrink Electric All-Terrain Vehicle 544px
Hanebrink All-Terrain Vehicle | from US$5,500 |

this is probably the coolest bicycle ever. from it’s ultra fat tires, you know it is not your ordinary electric bike. Hanebrink Electric All-Terrain Vehicle is designed by National Champion Cyclist and NASA aerospace engineer, Dan Hanebrink. it all started 10 years ago when Hanebrink was approached by an Arctic explorer looking for an alternative to skis that could take him and his equipment across the Antarctica… well, the rest is history. this is the evolution from what began 10 years ago. Continue reading all terrain-buster: Hanebrink Electric All-Terrain Vehicle

its a plane, its a helicopter, its boat… no it’s Halo Intersceptor!

Halo Intersceptor Concept 544px(photo source: Halo Intersceptor | US$NA (Concept) |

i am not exclaiming when superman flew past. and it is not transformers from the blockbuster sci-fi movie either. so what on earth can transform from an automobile to a plane, a helicopter or a double hulled boat? in comes the Halo Interseptor, a concept dreamt up by UK designer, Phil Pauley. essentially, Halo Interseptor is a car and by docking the car into its different platforms, transform it into a different form of transport. think of it as a docking station for a car. kind of. Continue reading its a plane, its a helicopter, its boat… no it’s Halo Intersceptor!

the world first iconic design battery for iPhone: The Icon

Essential TPE The Icon portable charger 544px
(photo source: Icon Power Pack | US$49.95 |

we all know the battery life in our iPhone is not exactly something we wished for. knowing that, most iPhone users would have a portable battery charger and the market is flooded with a myriad of such portable chargers with one thing in-common – they all looks like a piece of brick. aptly called, The Icon, this portable charger from Essential TPE, is about to change the way you look at portable charger. The Icon‘s design resemble the all so familiar battery indicator icon on your iPhone.

like most portable chargers, The Icon charges up with a mini-USB cable from your home computer and as it charges, the green light bars light up gradually. performance wise, The Icon provides iPhone with an additional 3 hours talk time on 3G (and up to 7 hours on 2G), up to 18 hours of audio playback or 5.5 hours on WiFi.

Essential TPE The Icon portable charger 544px

keeping up with a good design product, The Icon comes with a slick microfiber sleeve that you can store your iconic charger when not in use. the charger is packed with a lithium-ion polymer battery and weighs in at just 43 grams. a pretty light weight given it measures 72 x 46 x 16mm (almost the size of an adult palm). The Icon works with both iPhones and iPods (not iPad though).

The Icon was awarded Good Design mark in Taiwan and certified with “Works with iPhone”.

Essential TPE The Icon portable charger 544px

Popular Mechanics Interactive App goes Live!

Popular Mechanics Interactive Magazine 544px
Popular Mechanics Interactive | App (Free) / US$3.99 per issue |

Popular Mechanics is probably THE magazine for every geeks and tech-heads. the pilot issue on iPad, introduced in Summer 2010, served as a test-bed for it’s final released this October on the Apple Appstore. Popular Mechanics gathered readers’ opinion and suggestion (based on the pilot issue) and finally, released this monthly e-zine.

being a reader of the Popular Mechanics Interactive – Pilot Issue reader on iPad, i must say i was rather impressed and excited at the same time. one of the key features of e-zine is the power to create interactive media, instead of the traditional static print pages. even ads can be interactive, which, in commercial stand-point, is an added selling point. empowered with interactivity, the magazine can now show animation of, example, the cause of earthquake.

Basically, PM is being delivered inside a shell app, which you can download for free. Inside are a Library for storing issues you own, and a store for you to buy new issues. as an added bonus, there’s also a News Feed (free!) department. we already seen several publishers using shell app, such as the How Stuff Works e-magazine. shell app allows users to organize multiple issues into a single app, instead of scattering individual icons all over the iPad desktop.

i have read a few other e-zine on iPad but so far, only PM integrates more interactive media within. personally, i thought it is pretty much useless to go on electronic version if publisher don’t harness the ‘power’ of electronic applications. if i were to read static pages, i might as well buy hard copy of the magazine.

Popular Mechanics Interactive is now available at the Apple Appstore.